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FIP for my kitty- plz plz help!

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Recently my 16 week old baby has been diagnosed with FIP. She barely weighs 1 pound. So small and young...

She has the effusive form and her stomach is slowly collecting fluids. I cannot stand looking at her. So innocent, not knowing what is happening to her...

The vets are all saying that there is nothing we can do other than trying to give her Interferon Omega, an expensive drug that is not found in United States. (I am from the United States). Apparently it saved a few kitty lives. I will not give up hope and am pursuing this medicine wherever in the world it is, however expensive it is. even thousands of $$ per vile.

Do you know how I could buy it and bring it into U.S. legally? Any company? Any website? I'm willing to travel abroad. Plz, any suggestions... I cannot stand the thought of losing her.

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I recently had two of my babies diagnosed w/ the dry form of FIP, and they are both on the Interferon now. Geronimo has only been on it for a week, so it's too soon to tell what's gonna happen, but he is doing better since we took him to the vet last week where he was treated w/ shots of antibiotics & an antihistamine & something else which I don't recall to clear up the fluid in his lungs: he's also been on Clavamox and Furosemide to help clear up the infection, which he has to take for a total of ten days. Winchester has been on the Interferon for about 2 months now, and is responding really well: before he went on it, he was having a coughing/wheezing/gagging attack every day. He's only had 2 "little" attacks in the past few weeks, and is more like his ole self again - he's even been running around and playing w/ his buddies. So in my opinion, the stuff seems to work!

Does your baby have the wet or dry form of FIP?? If it's the wet form, there's nothing they can do I'm sorry to say. But if it's the dry form, it can be treated. The Interferon cost me $85.00 for 2 bottles, but there is alot of dosage in each bottle. I have no idea where you'd be able to purchase it from though.

There is another drug that is also used for FIP cats, but I don't recall the name of it offhand (one of the members here mentioned the name of it in one of my threads, and she used it to treat her FIP cat, who lived to be 16): I'll recheck my FIP thread that I posted regarding Winchester & Geronimo, and let you know what it is. Maybe you can obtain that drug instead.

I am soooo sorry to hear your bad news: I know exactly how you feel. I hope that your baby doesn't have FIP, but if she does, I hope it's the dry form which can be treated. I will be sending good vibes your way.

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I misread your post the first time - I apologize! I thought you said you wern't in the USA, but you are. So am I, so I know the Interferon can be obtained here. I know my vet had to special-order it, but whether or not he had to get it from outside of the USA, I don't know. But apparently it CAN be purchased.

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The name of the other FIP drug is called Immunoregulin. Please ask your vet about it: or if you're not satisfied w/ your current vet's answers, get another opinion!

Let us know what happens!

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There is currently no diagonostic test for FIP. I too have a cat with a wet pouch. I was told she had FIP- that was at christmas time. If she did have it, she wouldn't be around today. Kittens have a hard time if they have FIP they are susceptible after they are 6 months old after being exposed. has the most current FIP information I have found.
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There is info here on tests other than the antibody titre test.The test uses a combination of measuring the albumin/globulin ratio,the agp level and cytology and has been seen to diagnose fip in 90% of cases although there is still no definative diagnosis that is 100%.There is a link on the page where testing kits are available in the us.Dr addies site also suggests that only 18% of samples sent for a confirmed diagnosis for fip after death actually turn out to be fip.So its important to know if it may be another treatable disease.This page has some info on treatments too maybe all the info everyone has given you could take to your vet and he can look into everything for you.I hope your kitten hasnt got fip,but if she has I pray you can find some treatment that will help her.good luck
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kittkatt, hissy and nightcats, many many thx for your replies.

kittkatt, the vet said it was the wet form so I believe it is harder to treat. glad to hear that there is hope for your baby though.
would you mind telling me the name of your vet, who ordered the interferon, or the company which they ordered it through? and do you live in california? i dont know if my vet cant or wont order it. if he's just fooling around with me, i'll be upset

thx a lot for the replies and info though. i truly feel grateful. i can use all the info and prayers i can get.

never in my life did i think i would be feel so depressed without my furry little bundle of joy...
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Originally Posted by wowie View Post

never in my life did i think i would be feel so depressed without my furry little bundle of joy...
It's difficult to imagine how it's possible to love one of your babies so much, isn't it? But it DOES occur: only a fellow cat-lover can understand.

I just sent you a PM w/ some info, Wowie.....

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I find it amazing that they're telling you they can't get interferon. Unless it's a different form of interferon than is usually given.

We gave Stan interferon to boost his immune system (he had a virus he just couldn't shake). My vet just called it into a local compounding pharmacy and I picked it up. I paid less than $30 for a two week course (I can't remember if he had more than two courses, though) and it was fish flavored

Good luck with your babies. FIP is often mis-diagnosed.
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Originally Posted by JellyBella View Post
I find it amazing that they're telling you they can't get interferon.
I was thinking the same thing myself: if Wowie's in the states, why can't she get it, too??

How's your kitty doing, Wowie? Were you able to obtain the Interferon or something else?? We haven't heard from you; let us know what's up!

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