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Do your indoor onlies wear collars....why or why not?

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We have 3 and they do not wear collars.
My reason is probably selfish....but I do not the the feeling of having my "pettying" being disrupted by the feel of a collar. (They`ve never worn them before, so I`m sure they`d go "nut-so" if I did try to put one on them anyhow)
The only reason to have one would be for ID in case one of them got out, and Toby has only done that once in his 3 years....and the other 2 don`t even try.......so I`m hoping that does`nt ever happen.
We do live back in the boonies too...so we are`nt close to any real road....only live on a lane that the we and the neighbors use...and everybody drives slow because there are kids and dogs back here.
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My kitties are indoor only. I put a collar on Sweetie and she seemed to accept it. Then a few minutes later she went under the coffee table and somehow pulled it off. It was on tight enough that it should have stayed. I've never put one back on. My daughter's Chester wears one all the time, but she has birds (16) so its mainly to warn the birds that he's around.
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No, PHX does not wear a collar.
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No collars, but my cats are all microchipped
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None of the cats wear collars. I show cats (pedigree and HHP) and by wearing collars you leave a "collar mark". To the judges, this means the cat goes outside in their opinion - something that is frowned upon.

I've never had a cat/kitten escape from the house or show desire to get out. Ling did for awhile since she was a barn cat and for a short period of time wore a collar with bell so we could know where she was and discourage her from trying to go out.

She doesn't try that any more, so none of the cats will be wearing collars.

The dog wears her collar of course
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I tried, but Chay is quite good at getting them off. He's sneaky too - does it when I leave the house and in a place where I have to look for it!
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Ginger and Ferris both wear collars with bells. Ginger was about 3 months old when she first got hers, and it took about a day for her to get used to it.

Ferris got his at about 3 months old as well, and took to it like a champ. He was a feral rescue, and I think it made him feel like he belonged.

Penny is almost 2, has only been with me for three months, and does not wear a collar. I'd like to get one on her, just in case, but I don't quite think that will be possible at this age.

All three are indoor only.
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No collars here... Two of my cats are microchipped and the one who isnt (which Im looking into) does not wear a collar. I bought him a collar the day i got him, put it on and he hated it (he didnt wear one with his previous owner)... So I took it off. I usually put it on when we take trips to the vet and that is about it.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
None of the cats wear collars. I show cats (pedigree and HHP) and by wearing collars you leave a "collar mark". To the judges, this means the cat goes outside in their opinion - something that is frowned upon.
I show dogs and dog collars can leave collar marks that do not look good when showing. They only wear collars when going outside of my property while showing. They are chipped and tattooed as well.

My indoor kitty does not wear a collar, does not show any desire to escape, comes when called (funny, I know!) but is chipped just in case.
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All 3 of mine wear collars and are microchipped. I want to do everything I can to make sure they get back to me if they happen to get out.

I just put collars on them recently and none of them had a problem with it! I also put a collar on my parents' indoor cat (who is not microchipped) and although he tried to get it off for the first hour, he was fine with it after that!
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Mine don't wear collars nor are the chipped. While Frankie used to be quite the outdoor adventurer at my parents (and she did wear a collar then) she has only tried to run once since we moved out of their house and got too scared and ran back in. Wickett runs away when you open the door so no problem there.
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Riley wears a collar, because he tries to run out the door when we open it. I got one from ragtime collars so its super lightweight cotton and has my phone number embroidered on it. I also plan to get him microchipped soon. He will not tolerate a bell or any kind of dangly tag on it.

Once I get him microchipped, and he grows out of the door darting, I will probably take it off of him.
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Lemony has a pink camo collar as she is microchipped. Tux had an orange harley davidson one with a purple tag that has his name and address on one side and 'I require a special diet' on the other. Smeg is going to get a collar as soon as I can find one handsome enough for him, as he requires the same diet as Tux. And yeah, the cats with collars have bald rings underneath them. They accepted them easily enough, though. But all my cats are really laid back and mellow.

My dogs don't wear collars, as I don't like the collar line, and I switch collars a lot depending on if we're training, playing, running, etc, and I get sick of taking them on and off. Plus I get tired of watching them scratch at it and listening to the tags dingle around when they walk. It's also dangerous if two get wrestling around and their collars get tangled (I've had it happen a crazy number of times). So they're nekkid unless we're leaving the property.
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Maisie is my indoor only kitty and she doesn`t wear a collar. Reason being her neck is so weeny she can only wear kitten collars, which I bought her a really pretty one of.

Few days later I noticed it looked odd and some how she had manager to pull it really tight! It was an adjustable type so I took it off and threw it in the bin. It had a saftey fastening but she still nearly strangled herself.

Since then I haven`t put anouther one on her. She is long haired and her fur isn`t like a young cats. It seems quite dry and tangles easily so I think a collar for her would just mean discomfort.
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My indoor cat does not wear a collar. I don't see the point. He doesn't try to escape and even if he did a stranger would have a hard time catching him.
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Nope. The bengals are chipped, but Eliza isn't. She has no desire to go outside, so I don't worry too much. However, when we had our house on the market, we had both Eliza and Penni (who is no longer with us) wear collars with nametags in case they snuck out during a showing. Penni took hers off pretty much every day, no matter how hard we tried to convince her that it was valuable jewelry!
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No collars here either. Mine are very unlikely to escape (there's only me here to leave doors and windows open) and they're microchipped in case they do. I don't like the way collars flatten the fur and break up the line of the cat. I'm also not totally satisfied that even safety collars are actually safe.
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Ziggy always works hers off despite the fact that they are pretty and pink!! so I don't bother anymore. She's microchipped though, and has got out a few times.. hence the pregnancy...

It's nicer to stroke her without it. I just miss not being able to hear her coming when I get up during the night and end up tripping over her!!
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Yes. Should they ever get out, they won't be mistaken for strays. And Tiny is microchipped.

Baby is temporarily collar-free, so that her fleas can't hide underneath. She'll wear hers again when I'm no longer finding flea dirt.

Both Tiny and Baby enjoy being rubbed on the cheeks and head much more than having the rest of their fur petted, so collars don't get in the way of any lovin'.
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My girls are indoor onlys.. They have collars, but don't wear them.

They were flea collars, but that's it.. They literally will spend all night trying to get the collars off, (the pretty breakaway ones, I spent a fortune on, with there name and number)..

They are inside,, but they are microchipped, so if they got out,, GOD FORBID,, they would be safe if they got taken to the vet or shelter..
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Wow, I'm glad they stopped wearing the flea collars before they got hurt. *shiver*
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I don't show cats, but my oldest wore a collar for a few years and had a "collar mark" and it never grew hair back where the collar was.

I'll never put one of my babies in a collar again.

(It also helps that we have two doors and stairs to go through before anyone can escape out....not that anyone tries)
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All three of my indoor cats wear collars (breakaway collars). All three are also microchipped, however, if any of them (God forbid) were to manage to get out the front door, anyone who picked up him or her up probably wouldn't think about the possibility of the cat being microchipped, so my hope is that when they see the cat is wearing a collar, they will know that it belongs to someone and then perhaps take it to a vet to get the chip read. That's my hope, anyway, should that ever happen. I don't have ID tags on them.
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Peace is the only one with a collar, bell, and tag that he'll wear when his neck is bigger. The other cats have their special "going out" collars for vet visits that has an ID tag and rabie tag on it.
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Oliver's collared and chipped... all precautions for the "just in case".... the collar is also for my health, haha... after Oliver's monthly bath, he's "naked" (aka collarless) until he's all dry (and/or til the collar's dry - it's a cotton one from ragtime and sometimes I give it a scrub when he's getting his bath)... if he's not dry by bedtime and is still naked it's like living with a sniper! I swear he gets that he's stealth without it and he's like a giant ball of heartattack flying at me in the dark, "just for fun" haha... if I had to live with him being naked on a daily basis, I wouldn't make it to 24! It doesnt seem to bother him ever and has a quick release if he gets caught (and it works, he's gone exploring in the basement and gotten caught on the boxes that hold various holiday decorations and all my college crap)... he also occasionally (loosely!) wears bandanas, hehe - again they dont bother him and he easily gets out of them
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Isadora wears a collar because she has been known to sneak out (she's quite the houdini). Spot does not because she always takes it off somehow. Even if she did sneak out, she'd be an easy one to catch.
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Demetri doesn't wear a collar as he's a show cat, he is microchipped though.

My past indoor only cats all wore collars with tags and were chippped. None of them tried to escape I just feel that the more forms of ID they have the better chance of them being returned should they ever get out.

Originally Posted by angelkitty View Post
They were flea collars, but that's it..
Please take the flea collars off your cats, besides not working they are poisonous and can cause death.
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My cats do not wear collars. Mickey gets out of the house sometimes.....I tried keeping collars on him, but he would always come back with it gone. I gave up.
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Originally Posted by BuzbyJLC10 View Post
Oliver's collared and chipped... all precautions for the "just in case"...
Same thoughts as me
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everyone has there own ideas on wheather a cat should wear a collar or not i see it being a good idea if the cat can or might take off for any given reason maybe something would scare it and it would dart out at least he has I.D but if you put a collar on them make sure it is a collar made for cats so that it stretches when it is pulled on in case kitty gets stuck on something it will not choke him he will be able to get out of it
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