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Kitten Skin Scabs

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Hello fellow cat lovers. I am a new parent to my beautiful cat Lily. She is my first kitten and I am new to everything. Recently I have noticed that she has little scabs all over her body and I am not sure how they got there or for that matter how to get them to go away. Does anyone have any advice for me. Thanks!
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Hello! Welcome to TCS! How old is your kitten? Sometimes kittens/cats can be allergic to fleas and will break out in little pimple type scabs, mainly around their neck,head, or toward the base of their tail. That would be my first thought.

But if you have treated her for fleas,a vet visit would probably be the best idea. There are so many different things that can cause rashes-- fleas,dry skin,mites,allergies,etc.
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Yes, you should take her to your vet. It could also be caused by ringworm which is a skin bacteria and it is VERY contagious.
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