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Everyone please read!

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Well I have just been reading Bundylee's post about her Secret Santa. I missed this and I would like to start something similiar. I was thinking of Valentines and it would be secret cupids. I know I for one would love to send someone lots of cat and kitty valentine things. and I know some people at this site might not have a significant other to share this holiday with. This will make sure everyone who would like to be involved will get something fun for the special day! Who organized the secret santa? Could you please contact me and let me know how you did it. It seemed very well organized and I would love to give this a try. Please post here if you would like to be involved and at some point I will have to gather everyone's address and give each person one persons address to send a box to. Of course each person can decide what they would like to do for their person. example cards, boxes, candy, kitty related things etc. etc..... you can also P.M. me with suggestions and our info so I can make a list of people who want to be involved we will have to work quickly on this so everyone has time to get their gift ready. I will be at a cat show this weekend I am leaving to night and I will get together all responses on sunday and start getting this together then.
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I'm in!

Daniela (dtolle) was the amazing, talented, wonderful organiser of the Secret Santa. I am sure she will respond to you.

I will wait and see what the plan is, how you want to proceed and then I will send you the info you need so you get it all at the same time.

Good luck!

P.S I have a significant other.....I'm doing this because it's a great "friend" thing!
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I have a suggestion - let's say a variation of this.

How about letting members of this board be the Secret Valentine as a collective and what ever is "donated" such as toys, food, etc. is sent to an or several rescue organization(s) (shelters, etc.)?

That way we can be for needy furbabies out there. We can be their Valentine!

So what do you think?
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I also have a significant other but also just thought this would be fun.
I like the idea about the donation thing and would be more then interested in donating to that however I still would like to do this.
I for one am very impressed on how well the secret santa went and would love to have been involved. I have seen other posts from members who also missed it, and would love to try to get another one going. But I also want to say that I would like people who where invloved in the secret santa to join this. I myself am a stay at home mom right now and the mail is the highlight of my day. I think this will be too much fun!
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I like the donation idea too and I do donate to our local shelter as much as I can but...I like the idea of sending someone a little "brighten up the day" package.
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I was the organizer of the secret santa. If you want to PM that is fine, but its a very big task to take on. Just PM me if you need any tips.
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Ceehorne, I just sent you a PM. If you need anything from me as far as advice just PM or email me at ddtolle75@earthlink.net

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What about this idea? Instead of focusing it on a holiday, how about making it like a secret sister? Anyone interested sign up, find someone to organize it- pair up the names and then have the people participating send things *periodically* to their secret sister. That way, the people overseas get a chance to participate, there is no set schedule and deadline. Everyone, just uses their own discretion and over this year just sends things to her sister to create a smile, or to help if the person posts and is having a bad time. Then at Christmas, everyone fesses up as to who they had as a secret sister and shares what was done for them during the year?
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Great idea Hissy!

I liked the idea of donation to an animal shelter also. This way, if the person still wants to do the donation to a shelter, they can do it in the name of the Secret Sister and then send them a card with a note of the donation.

We all need cheering up throughout the year. It's the unexpected surprises that are the best!

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That would be fun, but without a deadline, people might not feel as pressured to get into it, you know how busy scheduele's are.

I definitely like the idea of donating gifts to furrbabies who would otherwise be sitting in a cage by themselves. We could always send stuff to each other, we have stuff, but homeless furrbabies don't. The only question would be which one? I think it should be up to Ceehorne's discretion, since she is hosting this. I read once in a sad email about s.p.c.a. people that "not only money is needed, but food and litter and toys as well". Many of these people forfeit (by choice) their wages to give these animals this stuff. It had never occured to me that they wouldn't have food! I guess companies can only donate so much.

So definelty count me in, I'll send you all the info you need when you make your choice on what's going to happen.
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No what I meant, is make a deadline to join the Secret Sister's by such and such date- then pair everyone up after that and then just let the people who joined figure out what they want to do, when they want to do it.No one knows until the end of the year, and people can share their surprises when they get them, if they want to on the board.
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Hissy, better make it a "Secret Sibling". I know that BuNN wanted in on the Secret Santa and, as weird as he is, I don't think that he qualifies as a "sister". Thirtysilver and Whiskey's Dad may want in, too.

My mom belongs to something like this, at her church. I'm not sure what they call it but, Mom gets little goodies, now and again: magnets, knickknacks, etc.
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Actually, whoever undertakes this should name it something "Cat like" in keeping with the theme of the boards. I was just making a recommendation about not having it specifically tied to holidays because we have so many overseas members who might want to join.
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okay I have been reading all the posts and I like the idea of an all year thing. But i think that their should be some kind of guidlines for example if we do this all year I think we should send something once a month. Nothing big but something so we know everyone gets a little something each month a little pick me up. And since every culture and country has different holidays why dont we send our buddy a little somethung each holiday so we can learn about different holidays. I would try to pair up people from diffrent countries and as far away from each other as I can. And if we do this all year new people could join periodically.
I was thinking on this though and their are a lot of people who pass thru might sign up and then not follow thru so I need to some how make sure we are going to have dedicated buddies do you all have any ideas concerning this? I will also like to have a deadline for everyone to send this first note or something that way if someone flakes I can assign that person some one new. I think we should start taking suggestions on name. any ideas?
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Please over look all of my mistakes in my posta today I only have one hand. My son is fussy.
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Denise, it sounds like you have a good idea. Why don't you just start a new thread asking for people who would like to join and just make a few rules (to many cloud the issue) let the post run for a few days, make the deadline to join good for a couple of weeks and then start pairing everyone up. I did Secret Santa the first year I was here, and it is a LOT of work, so make your guidelines clear and concise so everyone knows where they stand.

Just my own thoughts, it is not always feasible to send stuff overseas every month because mail takes so long to get there, so perhaps you could say that whoever signs up is responsible to send say at least 8 items to their purrson by the end of 2003? You could call it the Mystery Purrson Society-
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Is this like a secret friend? That is a lot of fun too! Just give me a name and address and I'll start shopping today!
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Wow! This sounds like a great idea! Count me in. Whatever we end up doing will be fine with me. Just remember that everyone is different and some are busier than others, so hopefully whatever we all come up with will make it easy for all of us.
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Count me in too!!!!
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Hissy did you have everyone send you a PM with their address? And how many people signed up when you did it? Where is all the work I figure I will sit down figure some basic guidlines and give everyone one person. What am I missing? My qwuestion is still this do you think there should be some qualifing measure like so many posts or somewthing to make sure the people are not fly by night. How does everyone feel about this issue. And no matter how hard we try their will be people who never receive anything do you all have ideas how I can minimize that?
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just sent you a pm check it in a few.
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This is a great idea! Denise I think you don't really know what you are getting yourself into! LOL Everyone has always said that I'm too organized for my own good so I'll just pose some things for you to think about when organizing this.

My personal feeling is that since it will be an ongoing thing, with multiple opportunities to sign up, having a certain number of posts would be a good thing. That way you know that the person has been here for more than a couple days and isn't going to drop the site or their secret friend. Is 100 posts too many? Is 50 too few? Any thoughts on this? I know I reached Adult Cat within about a month, but I get obsessive about things like this site. How often would you reopen registering? Every quarter? Every 6 months? You should probably say in the beginning how often to people who don't have enough posts know when they can start participating. Should there be a limit or suggested limit for gifts and such? (You don't want it to end up "keeping up with the Jonses" with someone getting extravagant gifts while others with more limited finances can't do that.)

With the Secret Santa, Daniela had everyone PM her their address and then once she got everyone assigned she PMed the addresses out. Of course, she did keep her lists so that when someone got "dropped" she could reassign them (if the person let her know that they couldn't participate).

Anyway, I'm just throwing out ideas and you certainly don't have to take any of them. Just brainstorming and bouncing ideas off everyone.
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Okay, I think Hissy has a good point. I will be getting my thoughts together and set the whole thing out. I will post a thread on sunday night. I will set the deadline for two weeks. and everyone who signs up will get a person after a few days from the deadline. I just hope everyone thinks about this and realize that you may end up with the dud. There where a few in the secret santa. I would hope that no matter what you would continue your notes to your buddy. If someone doesnt send anything after a reasonable time I would ask that you tell me and i will send a reminder to that person if all else fails I will find someone else for you if possiable. and remember some of our members are overseas so there is some expense for mailing, but i will outline all of this in the sunday post.
I am off to las vegas soon to show my cream and white persian please wish me luck!
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Originally posted by ceehorne
My qwuestion is still this do you think there should be some qualifing measure like so many posts or somewthing to make sure the people are not fly by night. How does everyone feel about this issue. And no matter how hard we try their will be people who never receive anything do you all have ideas how I can minimize that?
I can see many people unfortunately being disappointed. Some people who signed up for Secret Santa in October didn't even participate in December. You can imagine how 'some' people will not even be around in a couple of months (never mind a whole year).

Don't get me wrong, I love this idea. I just don't have any real criteria to give you. Number of posts do show a regular presence to the board - so maybe that will be the only indicator to go by. In the end, this whole idea is really based on a honour system.

Hmmmm...any other ideas?

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P.S. please come up with a name for this and I will use it on the sunday post!
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Ok, I know I am going to get flamed for this, but I feel like I have to say it. And Ceehorne, this is not a slam at you, but you are fairly new around here and maybe haven't had a go around on these boards. Those of us who have been here a long time have seen a lot of strange stuff, and strange members around here.

This idea of the year long thing is going to flop I think. A lot of members who are here now won't be in a few months. I think all in all there are only a handful of us who have stuck around as long as we have. Not to mention, things happen like people losing their internet or whatever.

It was very difficult with the organization and work of Secret Santa, and that was a one time thing. I had a lot of duds, and a lot of ridiculous requests. Someone even asked to not be paired with a Christian. I am not trying to insult anyone, but this is the internet, not "real life" and I really forsee a lot of problems and hurt feelings with this venture that you are trying to partake.

My opinion is if you choose to organize something, perhaps you should start w/ something small, like a Valentines swap or something along those lines before you bite off something as big as you are discussing now.

Just my .02.....no flames please.
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Originally posted by Russian Blue
In the end, this whole idea is really based on a honour system.
I agree with this. I have been in a number of these secret pal things over the years, and there is always SOMEBODY who fails to follow through. I'll be brave and join up this time.
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I just sent her an email dtolle sort of educating her on this idea. I suggested she break it down into 3 months increments at first just to see if it goes, then proceed from there. But I did tell her the problems I encountered which were similiar to yours in regards to secret santa- plus told her that more than a few people ended up getting their feelings hurt after it was all over.
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Well, I've said what I needed to say on this idea. I hate to see people getting disappointed and feelings getting hurt. And this seems like its going to end up that way unless 100% of those who sign up actually participate. The odds are against that.

I hope that it all works out, and that everyone has fun doing it. But I'm going to pass on participating on this one!!! I'll let my fellow mods have fun w/ mailing packages!!!!!!!!!!
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I like the idea of a once-a-month all year thing. I loved the Secret Santa, both the giving and receiving. I'm in for whatever you decide.
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