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Good news

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I passed my drivers liscences test today I was soo nervous. And then I first went to my aunts, then a friend of mine, and then I stopped at a family friend's house and I just left there a bit ago we sat and watched three or four movies. I am so happy now if only I can get the job that I want at the hospital I will be all set. But I want to tank everyone who sent vibes that I would pass my test. I am so happy When he said that I passed I almost squealed. I have been wanting this for so long.
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Well done, Gail!
Now good luck for the job!
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WTG, Gail!!

Just remember to keep it between the ditches and keep the dirty side down...
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That's great Gail
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Woot! Congrats!!!!
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That's awesome. Congrats!
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Congratulations my friend!
Way to go!
So is time to celebrate!.......
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Congratulations Gail!!!
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that is wonderful
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and good luck hope you get the job
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That's a great confidence booster! Now onwards and upwards!
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Aww Congratulations Gail!

And many vibes for the job you want, too
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Thank you everyone so much. I am so happy. First thing I did was to drive to town to see my aunt and I drove to my cousins but she wasn't there. So maybe once I get a job and have more gas to spare.
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Congrats!! Now I hope you can get a job at the hospital like you want!!
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Yay! Congratulations, and welcome to freedom!
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