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Should we let Fosters be the "groomsdog" at our wedding? - Page 2

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Originally Posted by MuttigreeMom View Post
Ooh that's the one I liked better too I just didn't know if you were a bow tie gal or not

I think Fosters would look fabulous in it!
Good grief......I need to go into sewing doggie outfits! That simple little tux was $119.00 !!! (And I thought those silly cement goose outfits were outrageously priced!)
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I think it's an awesome idea to include him. like you said he's a huge part of the family, so why not? you must get pictures, too! I wonder who voted for dogs shouldn't allowed at weddings. If they are well-behaved they should be allowed to be a part of it. If I ever got married, I would want one of my dogs to be a part of my wedding.
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Aww thanks guys! I told my mom we were thinking about having Foster in the wedding tonight and she about stroked

(it was hilarious. she had come over for dinner and when i told her- fosters just happened to be standing up with his paws on her shoulder trying to kiss her) As much as I would LOVE to have him in the wedding, i'm really starting to wonder if it might be just a little too much excitement (when he sees people, like my mom that he absolutely loves to death, he wants to go over to them and "visit" and give hugs and kisses....we are going to work with him and see how well he does between now and the next few months. If i think he's up to it, we'll have him in the ceramony. If not though, it'll be ok eithor way i think
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The more I hear about Fosters, the more I love him. Wish I lived closer -- I'd be happy to wrangle him for you on the day.

Hey, do you know anyone who's a petsitter? Maybe you could hire her for the day!
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A friend of mine just included his dog in his wedding - the dog carried the rings down the isle on a pillow It was cute.... Whenever I eventually get married, haha, I pretty much plan on my dog (or dogs, whatever the situation is then) being at the wedding - not necessarily part of the party, but definitely in attendance! The animals are part of the family, so why wouldn't they be invited?!
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Even if you don't think Fosters would be ok being in the wedding, I would definitely have him on hand for the pictures afterwards! Those would be some adorable pictures!!
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Oh I 100% agree to have Fosters (who is a big part of the family) be included in the wedding..
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I think that would be so sweet! Fosters would look sooo cute in hiw wittle tux!

I joke about having Oscar in our wedding but that obviously wouldn't happen
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