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Well, I originally just wanted to do it for Valentines day. But I guess some people dont celebrate Valentines and people dont want time limits etc. etc. etc. I personnlay feel that there should be a time limit otherwise people will forget and put it off to the last minute.
I would like to do this as a one time thing for valentines day I personnaly would basically like a penpal. So maybe we can just put this in another spin that people be paired. More like a penpal situation. That way if someone turns out to be a dud I could just match the person up with someone new. It could be an on going thing and we could switch partners every 3 to 6 months. We could send cards and things back and forth and then at a predetermined date we could switch. At this point there have been some good points brought up and there are some things I will have to think over while I am at the cat show. You all can keep chatting over this and I will try to catch up on sunday. I would greatly appreciate any help anyone offers i did not intend to come across that i wanted to lord over this idea. I also want to say that if you have any concerns please express them I have thick skin and will not be hurt. I have only been here 5 months myself so some of you might not be comfortable with me handleing this i would really love to get some help from some of the founding members. I am doing this in fun so lets try to figure a way to keep this fun. But the biggest thing I can stress is for people to not go into this with too high of hopes. Dont expect high end gifts, this is supposed to be little lift me ups to make you smile when you go to get your mail.
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I'm in! This could work out, and then again, it might not. But you won't know till you try.
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I'll do it too, as long as the person I have to send stuff to participates on the board on a regular basis, unlike the Secret Santa one.
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I'm in! That is, if I have enough posts to qualify!

I understand if I don't and that you do need some way to make sure everyone is going to participate the whole time. I'll just keep checking to see what develops as the plan. . .

I participated in a Secret Santa for my dog (I missed the one here) and it was great! I love putting together little packages!
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I see everyone has great opinions. and I agree with all of them, especially the one of the long-term idea not working out. Keep it simple. We could assign pen-pals, but that's what we're here for. A one-time gift thing would be the simplest and best for short term TCSers and those who tend to leave things to the last minute. I personally would love to do a long term gift thing, but sitting here and writing to all of you is more instantly satisfying.
(You don't want it to end up "keeping up with the Jonses" with someone getting extravagant gifts while others with more limited finances can't do that.)
To address the above issue, we should have a price limit (under $20 for example...dollars, pounds). Or a theme~candles, chocolate, furrbaby stuff.
Nothing big but something so we know everyone gets a little something each month a little pick me up. And since every culture and country has different holidays why dont we send our buddy a little somethung each holiday so we can learn about different holidays. I would try to pair up people from diffrent countries and as far away from each other as I can.
I see a big flaw in this. You can't be secret purrson with this idea, you'll need to know a lot about that person and religion before we get started and I just think that religion and politics isn't so good an idea for a happy pick-me-up thing. For example...
Someone even asked to not be paired with a Christian.
So in my opinion (and it's just an opinion, no flames please) a cheap, one-time, themed gift would be best.
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Great post!!!! You said it perfectly.
If you guys decide to do a one time mailing thing then I'll join in. But if its going to be a year round sort of thing, I think I'll pass....life is too busy for me to remember to mail stuff on a regular basis.

Also, its hard to keep it secret...you'll want to know about each other to pick out the right things.
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When we do this at work, there is a little questionnaire that the participants fill out with things like favorite color, favorite candy, little stuff like that. I could get a copy and we could post it in a thread for all the people participating. Then people could post their own responses, much like when we do one of those multiple question threads. All you would have to do is look up the person you were paired with.
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I'm definately in.

I would love to be a pen pal to someone. I love online chatting but snail mail is fun too!

So, how about we include the birthday as the one day to send something "special" to our pen-pal?

And hopefully, those that do sign up, stay with it.

And if, for some reason, it is not working out, that person can email Denise and tell her thay have to back out and then Denise can find a "savior or two" to step in. There are always last minute people around so, as long as you hav "back ups", then maybe no one will be left out for long.

Whatever the decision, count me in.
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Deb...just read your post. Love that idea!!!
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Thanks, G. I may be crazy, because I usually get burned by these things, but I am willing to try this one. I have not participated in the other 2 Secret Santa things. I am looking at it this way: I will hold up my end of the bargain for the person I get paired with. If the same doesn't happen for me: oh well. I am not going to get upset over it. I just can't fathom why you'd sign up if you weren't enthusiastic about following through, but it always seems to happen.
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I'm in no matter what we decide. Thinking about it, the long term committment does seem to lend itself to disappointment. I'm pretty committed to the board, but I can also see myself flaking out over the long haul (at least forgetting a month here or there). I think a one time deal or a short time frame like 3 months would be good. Also much less work for Denise. Birthdays are a good idea, but if your birthday is next December chances are pretty good you won't get anything. Sad but true. Besides people dropping from sight here, it's a long ways away to remember to send something.

Just more thoughts and lots of 2 cents!
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I would love to sign up for this exchange, too.

I think a one time deal or a short time frame like 3 months would be good. Also much less work for Denise.
I agree with Heidi, and everyone else who suggested the one time deal. How about sending a small gift (less than $20 American) and a letter about ourselves and our furbabes? Or maybe a gift that reflected our interests (not necessarily cat-related)? That way, we can learn more about someone else on this board.
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I am going to have to think about this. I want to join in, but on the other hand, I have so much going on right now...a baby, full time job, marriage that is requiring alot of attention right now, a new diet and exercise program to start, and very little time online anymore, and I see less time in the future, so I may have to bow out of this one...I hate to...I would LOVE to participate, but am afraid I would get busy and forget to send my person something and disappoint someone, which I would never ever want to do, so I may not join in...let me think about it a bit. It is a good idea, though.
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I'm really busy with school and stuff right now. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to participate, but I don't have the time nor the money right now.

I just wanted to say, if you do the planning, and somebody drops out or whatever, you can put me on a back-up list or something. The gift wouldn't be very good due to my lack of funds right now (most likely something home-made, lol), but I'd hate to see anyone get disappointed.
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It could be like a pen pal! I think we can really learn alot about each other! We should put some limit as some of us are short of cash, like me. I was too late for the Santa thing too but offered to send gifts to two other members. I got a fabulous gift from one and nothing from the other. You can never tell..but, I think it's worth it!
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That's an idea! I would prefer to do a one-time thing, but, if you decide to do a long term thing, put me on the back-up list. I really don't see a long term thing working out, but I would also hate to see someone disappointed.
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Okay..how about this? What about a temporary pen-pal? Let's say, you are matched with someone for approx. 1-3 months and after that time frame, it's time to be re-matched with someone else? Now, the trick here would be that a new thread would have to be done and only those that re-sign will be set up again. So, if someone signs up and does not follow through, it will be a temporary disappointment and....for those that do not find this worked out, they can just skip the re-signing up part.

BTW: Personally, I would LOVE a homemade gift much more than anything else. I think it is much more personal. Unfortunately, I am not talented enough to do that but for those that want to join, and do not have the funds....I think this is a GREAT idea.

Also, it does not necessarily mean Denise has to take on the responsability each time. Maybe there may be other volunteers to help out.
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