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My cat wont stop straching under the door at night!!

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I have 2 cats. Jada and Bella. Every night we kick them out of the room so they can get used to the fact they wont be able to sleep with us when our baby comes. Well when we close the door Jada will scratch under the door so we can let her in. Keep in mind we have carpet and we are renting. We tried water bottle, sticky paws, more tape, and foil. She stills scratches it off. I dont understand. So when I give up and let her in and I lay back in the bed. She then will get on the bed stare at me and meow and do that chirping noise or whatever it is. It's loud. its so annoying especially at 5am-6:30am!! So when I follow her to see what she wants she will lead me to the living room and she will just lay there and stretch out and I guess wants me to pet her. I dont know what to do. I just ordered the soft paws but is she going to keep trying to get in the room? How can I stop her from doing it? It sounds like someone is trying to break in the room. I just want her to stop before the baby arrives!! Any advice???
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I take it they used to sleep in your room and now they can't.

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but, I don't know about cats!

Did you explain to them that your having a baby, show them the baby things, show them your baby, let them know things are going to change around there, I guess it's better if you sit with them and have 'the talk'.

They also probably need a new toy or something to get their mind off their new rule-not sleeping in the bedroom anymore when they used to.

Do they have a corner of their own with all their toys?
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To train a cat not to be with you in the bedroom you can't ever give up and let her in. If you let her in sometimes you're just teaching her that she needs to be really stubborn to get her way.

Get the softpaws so you don't have to worry as much about the carpet and then prepare for a tough 2-3 weeks where you can't let her into the bedroom at all at night no matter how much she howls or protests. Giving the cats a nice heated catbed often helps as well to make it more attractive to sleep elsewhere.
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We tried the cat being in the bedroom while we are sleeping at night thing but it just didn't work out - they kept waking us up.

Now, that is one thing our cats know not to do is to scratch at the door when we are sleeping. If they ever do get excited & start scratching, we make a sound that they don't like and they stop scratching. They are good about not waking us up these days. We made sure they had so much stuff that they wouldn't be interested in coming in our bedroom while we are sleeping. So far so good...

Keep trying sboricua! Jada & Bella will learn eventually - it takes time
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