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Leaving today to audition for a part in Hee Haw

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I think I want to start the New Year's Over Please!!! I was eating dinner last night and I heard this cracking sound. I went to the mirror and was afraid to look and I cracked my front tooth almost completely in half! I look like those actors on hee haw that use black-out on their teeth! I go to get it fixed tomorrow- until then I am not opening my mouth to talk. Thank God for computers where you can type.
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Oh goodness it must have hurt! Well you know the rest of the year will be better.
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Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that Hissy. It must be really painful.
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Aw poor Hissy, know how you feel m8, my wisdom tooth collapsed leaving a huge hole. Went to the dentist and I honestly never felt ANY pain! She just popped the tooth out. She'll probably just cap your front tooth, not a big job and painless, unlike my singing:

'La la la la leeeelaaaaaaaa laaaaaaaaaa leeeeeeeee'

I'll be calling you Gummy from now on.
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You are such a brat! LOL Just call me calamity jane- I got thrown off my horse and it weakened a few of my teeth. If I had been able to sit the buck- I wouldn't be having this problem right now.
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Originally posted by -BuNN-
I'll be calling you Gummy from now on.

Your so crude BuNN. Get back to your computer tinkering.....
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I confess I never took good care of my teeth. I was at a movie eating Really hard candy when of course I heard a crunch. I wasn't actually sure anything had happened, because all the candy goes crunch!
But I realized rather quickly that something was strange with the way my tooth felt to my tounge. I went to the bathroom and such enough that cavity i was gonna get filled the day before, but had to cancel the appointment, split the tooth in half.
If only I hadn't cancelled!!

However, I also have two caps on my front teeth from rollerblading. Think you look bad?? The very front 2 teeth were broken in half diagonally, in two differant directions. Basically, you could fit a baseball in the gap.
They got capped, and for years they told me I'd need a root canal. However, so far I don't need one again. I'm sure the next dentist will say i will, and the dentist after that will say I won't.

Anyhow, but this was a molar that broke. There was nothing to be done except to remove it.
It's impossible to get any for of anesthesia these days. No one does laughing gas, or general anesthetic anymore. All I had was novacaine.

Uh oh, I feel a long story comming:

I went to the Dentist to remove this tooth. An assitant comes in, then the dentist follows. But I didn't realize it was the dentist. He looked at my mouth, and obviously I had no idea what was going on.
I looked down, and I coulda swore he was holding a needle at my mouth all ready!! Without any warning whatsoever. A third of a secound later I felt a searing pain in the side of my tongue. I've been to dentists maybe 25 times in my life, and I've never felt so much pain from a novacaine shot!
And why in the tongue???
Of course I yelled out because I sure as hell didn't see that coming. A few moments later it's out of my tounge, and immediately 3 times as much pain is in my gums, as he gives an other shot.
I admit I was pissed. I still am that he didn't say anything. Not even "hello." Just came in and stabbed me!
But at the time I was embarressed for screaming, so despite the fact that it was his fault I apologized. No one wants your dentist to feel guilty while pulling your tooth.
In fact, i still needed more shots but I couldn't feel them.

Later he said "wow I must have been exactly on the spot!" As if he Tried to hurt me! Like he was aiming to hit this one spot that hurt the most.

He let me relax and left the room (I imagined him beating himself up in the room next door) and he came back to pull the tooth.
Not as simple as it was suposed to be.
He tried and tried, but he decided he had to break the tooth further in order to get it out.

Just imagine some one going up to you, taking a chisle, putting it up to your molar, and hitting the chisle Hard with the hammer! That's exactly what he did!! It sucked, but it didn't hurt.
He started to pull out peices, but once he reached the 2 roots, it was much more difficult. I imagined him holding the pliars (or whatever he used), pulling hard like he was trying to pull a tin can through a sink pipe.

That was the first root. It eventually came out with a bang. The secound was the same, except for one itsy bitsy differance: it hurt like Hell!!

Then he stitched my gums up (5 stiches!!) God I hate that part. I don't like to feel, even painlessly, the sensation of twine knitting into my gums.

Later he said "My God you have big strong teeth!!!"

For some one with 2 caps, a zillion fillings, and a missing tooth, I sure have strong teeth!!

-Sarah of Borg
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Mary Anne - you're not helping all those out there with nightmares about their teeth!

You can always take up hockey instead of going to the Dentist...just a thought.
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Mary Anne,

I think I want to start the New Year's Over Please!!!
As the temporary filling in for the New Year's Fairy (who is still fighting her hangover), I give you a new New Years!!


ps-Despite what Laurie said, I don't think any hockey player will have the heart that you do Take it from someone whose brother has played hocked from 7 to 31. Sorry Laurie
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For the most part I'd have to agree, but Gary played hockey until 15... does that count? He can't "compete" with Mary Anne, but I'd have to say, his heart is pretty big... (All of his front teeth on the top are fake).
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I go in to get my wisdoms out on the 16th. Nothing other than that. Dentists can be rude, sorry seven of nine
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I have a dentist horror story to tell. One of the two dentists in my little town is an alcoholic. The worst part about this is that the dentist would go and have a small drink while he was seeing patients and waiting for things like x-rays to be developed. His problem became public knowledge several years ago after he fell down his basement stairs one night while he was drinking. After he fell down the stairs his wife gave him a pillow and blanket and left him where he was. The next morning when she went to check on him, he was completely unresponsive. The wife called an ambulance and he was taken to St. Mary's Hospital (Mayo Clinic) in Rochester.

The dentist had received severe head injuries and he was placed on full life support. For a while they thought there was no chance of recovery, and his wife was told to consider having the machines turned off, but he did eventually recover. He quit drinking and relearned some basic things in a rehibilitation program. Eventually he was recertified to practice dentistry again. He did well for awhile, but now he is drinking again at home and probably while he is seeing patients too.

The other dentist in my town isn't very good either. This is an older man who is waaaaay behind the times. He is still using dental equipment and procedures left over from the 50's and 60's.
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Hissy, I am sorry to hear about your tooth! I am sure you will feel so much better once it is fixed! And we'd love you even if you had no teeth!
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Now that is very scary, Lorie! An alcoholic dentist!!! It's scary enough when they are sober!
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Well at the time I felt silly, but it wasn't long before i started to question wether he was a real dentist or a quack.

-Sarah of Borg
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Poor ol'Hissy. What on earth did you bite down on the break your teeth like that? Front teeth too! That does nothing for a girl's self esteem and confidence, does it!

I have to say I've been very lucky, no dentist horror stories! Actually I have an American dentist who is seriously good. He goes back to the States regularly for seminars and updates, and he's really into preventative measures rather than pulling.

Hubbs wasn't so lucky. As a kid (n the late 50s I guess), he had a tooth pulled by some monster and the wound wouldn't stop bleeding. So much so, that he had to get a transfusion due to eventual loss of blood.

That's put him off dentists for life. I don't think he's been to one since!
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I'd appreciate some good thoughts this morning. I am such a coward when it comes to dentists. My horror stories I will keep to myself, but suffice to say that a trip to the dentist in the past for me has never been easy. This new dentist seems really nice and I just pray he is gentle and not sadistic like some dentists I have had the misfortune to have.
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You'll be fine. Dentists these days are much more understanding and caring than the brutes of old.

Anyway - from what you've said, it looks like you'll be needing caps or veneers, and if that's the case these are virtually painless.

I had these done several years ago, and there was absolutely no pain involved.

I was about to say grit your teeth and go for it, but under the circumstances - ahem - that's probably not such a good idea!
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Oh and in answer to you question. I was eating a sandwich. Apparently when I took a tumble off my horse in May- I fractured several of my teeth (hairline fracture type stuff) I was so busy coping with my other injuries that I didn't even think to go to the dentist- had I done that, I wouldn't look like Daisy Mae this morning. I have a fine hairline crack along 5 of my back teeth as well, thanks to not being able to sit a buck.
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Good thoughts coming your way Hissy. I am sure he will be good and fix you up as good as new!
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I'm a big baby, at the dentist's. I don't go, unless I have a problem. Luckily, I've had just 3 cavities, in my whole life. Mom must have been right, making us use Crest!
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Dentist - ack! I would probably want to keep a broken tooth then see the dentist - good luck!
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Keeping you in my thoughts today!!! Just go for the pain killers, and let him send your bill in the mail!

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How did it go with the dentist today?
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It went great! Gosh, I was a nervous wreck and when he asked me how I was, I told him "terrified" pretty much summed it up. But he uses laser instead of drills and thankfully the tooth did not need a root canal- just a deep filling and some cosmetic work. I now have my smile back! He was quick and normally it takes about 8 shots of novacaine to numb me up, but he doesn't use novacaine, he uses accupuncture. I got needles stuck in my neck, shoulder, and face and hands, and didn't feel a thing!
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We just met with the Chairman of Biolase! (Unfortunately the stock was already up like 100%). (It's the only company that manufactures the lasers for dentistry). It seems like a FABULOUS product. Supposedly you don't need any pain killers with the lasers to begin with, but I'm sure the acupuncture helped. I've relied on it for several things, and have always had great success.

I'm so glad to hear all went well, easy, and painless!!!!!!
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Yola, I've never heard of veneers before. What are they?
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