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Cats and Suitcases - funny :)

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As you know, Charlie's show is this weekend. I asked DH to get me the suitcase down so I could work on packing last nite. Was in the bathroom and he put it by the door and went downstairs.

So I picked it up....hmmmm...why is it heavy???? We have 2 suitcases - one's smaller and can fit in the other, so I figured that it was a "double" suitcase.

Took it upstairs and sat it on the side. For the next 5-10 mins was sorting socks, etc., putting it away. Then figured since I was up there, I'd start putting in some of the clothes we needed for the weekend. Tossed the suitcase up on the bed and opened it to get the other suitcase out.

Well............it was not a double suitcase Here Mr. Charles was laying in there looking up at me like "hi mom, whatcha doing?". I started laughing cause the entire time he was in the suitcase (with the latched closed, but zippers open) he never made a sound, never moved, etc.

I asked him "now what would you have done if I had not opened this now and you were in there all nite and the next day?"

Cats...........go figure...............
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he was ready to go! maybe he liked being carried and swung around too
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Oh he loves shows and the hotel - its the car riding part inbetween he doesn't like. We carry a bag and paper towels
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That is too funny. My cats will sleep on the suitcases when we pull them out cause they know we are packing to leave somewhere.
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I have a few pictures (somewhere) of Oliver "protesting" me going somewhere without him... he knows when he's not going cuz his suitcase doesnt come out and get packed.... the one pic is after I was almost done packing my giant duffle bag (more like body bag haha) to go visit my bf over New Years.... everything was stacked up in the open bag, then I turn around and he's added himself to the pile, haha... my bf added a caption to the pic which perfect describes Oliver's face in it "Please don't go visit that jerk" haha, Ollie doesnt like the bf cuz the bf un-purposely kicks Ollie out of bed in the middle of the night... the other pic is from the end of last month... I had one of those rectangular rolling suitcases out to pack for a week down the shore and Ollie knew he wasn't going... so he made himself comfy in the lid part of the suitcase, preventing me from finishing packing til he decided to leave (cuz of course he was too cute to move)
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that is so funny. My cats love and can't resist an open suitcase!
Last week when I was packing for my Monterey trip, I put some clothes in the suitcase, then went out of the room for a little while. Upon my return, I found Jiggy sleeping in there with all my clothes crumpled up around him. He made a lovely bed of all my clothes!!! Of course, I let him stay where he was until he was ready to get out...God forbid I disturb my little prince!
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