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well, i thought this would be fun, so, seeing as how i love
horoscopes, and have mine sent to me everyday, i thought i
would post everyone's monthly reading

so, when is everyone's birthday? i'm a Gemini -

(in no particular order, except the first, 'cause i'm a

Brought to you by Eugenia Last


(May 21-Jun 20)

You'll be raring to go and quick to make decisions this month. Your mind
will be in overdrive and you will want to experience a plethora of new
activities, and guess what, you'll meet plenty of people that you would
consider getting to know more intimately.


(Mar 21-Apr 19)

You will dazzle others with your quick wit and outstanding ideas. Love
connections can be made if you make the first move and you are
relentless in your approach. Your forceful nature will only add to the
excitement that you can offer the right partner.


(Sep 23-Oct 22)

Are you still around? You shouldn't be vacillating this month. This is your
time to shine and the more you push forward the better you'll do. You will
have plenty of opportunities both personally and professionally so get
moving. If you don't take advantage now you may not get another chance.


(Apr 20-May 20)

Put your energy into moneymaking projects where you stand a chance at
making some headway. You may be in the mood for love but you'll be hard
pressed to find someone who will share your enthusiasm. Changes
happening on the home front may be unnerving but must be accepted.


(Nov 22-Dec 21)

I know, you have all the right answers. So why are you hiding out where
your partner can't find you. It's time to face the music and let those in your
life who want answers to hear it from the horse's mouth. You may lose a
connection but if that's how this person feels he or she is expendable.


(Aug 23-Sep 22)

Don't move too quickly. You are best to wait and observe before you
decide to get involved any joint endeavor. You will need to pick and
choose carefully this month if you don't want to suffer from losses on both
the personal and business front.


(Jul 23-Aug 22)

You'll be the talk of the town this month. Your entertaining way of holding
a crowd will win you points and put you into a leadership position. Don't be
afraid to push a little if you want something done. You've got what it takes
to twist the arms of those in a position to make things happen.


(Feb 19-Mar 20)

Don't look now but someone is trying to get the better of you. You will
have to watch your back this month. You are best to spend time dealing
with issues that pertain to your home, your personal investments and your
health and avoid interaction with individuals who may treat you fairly.


(Jan 20-Feb 18)

It's time to rock and roll. You will be full of energy and in need of a
vacation that will feel your wildest dreams. The more information you can
pick up the better you'll like it so pick a destination that will be geared
toward passion, pleasure and historical information.


(Oct 23-Nov 21)

You continue to bang your head against a wall this month. Stop pushing
yourself to the limit and focus on what you know you can handle and what
you know will work. You are too bright to be putting your efforts into dead
end ventures. Back up take a breath and choose your direction wisely.


(Jun 21-Jul 22)

You're best to keep everything to yourself this month. You will find yourself
involved in all sorts of secret happenings that will be intriguing, engaging
and somewhat unnerving. Put your best foot forward Cancer and put your
efforts into new ways to make financial gains.


(Dec 22-Jan 19)

Stick to your guns when it comes to important issues, like making
money. You will do well if you are shrewd when formulating and making
deals. You have to give your full attention to financial matters and although
that could spell trouble on the home front you will make it up next month.


well, i know a lot of people think horoscopes are cheesy & silly,
but i think they're fun, and i hope you all have fun reading yours

...and if yours isnt the best of news, just ignore it! what do astrologers know anyway?! :laughing:

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it only took me about an hour to do this thread so get in here people!

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Well, I am a Libra. October 5th 1974. I have a Libra card that defines Libra's. It sais
Romance is the name of your game. You are blessed with beauty and natural charm. You are attractive to all, but beware-because you are sensative and compassionate,you can easily fall into the web of love. You are Libra the artist and creator, well-balanced and poised, you see all things fairly. Indecision is a problem with you, but once you decide you want something, you usually get it- one way or another.
I have had this card since I was 12 years old. I don't really know how accurate it is for all Libra's though. I know for me, the last line is pretty accurate LOL
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that sounds like all the Libra's i know!

Libra's are my most compatible match - friendship/love/everything

I know quite a few, they are, generally, the most thoughtful,
compassionate, caring, quiet, charming, stubborn!! loyal
people i know

Libra's are the best, or rather, second best, second to Gemini's
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LOL I will cop to quiet and stubborn
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and of course modest, how Libra!
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Gee thanks, Blue. This makes 5 horoscopes I read daily now. hehe.

BTW, I'm a Sagittarius, so if I ever offend anybody in the future, bear that in mind.
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this is not a daily horoscope thread, Deb!
(i dont have the patience for that)
it's a monthly horoscope thread


hope everyone had fun reading theirs
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Thanks Blue!

I really enjoyed the horoscopes!
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Thanks Blue.

I am Gemini aswell, and so is my husband, my 2 sisters, my aunt, my gran and my best friend.
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Thank you for posting this month's horoscopes! I'm a Gemini (like you) having been born on 13 June. My most exciting friend of all time is a Scorpio woman. Go figure!

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Put your best foot forward Cancer and put your
efforts into new ways to make financial gains.
I've set up the "support thecatsite" page - so the effort is put

I'm a cancer but I usually skip horoscopes. I feel they're too vague and I really see no scientific basis there.

Thanks for the effort there - I'm impressed with the design!
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Well Blue.....wouldn't you just know it.....guess what I am???


Your perfect friendship match!!!

Sandie....your b-day is Oct. 5, mine is the next day....Oct. 6, 1965
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Thanks blue! I'm a Gemini as well (June 16) and my husband is a Scorpio... his horoscope describes him perfectly this month!!!
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Wow, we are just 1 # off on the year to make it 10 years. LOL I wont be able to forget your b day now.
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Blue; Thanks for the Horoscope Page. I appreciate the work you put into it. I am a Virgo and I am out numbered by Pieces, Geminis and Libras I see. And, Joe, you have devastated me, (your most exciting friend of all time is a Scorpio woman!) You have bruised me to the marrow. . . . . .First, you belittle SPAM and now this. . . . . .

Thank God, I have never put too much stock in Horoscopes
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Thanks Blue for the horoscopes. I am a Scorpio. After reading mine it describes my job situation. If you can add anything about a Scorpio, I would love to hear it. Just be kind about us..LOL
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Three-legged Kat, I'm sorry! Hey, I used to have a friend who was a Scorpio. She's long gone!

And look! Yes, it's. . . .


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yuck! get yer Spam outta my thread!! :laughing2
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We may just have to change his name from Mr. Cat to Mr. Spam.
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How about SpamCat?????
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ReadheadHon: here is some more for Scorpio for the Month of May

Scorpio has a bad moment on May Day, but your dangerous wobble levels off by the 2nd. Instead of just coasting along the tide, gain your mileage by swimming with powerful strokes. Bring your fresh ideas to those that will pay for your services. Your time of gold and gusto comes between the 6th and 8th when the Full Moon is in your Sign. Passionate experience justifies almost anything. Trust your happiness and operate without recovery time or rest until the inevitable energy crash late on the 13th. With luck, this won't strand you in difficult straits. A Pisces Moon unlocks and uplifts you on the 16th, turning your dark mood toward some lighter cause. Counterfeits might pass for the real thing on the 19th or 20th, but the following days of explanation will be a higher price than the counterfeiter can stand paying. By the 25th, Scorpio is finished with amateurism and dishonesty. Leave your secrets in their open closet as you run with a new crowd. Some of these ghosts persist in following you on the 27th and 28th, but they'll soon find that you're no longer a good torture subject. Scorpio's new life is already well under construction
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how about a little Love Horoscope?


Aries picks up the tab on May Day. This gesture buys more than you expected, whether an outbreak of intense interest or a week of big trouble. If you can't stand the heat, the 4th and 5th are your window for a graceful exit. A clumsy move ends your suspense late on the 8th as someone finds you either pathetic or endearing. A Sagittarius Moon puts extra fire in your romance for a few days, although there's danger of getting burned by cads and users between the 11th and 13th. The 14th begins a beneficial period for long distance relationships or dating against type. Personal ads might also be successful this week. The 16th is too soon to make copies of your house key, but from the 18th to 20th, lust always finds its way in. The Moon is in Aries on those days, and cosmic action in Gemini will favor couples through the 24th. After this, liars must come clean. Casual partners can still have fun on the 27th and 28th as long as they're not invested in a shared future. Innocent cuddling replaces burning passion as the young Moon enters First Quarter. Sometimes a hug is just a hug.


In May, Gemini wakes up singing. If your courting song falls flat on the 2nd or 3rd, it has more to do with the chosen audience than the performer. Around the 5th, new couples receive the blessings of family and friends. From the 6th to 12th, lonely people recycle old lovers in quick, unsatisfying flings. It's hard to be yourself with someone that doesn't know about your recent growth. Late on the 13th, call or visit a new dating prospect. With the Moon in Aquarius, Gemini's dance card will never be full. Rubbing up against random people leaves you vulnerable to their dark secrets between the 16th and 18th. By the weekend of the 19th, your object of desire slows down, turns around and makes your dreams come true. Hot pursuit is replaced by more intimate sport when the Sun and New Moon come to your Sign on the 21st and 23rd. You love the beautiful brain behind the pretty face. Trust on the 25th is repaid with high interest on the 27th. Comfortable new couples end the month feeling as if they've been together forever. This could be bad news if some part of you really misses the dating scene.


Smile, Libra. It's May Day, and someone loves you. Expect a surge of romance and sensuality sweeping you off your feet until at least the 10th. The wave crests as the Moon transits your Sign on the 4th and 5th. Cooperation and respect hold seductive power over couples. Around the 8th, the withdrawn are emotionally available again. By the 11th, however, your high spirits seem boisterous around uptight individuals or those in mourning. The Last Quarter brings mutual consent, although after the 15th you wonder about the nature of your commitment. Nice guys and gals might be used by less honorable people between the 16th and 20th. At least you can polish your halo around the 18th while the meanies tarnish their own reputations. From the 22nd to 24th, a Gemini Moon brings a steady parade of suitors into your life. If you need to change partners, there's never been a better time. Ignore obvious improvements by the 25th, and notice the word 'we' vanishing in a wilderness if 'I' and 'you' statements. Further sadness is impossible as the young Moon comes to Leo on the 27th. It's easy to make a fair exchange when everyone's heart is in the same place.


Scorpio gets a glimpse of love's dark side on May 1st, but luckily there's no damage. Step into a perfect window for romance, looking and feeling your best under the Taurus Sun. Lose yourself in luscious sensuality as the Full Moon passes through Scorpio between the 6th and 8th. Couples cluster together for group events around the 10th, leaving singles on their own. If you're among the stranded, you won't actually feel lonely until late on the 13th when the memory of an old loss leaves you aching. Your pain is soothed on the 16th by a gentle touch that intensifies as it lingers. Giddy lovers shout their feelings to the world, but after the 19th some of those secrets might reach unintended ears. Satisfaction takes on a different meaning as the Sun enters Gemini on the 21st -- if you're happy with things as they were, you'll be slow to adapt. A casual relationship runs dry by the 24th. When you're ready for serious commitment, look for it in someone who will never leave you. As May ends, recognize that self-image is crucial to what others think of you. Be lovable if you would be loved.


Leo claims a heart on May Day. New lovers feel lucky to find each other. Between the 1st and 5th, the world beyond your embrace vanishes. Ego stirs on the 6th as an equal partner turns dominant. Singles still on the market become hot property late on the 8th. It's easy to see why your ruling planet is the Sun. Attracted parties question their emotional sincerity on the 11th, and by the 14th even the most faithful couples catch themselves window shopping. As Last Quarter begins, company manners could wear thin between the 16th and 18th, showing tension beneath a gracious exterior. The weekend of the 19th is an energetic, positive time for romance. Petty vengeance and weak cop-outs on the 21st could signal your need to visit a relationship counselor. The New Moon refreshes your life on the 23rd with new partners or fresh enthusiasm. Members of a group begin hanging out on their own time. These are days of exploring rather than rushing to commitment. The Moon comes to your Sign on the 27th and 28th, and your heart leads you deeper and further. Some say that love is blind, but Leo is amazed at how utterly wise it is.


As May begins, Sagittarius upholds a lover's promise, even if conditions have changed. Honor is appreciated, but self-preservation is more important. On the 4th you find someone worthy of your undivided attention. Follow your feelings toward an inevitable connection. Propriety keeps you from making a public announcement. But when the Full Moon starts waning through your Sign between the 8th and 10th, your love song resonates in a beautifying world. For the next few days, your home -- or the bed of your choice -- is at the center of your shared universe. Even if your love is about more than sex, physical pleasure is everywhere until Last Quarter. Starting on the 16th, Sagittarius shifts the focus from infatuation to building a relationship. As long as you're ready to be here, consequences seem like rewards. Serious couples should lighten up on the 21st or lose themselves in an overwhelming spiral of self-examination. On the 24th you're too busy outsmarting yourself to notice magic in progress. The 27th and 28th represent your last chance this month to start or fix something that's so obviously right. End in bliss rather than in disappointment. You owe it to your beloved.


Taurus should spend May 1st in hiding. Romantic conditions improve on the 2nd once everybody stops playing hard to get. By the 6th you'll need a plan. If you wear your heart on your sleeve under the Full Moon, someone will steal it. Know whom you're dating before things go too far. Confident lovers spend a fortune on each other between the 11th and 13th. Those equally sure that they're in a bad match should end it with clean finality on the 14th or 15th. As Last Quarter progresses, partners settle into a blissful, sensual dream. Benign cosmic forces prevent fools from making the same mistake twice. The old Moon is in Taurus on the 21st as the Sun enters Gemini. The star of the drama chooses the happy ending that best suits their mood. Remember that your costar gets equal time. The Twins harmonically entwine your lives through the 26th, but then a clash of wills strains and tears at that bond. Weak partners might panic and run. For those that believe in their romance, the 29th through 31st are light, breezy days. End the month by exploring the world that you inherit together.


Between May 1st and 5th, Pisces learns all about relationships built on deception. You suspect hidden information but might never know what it is. The Full Moon shines in between the 6th and 8th, giving honesty one last chance. If the fringe benefits matter more than the partnership itself, you're in this thing for the wrong reasons. Rock your world on the 11th by following your heart's desire. Casual liaisons hint at permanence on the 14th. As the Last Quarter Moon transits Pisces from the 16th to 18th, your personal magic touches the core of someone else's being. Although you're speechless during this precious moment, you spout praise and poetry over the next few days. Lovers will do anything for each other as the Sun arrives in Gemini on the 21st. On the 23rd the gossip of nosy outsiders becomes a little hard to take. Personal jokes keep you both laughing on the 25th and 26th, but the subject soon gets old. In the final days of May, a relative stranger is unusually curious about the details of your private life. If this is the start of a courtship, it will happen on Pisces's terms or not at all.


Capricorn desires a meaningful relationship as May begins, especially if you languish in a dead-end situation. Keep all likely doors open after the 3rd. Dreams come true by the 6th, whether in the arms of a Scorpio Moon or tapping into the depths of passionate imagination. The 9th and 10th are auspicious for marriage contracts and other essential agreements. Go further than you ever dreamed while the Moon is in your Sign from the 11th to 13th. A perfect gesture shows a steady undercurrent of love. The future draws you into a long embrace. Unequal giving and receiving is no problem on the 16th, but by the 19th someone's loud needs shatter the harmony. This could be a difficult weekend. On the 21st you vow to live on your own terms, even if it means changing partners. As the Moon turns New on the 23rd, well-intentioned breakups grow longer and angrier than either party intended. If you do something for old times' sake on the 25th, you're back in the loop from which you want to escape. Stay visible despite feeling sad or unwanted. On the 29th you catch the right eye at the right time. Living well is surely the best revenge.


The beginning of May is an ideal time for Virgo to fall in love. The Moon entwines compatible lives while transiting your Sign on the 2nd and 3rd. Promises are set in stone. Each moment is a present to be unwrapped. Those in flickering romances must shelter that weak flame between the 8th and 10th if they would keep it burning. Blind dates and other fix-ups are off to a promising start on Friday the 11th, but by Monday the 14th incompatible lives or family disapproval turns it into just another weekend fling. From the 16th to 18th, self-respect plays a big part in whom you'll date and how that time together will unfold. Someone could walk away disappointed. Virgo's romantic history comes into play on the 21st. When meeting the person that could be just right for you, remember the lessons of past mistakes. Courtship becomes frantic on the 23rd and 24th for suitors expecting an answer or sign that never appears. Prospective partners discover a common passion on the 25th. May ends in bliss. The First Quarter Moon reenters Virgo on the 29th. Your wild heart is in good, steady hands.


Cancer's handshake feels like a hug as May begins. Events restore your faith in the power of love. Test your beliefs on the 4th, when a cry for help drags you into an emotional quagmire. Your spark carries the Full Moon's heat and passion on the 7th. If you're committed to your partner, or to finding one, announce your intentions and practice them immediately. Your behavior in one relationship might lead to anger in another between the 11th and 13th. This is the price for taking a strong stand. Friendly jealousy on the 16th keeps your lucky head from swelling and your sexy feet on the ground. Poor scheduling or physical dysfunction could turn personal on the weekend of the 19th. The higher your expectations of someone, the harder it is to be reminded that they're not perfect. All this changes on the 21st. The Sun enters Gemini and spends the rest of May sweetening away your bitterness. Seductive strangers tell their life stories. The first real embrace happens no later than the 25th as the young Moon visits Cancer. Spend the next few days at home, whether yours or someone else's. The picture is complete. This is how love is supposed to work


Aquarius wants to leave in early May, but the other party isn't letting go. Gently pry away those restraining hands. By the 4th, someone else welcomes you into their life. Mismatched couples must deal with practical concerns on the 6th. Starting on the 9th, timid people find the courage to speak their minds. You're rich in the things that come to you freely. A surprise kiss sets your pulse racing on the 11th. Friendship is the strongest part of your romance as the Moon enters your Sign on the 13th, sealing the bargain at Last Quarter on the 15th. Love has a mythic quality these days, as if it's never happened to anyone else before now. Accept a standing invitation on the 19th and never look back. By the 21st, you need closure in a relationship that should be over. The wound must close before the healing can begin. The 23rd and 24th will be the last days this month when spontaneity works for you. Play by the rules during the final week of May. Whether prospective partners see you at your best or worst, honor is at stake. Weather this emotional storm in hopes of a more positive June.

these Monthly Romatics were brought to you by Kelli Fox @

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Originally posted by Anne

I'm a cancer but I usually skip horoscopes. I feel they're too vague and I really see no scientific basis there.
all in good fun, Anne

i dont put too much belief into Horoscopes, but i do think
they are quite interesting & definitley fun to read daily/monthly.
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I like to read horoscopes, although I don't go out of my way to find them. When I read "romance" horoscopes, I always think the writer has mistaken me for Cary Grant — although I don't know if we've the same "sign." Such horoscopes seem to assume one has a vibrant social-life. Right!

Another fun thing, as far as I'm concerned, is Oui-Ja. Unfortunately, I've not used a Oui-Ja board in ages — mainly because there's nobody else around these days. I suppose one can use such a device without other participants, but it's no fun that way.

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Thanks Blue, for the info on Scorpio.
It would be nice if it said, "your going to marry a rich, handsome man.!
(haha)...wishful thinking....
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well crap....mine (libra) says to expect a surge of romance this month, until around the 10th. Well, it is the 11th and I must have missed the surge!!!!!!!! Just my luck!

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