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Okay Mate!!!!! Fess up! Where are you and what have you been doing???

You disapear for ages giving us all a nervous break down wondering if
you are okay then you turn up again happy as Larry waving at us and teasing us etc and then POOF!!!!!!! Gone again! NOT HAPPY JAN!!!!

*Gets a jar of vegemite and sits in the corner to sulk*
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I hope everything is alright! We miss you!
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She has also joined my kitty army.

They all decline at first but in time they bend to my kitty will and join the massed ranks!

Fear us for we shall not be stopped, unless of course you have some string, maybe a handful of catnip, you know, we can be bribed.

Bwahaha............*cough*........I'll get my coat.
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Bunn -

I though it was chocolate cake we would use to bribe the leader...
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Kumbulu - we understand. You just need a break from us sometimes. We are a handful! We're so demanding - and being drafted into the kitty army must really sap a lot of your time.

Drop a line when you can, dear. We worry so - we can just imagine what it's like in that army with those marching orders!
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You will not succeed in your evil plan for world domination BuNn Boy!!! We mock you and laugh in your chocolaty face!

*Ties a bundle of cat nip onto a long piece of string and waits*

Hereeeeee BuNny BuNny BuNny Boy.............MaaaWahhahahhahahhaa!!!!!!
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1001 Ways To Use Catnip
Written by Bundylee - Catnip User of Australia
4th edition, 2003

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She was here earlier Leslie! I saw her, I swear it!!
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Thank You Agent 006.5 I thought I saw her answer some posts too!!! Hmmmm She didn't get to see this reprimand though so I am baiting her and lying in wait! We will rescue her from Bunns Army yet!!!! :tounge2:
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I DEFINITELY saw her... she must have gone AWOL. Leslie, you'll have to get your catnip tricks out to catch her before Darth BuNN does!!!!
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You saw here ?!? Wow, what does she look like?


To be specific, I saw type written responses bearing her name on various threads.

I know, I know, I deserve a smack upside the head! But how do you expect me to get to a 1000 posts without spreading my charm, wit and sarcasm???

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Laurie Mate!!! I fear she has gone over to the Dark side and that it is too late! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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Originally posted by Russian Blue
You saw here ?!? Wow, what does she look like?


To be specific, I saw type written responses bearing her name on various threads.

I know, I know, I deserve a smack upside the head! But how do you expect me to get to a 1000 posts without spreading my charm, wit and sarcasm???

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I'd like to lodge a formal complaint against Ms. Bundy! No hitting allowed! Start reading the signs on the cyber door before you step in, will ya?

*****goes in search of Advil*****
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Hehehehe!! Someones got to keep you in line missy!!!! was a slap of love :tounge2: Nice new sig by the way!
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Originally posted by Bundylee
Someones got to keep you in line missy!!!! was a slap of love :tounge2:
Oh!! Is that what it was?! That's a new one on me!

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This coming from someone that thinks she has charm, wit and cyber doors hmmmmmmmmm!!!!!
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mwahaha, already the infighting has started, so you will bend to my will.

The Kitty Army grows stronger by the minute, our elite ninja kitties have already gained access to your homes and have started steal your cat litter and catnip.

Resistance is futile.

Excuse me while I dig out my weapon of dooooooooooooooom.
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For those who are worried about Bunn's Army moving closer to us, I have ordered a fleet of protective cars for us and our cats. They are equipped with stunners which will not hurt the army but zap them and they will have been defected to our army!

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Oh my.....Mr. Cat really needs to see this mode of transportation!!!
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Kassandra - I REALLY don't think it's appropriate to lodge a complaint for smacking - when you ASKED for it!!!!

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Laurie, I'm shocked!!!! And I told Nakita that it would be alright to have a *crush* on Lazlo because his mommy is so nice.

Hmmmm...I'll have to reconsider!

And BuNN - Get real!!! Like Bundy and me could be separated by the likes of you. We are still strong in our resistance. And stop digging around for your weapon...of doooommm. All it is made of is a piece of plastic with a flashing light on the end!

And guess what BuNN boy, half your army just defected (even Action Jackson)!!! Muahahahahh....Yes that's right, look here:

Army Up For Adoption In Toronto

I think BuNN needs a good afternoon nap with his blankie.

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Kassandra - are you SURE you're still on our side? It sounds like diversionary tactics going on here to me....

Leslie, love, when you're back after your short sortie, you'll have to help get this straightened out!

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Good Loki!!!! I turn my bed down for a cat nap and look what happens!!!!!
BuNN of Doooooooooomm Be off with you yon scally wag! Trying to cause a ruckus hey???? Well there will be no Valentines for you!!!!! (or soup!) Infighting my wide bottom! :tounge2:

our elite ninja kitties have already gained access to your homes and have started teal your cat litter and catnip
Or was that who the scraggly little kitty was? cute! all bedraggled and dirty, mewling plaintively about the harsh treatment he was being subjected too! Poor little dear! Gave him a can of kitty food and some hot milk and cookies! When he was feline himself again he told me of the horror he had been going through and asked me where the nearest consulate was! Apparently there is this mad man called bread roll or something (couldn't quite work it out) He said this guy didn't feed them or clean them or give them scritches under the chin or little tuna treats or anything! They weren't even allowed to go play with string or cat nap! Apparently the 4 or 5 cats in this bread rolls care were a motley crew, flea infested, hungry and cold! He also told me that they were going to defect to the nearest shelter and report him to the authorities at the soonest possible opportunity!, Poor lickle lovie. I told him not to fear the strange dark man! As he obviously had stability problems and found it hard to show affection!
I asked kitty what other names this cruel man went by and he said something that sounded like Bath!?!?!? Bath Roooooooom!?!?!?!? How strange! Anyway we must ban together girls against this man! for he has done me wrong!!!

I have made up a little chant we can all sing at him!!! It will force him to withdraw back to the cabbage patch he came from! Sing with me girls and we will rise victorious!!!!!!!!!!

We will.... Fight Fight Fight!
Through the long dark night!
With our strength and might!
Till it's broad day light!

Oi Oi Oi and a jar of vegemite!

He is Bunn Bunn Bunn!
what a silly little Hun!
He really is no fun!
We've got him on the run!!

Oi Oi Oi and a jar of vegemite!

kick his butt butt butt
He's a great big mutt!
Watch the way he struts!
What a silly little klutz!

Oi Oi Oi and a jar of vegemite!

Must be sung loudly to the accompaniment of caterwauling!

Kiwideus my loyal Paduan! Thank you for finding such remarkable weaponry! You shall be in charge of organising the fleet!

Whisker's mom please send SOS to Agent 007 Mr Cat! We need reinforcements!!!

Laurie can you continue to keep some of our more way ward troops in line please! You are doing such a great job!

Kassy dear please don't keep Lazlo and Nakita apart! You and Laurie are such good litter mates after all! and we must remain strong to keep up our defences against this Bath Room chap!

Kass you loyalty and support won't go unrecognised either! You may be in line for the Kitty medal of velure!

Kiwideus Try not to laugh at your fellow army buddies you know it puts them off the stride and that they collapse in to fits of giggles at the drop of a hat!

Laurie I think Kass is safe! After all she has the Femme Nakita so she can't be all that bad! I think I will make you head of the Sniffer Department! For your outstanding spy capabilities!

Now whilst I am only in command of a small part of the litter Box my fellow troops are making me proud!!! So ONWARD AND UPWARD!!!!!! Hmmmmmm I think I need another nap now!!!
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I love the song!

Maybe we can smear vegemite on the evil Bunn army.....hrmm....
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I will distract him with chocolate treats while you'all rescue the kitties. Quick -- I know I've got cake fixins' here somewhere!!
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