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Sick kitty??

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Tigris has been sick. She was vomitting up worms, which were round worms. She has not been eating. I took her to the vet yesterday. She was wormed and vaccinated. She has been laying around and she acts like it hurts when I touch her on one side. I am assuming that this is all from the vaccinations. She is drinking and she will lick the gravy off the food. If she is not feeling better soon I am going to take her back to the vet. I wanted to get some input from everyone.
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I am sorry I dont have any advice for this however I wanted to say i hope everything works out. I have never had to go threw that but it sounds awful. Keep us posted on how she does.
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When a kitty has such a heavy infestation of roundworms, it is common for them to heave them up. She will probably need additional treatments to get rid of them, but you have to wait for the poison to get out of her system first (the first worming)

Until then, just give her a quiet dark place to sleep, be sure she has plenty of water. Take some tuna juice and add it to her regular water- or chicken broth. Her biggest danger is becoming dehydrated. Don't push her to eat- give her a small bowl of wet food and add a little bit more of water. Keep her litter box very clean, scrub it daily. Good luck, this is never pretty, roundworms are nasty and can make many cats very ill.
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Tigris is eating a little, more than she was. She is drinking plenty of water. The vet said that she would worm her again in 3 weeks. I feel so bad for my poor little girl. She just wants to lay on my lap. Of course I am not objecting to that.
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