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What no dinner thread today?

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Nobody posted a dinner thread. I'm having tacos over at my mom and dads.
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Shoot, I'll tell ya what I'm having too. A wonderful salad made by my hubby. He's a great cook!
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I had broccoli salad that turned out to have sugar in it... blech, there goes my diet for one night

DH had leftover stirfry
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I couldn't be bothered cooking... maybe I can convince DH to go out for dinner.
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We had baked cheddar cheese mashed potatoes, slaw, and panfried breaded butterfly shrimp.
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im having grilled marinated chicken with baked(grilled) potatoes
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MIL's homade lasagna
5 pounds of cheese per 8x8 pan of the stuff
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post
MIL's homade lasagna
5 pounds of cheese per 8x8 pan of the stuff
okies, i want some!
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I think I am going to have some kind of sandwich and chips.
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Hubby is cooking on the grill Chicken with his own marinate sweetcorn which I could eat everyday in the summer we get it from the farmers market it's so good and a small salad.

Can forget the chocolate ice cream I will have later...mummy
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Lemon chicken breasts, rice, peas and a salad.
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We're having sweetcorn too, cut off and lightly sauteed in butter, with a little milk and a tiny touch of sugar added. S'wonderful! And I'm just about to put together a peach cobbler for later...
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Baked beans and BBQ ribs with a bit of potato salad on the side..

No dessert, I've already eaten too much LMAO!
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I actually ended up eating the new chocolate and peanuter butter corn pops.
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I had a little chicken with Rob, and then he asked me to cook a Red Baron 4 cheese pizza for dinner. (Sadly, its not as good as the last one I cooked! )
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Hmmmm, toast?
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I ended up having homemake chicken rice soup. I was making lemon chicken breasts and decided to poach the chicken in chicken stock seasoned with bay, thyme and pepper. After I made the lemon chicken, I added some rice to the broth and had that for dinner. It was quite yummy
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