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Omaha Steaks

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Has anyone ever bought anything from Omaha Steaks? I got a gift certificate for them and I was wondering if they were good? I am not much of a steak eater, although hubby is a total carnivore. I am a little cynical as to their freshness if they are shipped.
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I have gotten them as gifts twice.

Their freshness was fine, my problem is I just don't have the ability to make a great steak. To make a steak like they do at a fair restaurant, they grill it, and often times with charcoal. All this and it's flash cooked, so it comes out hot, delicious and fine. Me, all i've got is an oven and a george foreman grill and they don't do fine meat any justice.

So with that said, if you don't have a grill, I'd suggest getting something non-fine beef releated from their catalog. I think they have desserts and other dishes as well.
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I have one of those george foreman grills also LOL.

I will shop around first before I decide on what to get.

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It helps if you marinate the steak 1st and you can even pan fry it if you don't have a BBQ. My fav steak marinade is honey and soya and garlic for at least 6 hours of marination. Yum!
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Omaha steaks are FANTASTIC!! As for cooking steaks inside, broil them. Hands down the only way to cook steaks indoors (not on a grill). Put them on a broiling pan, little water in the bottom part of the pan, season the steaks and put into a preheated to broil oven. Flip steaks after about 5 minutes, cook for another 5-10 minutes depending on how well you like them cooked. Broiling quick cooks the outside so you get a very juicy steak. One word of warning, it is very easy to overcook meat by broiling because the temp is so high.
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Yummy! I will try some steaks!

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Omaha Steaks are awesome! They pack then in dry ice for shipment. I have gotten them shipped more than once. Their filet minon is so tender, you can cut it with a butter knife. Enjoy!
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This post made me realize that I've never had Omaha Steaks...and I've lived in Nebraska all of my life! Jeez...I really need to get out more, huh? LOL!!
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Some of the best steaks in the world! I grew up in Nebraska, too, and I did get my fair share of Omaha steaks while I was there. I have a couple of friends out here that refuse to buy beef in the grocery store here, they insist only Omaha steaks are worth eating. YUM! I'm sure you'll enjoy them.
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Wow! You grew up in Nebraska too! I believe that valanhb (Heidi) grew up here too...Jeez, what a small world!
The main reason why I've never had Omaha Steaks is because I live in Fairbury...the home of Fairbury Brand Hotdogs & beef. Those of you from Nebraska should know what I'm talking about.

For those of you who plan on buying Omaha Steaks, you'll need to check out this website. They've got coupons galore on there.
Just thought I'd share that with ya...
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I'm jealous!!! Omaha Steaks are the best!!!! I am hungry for one now!! But may have to settle for a hotdog!
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