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How to stop cats from destroying under the bed

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Hi all,
My three cats and I just relocated from my apartment to my parents house (will be here for a few months). I forgot that they like to remove the thin material that covers the bottom of the box-spring on beds. They did this to my bed at my apartment and I just removed the covering. Well they have done it to the bed in the room I am using and my mom does not want them doing this again. So I need to prevent them from pulling off the box spring cover on the bottom of the beds. One strategy of course is to keep them limited to one room and supervise any excursions into the rest of the house but this is a lot of work as there are three cats and I can only supervise one at a time. If possible my preference would be to let them be able to roam around including under beds.
So any ideas on how to prevent them from ripping out the box spring material would be greatly appreciated. De-clawing is not an option.

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Originally Posted by Cyndr03 View Post
... De-clawing is not an option.
Glad to hear that!

How about staping some thicker material (an old sheet?) to the underneath of the box springs?
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I was thinking chicken wire. Uh don't think my mom would want me to do that. They just can't seem to resist that thin scratchable material that they use for box spring covers. What to do.
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I would try taping aluminum foil under there. Cats don't like the feel of it and I don't think they would claw and chew it.

I usually recommend putting foil where cats have peed in the past to keep them from coming back. They don't like the sound of it either.

I think you might be ok using big sheets and loosely taping them under the bed.
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Just to clarify, big sheets of aluminum foil. Good luck!
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You could try Sticky Paws under the beds. It's a lot like double sided tape, but it's transparent and comes in wide strips. It should help deter them from scratching as cats don't like the sticky sensation on their paws.

Of course if your cats are anything like my Ariel... they won't mind it! We put it on the kitchen table when she was younger and she'd just walk on it. Didn't faze her at all, the little brat!
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Thanks for the ideas. I'm not sure about taping a sheet under a bed without damaging the bed. It could be stapled to the wood part of the frame though. I'll also look into the aluminum foil idea. On the bed they got to, they pulled the box spring covering down and they are sleeping on it. I told them they were very naughty but they could care less. That's a cat for you. Personally I think they are proud of themselves for being so "clever"

Actually, I suppose a large sheet could be run across the bottom of the box spring and through the metal frame. All I know is my mom actually cares about the box spring covers where as I am more of a "pick your battles" type- and at my apartment I let them win the box spring cover battle. But we have to go by the rules here.
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I had the same problem and went to the fabric store and bought some heavyweight synthetic leather upholstery fabric and stapled it (with a staple gun) to the bottom of the box spring frame. It's done the trick; for 7 years not one of my three "kids" has even tried to scratch it.
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OOOhh.. I'm gonna have to try. I got 2 kittens a couple months ago and they are tearing up the underneath of my bed... I can't stand it.

I have sprayed them as they come out.. and while in there.. but the critters just don't stop...

I am not sure how that is fun for them....


will try the foil if that doesn't work i will try the sticky tape, I also thought while reading, of getting that stuff they say to put on walls and what not to

keep them from scratching..


Thanks All


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