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Lightening hit Hubby's Boat!

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Friday night around 9:00 at night we had a terrible thunderstorm . This morning hubby went down to his boat to go out hauling (hes a lobsterman) he is aboard his boat just at dawn. When he got aboard he saw what he thought was pine needles all over his boat.It was still not quite day light.He wondered how on earth did pine needles get on the boat?? After starting the boat up, he went to turn on all his electrical equipment Cb, VHS ,Loran, Depth Finders ect and nothing worked. Then he took a good look around and realized Lightening had hit the Antenas on the roof and blown them into 100s of pieces thats what the pine needles where LOL...
It followed them down into the wiring and blew out all his electrical equipment. Blew the CB right off the dash. Blewthe fuse box apart also. This is where the lightening exited, Which was a good thing. Because often on boats when hit it exits through the bottom of the boat and blows a big hole in the floor and then they sink!
No one was hurt and insurance covers it. But what a hassle to get everything back into working order and right at peak lobster season...
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Oh no! I'm glad he's ok and that the boat survived, but that is just awful! How long do you think it will take before he gets it all working again?
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Hopefully he should have it fixed by Wed.We will have to pay for the equipment ourselves untill the insurance money come through.
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I'm glad he is OK and hopefully the repairs will be minimal.
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