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LGD, please read

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I just read your post in the DT. I hope things pick up for you. With all the good things you have done, you both certainly deserve it. Please don't beat yourself up about the adoption fiasco with Julius and Spooky. You did what you thought was right at the time, and are doing everything you can to correct it. You 2 have gone above and beyond what most people would have done, and you should be very proud. We are all proud of you. It is a shame that things have been so hard for you. Hopefully we can all work a little TCS board magic for you, and Booger will come home in time.
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i just want to add that there are several of us here who have been reading these posts. And I for one want to add my good vibes here. I wish you both the best for helping these cats.
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I have been following Laurie's posts about the cats she has rescued and I always pray for the best outcome.
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Laurie, you already know how much I admire you for doing all this for the kitties. There was no way you could have known what Juli and Spooky were going through. One good thing, at least they did call you when it wasn't working out. Many people wouldn't have done that, just abandoned them somewhere and you never would have known.... Now you know that they still do have a chance to be with loving people.

HUGS, your kindness will not go unrewarded.
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I just got back online. Gary and I were driving around in the car to Booger's haunts. The ones we know about. We've been calling and calling until we're hoarse. It's hard to whistle when you're crying. Gary handled that part of it.

Just prior to that we tromped through the muddy mucky fields around here with a flashlight.

Your kind words and your support are so...well...right now, actually, overwhelming. Needed. Appreciated.

I can't seem to stop crying today. Gary's been so tremendous, and now this... you're really incredible people, all of you, and I am so lucky to "know" you and to have you reach out to me like this. I guess all I can say is...Thank you.

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Keep up the search you will find Booger! We are here for you whenever you need a shoulder to lean on or cry on. You are an amazing and giving person and you are an inspiration for people to get out and just do more!
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