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It's very hot and muggy here today. I'm glad I don't have any yard work to do. I'm sorry for all the people having a cruddy day.
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I got home from work an hour ago and I am glad to be here let me tell you! It's hot and yucky outside which makes it hot and yucky at my work place, even with the a/c working again.

I just found out that I have the weekend off and boy am I excited!! I am MORE then ready for that! Ugh, work's calling me, I hate that, I just left, leave me alone. I'll be there tomorrow, talk to me then. I just know it's something I don't want to hear anyway, so why ruin my night? right? Thank goodness for caller id. Best idea ever! Who ever came up with that I'd like to kiss them! LOL!

Anyway, before I was rudely interupted, It's hot, hot, hot here. Humid too. 90 something I think if I remember correctly from the forecast on the radio.
Other then that, nothing's happening here, Honey's gone for the night, and I'm sitting here with my yummy dinner of PBJ's sandwiches. Ok, not really but it's all I felt like at the time.

Ok, have a great day everyone, and for those having a bad day/night, hope it gets better.
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Today was a bit warmer. I think we're supposed to get hot again.
We were steadily busy at my clinical site...I guess today was the day everyone decided to get xrays!
I let the kitties play again this afternoon and this evening. I think we're making progress slowly but surely.
I'm about to hit the hay...I've had a long, busy day!
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