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this might be the reason I'm always broke

I am feeding 12 cats right now and I go thru 2 large bags of Chicken Soup a month, so that's about $45 there and then i feed dinner of Meow Mix cups, 7 cups a day seems to be the right number, so that's approximately 18 12 pack boxes a month, at about 3.60 a box that's $64.80. so $65 plus $45 is $110. Not really that bad! maybe I can afford to up it to Wellness

Litter I probably but 4 buckets of scoop away, at $9.34 for 27 lbs without a coupon and 2 buckets of Tidy cats, with coupon at $11 for 35 lbs so that's another $60.

A really big bag of Chicken Soup dog at $35 lasts me for 3 months for Vino and a bag of his rawhides about once a month is $7.

for Calypso (rat) the cost is realyl negligible, $5 worth of food for her last 3 months, and a bag of carefresh bedding is maybe $15? and that lasts me a few months at least
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Jeepers! And I thought my cat food and litter bills were out there! They are mild compared to some of you.

We go to Petsmart about every two weeks, and get Pro Plan wet food cans, two cs per trip .63 cents a can, 48 total cans:$30.24 before taxes.
Each month we get one Huge bag, of Pro Plan Salmon and Rice dry food (about 25 pounds I think), that's about $15.00, then I also feed then Purina Naturals, which is about $5 or $6 every two weeks for a 10 pound bag. Total cat food a month: About $55-$57 dollars a month which is good all things considering.

Litter we buy Tidy cat scoopable, get 2 a month, which run about $15.00 each and we also get Tidy cat regular which runs us $6.00 a month. Total litter cost: $36.00
So over all, we spend about $91-$93 dollars on the cats food and litter each month. So if this is the case, why is it that my Petsmart bills are always over $100.00 when we go???
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Riley's wet food WAS about $35/mo but I've started ordering it from petfooddirect so hopefully that cost will go down. I'm buying dry tomorrow so will see how much I'm paying for that.
Its the 4 or 5 pound bag of California Natural, but the only place to buy it here is a little pet shop that is super expensive. The first bag is just now empty (1 bowl left) and I bought it when I first got him, so it has lasted a month and a half.

Litter is around $7 and lasts 2 weeks.

He gets new toys every week, so maybe $10.
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Lets see $30 every 2 months for dry food.

And about $30 a month for wet food.

And a extra $10 a month for the treats and supplements.

and 20 a month for cat litter
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post
Mine get very little wet, it is more of a treat for Boomer who is the only one who can stomach it fine... but I spend $48 on a big bag of Orijen that lasts a month
I just bought the 15.4 lb bag yesterday at our local pet food store and it was $37.99 plus GST and that will last me more than a month.

The Merrick's however, costs me a small fortune. I go through one can minimum per day at $1.69 per can which is over $50 before we even get to the dry. Then there is the bottled water - They drink approximately 4 bottles of water per week and sometimes 5. Then there is the WBCL.
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I don't want to know what we spend on them per month.

We are still in the process of trying to find better quality wet foods that they will eat so if I tried to figure it out now it probably wouldn't be too accurate.
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