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Ziggy's Had her Babies!!!

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I'm so excited, I've got 4 little furbabies in my house!!

Last night, Ziggy has some discharge, but it was really runny, almost like when peoples waters break. So.. I was checking on her all night...

Woke up at about 6.45 this morning and fed Zig's and my son woke up not long after. When he did, she went into his room. So, they were in there for a while when I got Jacob (my son) out to have a shower. I went in and looked undre his bed and what should I find but two new little babies suckling on my Ziggy.

There was a ginger and white, and a tortioseshell (just like her mum). With that she started pushing again and out popped a little black and white one. And he fourth was another ginger and white one. They all look healthy so far and Ziggy responded really well. (SHE PURRED DURING LABOUR AND DIDN'T MEOW ONCE!!)

I'll have pictures soon. It's abit dark at the moment, being 7.10 in the evening here in the UK, and I don't want to disturb her too much at the moment. (Jacob's sleeping in our bed for tonight)

Updates Soon!!!
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Congratulations! I'm looking forward to seeing pictures!
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Congrats!! Glad to hear all went well, can't wait to see pictures!!
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Congratulations, I know you've really been looking forward to this!!!!!
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I want to keep them all but my partner says no, he also says no to keeping two, so I have to choose just ONE out of four georgeous kitties. My Neighbour likes the black and white but is going to let me choose mine before she makes her choice. Both the Ginger and White ones are boys, tortoiseshells a girl of course but I haven't had a good view of the black and white yet...

Trying to think of names, was going to call a ginger one Amber until I found out they are male.

Any Ideas for names. My partner wont let me call the tortoiseshell one Pixie, so its up to you guysto give m ideas!!
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Aww, congrats! Can't wait for pics.
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Congratulations! I can't wait to see pictures!

Now if only my girl would hurry up and give ME some furbabies!
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I have Pictures!!!!

I know They are a bit dark but I have no flash on my camera. Probably better for them anyway.

I've managed to have look at the black and white one and it's a girl. (I think. Whats a sure way of telling until I go to the vet?

Oh yeah, and ignore the dates on the photos, I've never set the camera up properly
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here are some more pictures. These should be better

Oh and by the way, I've thought of some names.

We are keeping a ginger and white one. He will be called Diego because its my sons favourite character from 'Ice Age'. I'm going to call the other one Link, the Tortie is Pixie and the black and White one is Sammie - she's a girl. , (I think). I feel a bit bad about naming the kities we aren't keeping but once we have found a home for the last one we will change them to what their new owners want them to be.
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Aww they're beautiful!!!

Don't feel bad about naming anyone!!! I named all my Lily's precious little angels and we're not completely sure if we're keeping everyone.
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