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Well, I took little Nimbus to the vet for the first time today. He had ear mites and worms and was treated for both. He also got his first vaccination for distemper. His blood work tested negative for FeLV and FIV. I also found out that he's younger than I thought (only about 8 weeks, when I thought he was 12). The vet also said that I could have him neutered by the end of the month if I wanted (is that too soon?). Anyway, I just wanted to share, because I'm relieved that Nimbus is generally healthy.

I also wanted to thank everyone on the forum, because the advice I've gotten here has really helped me in caring for Nimbus!


p.s. Nimbus has been very sleepy since he got back. I got him to drink a little water, but he hasn't tried to eat yet. I suppose this is normal after getting treated with a bunch of stuff?