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Yep...I think I would be scared to death if lived over there. They have been fighting for years for what seems pointless to me. Religion???? Isn't religion supposed to be about love and all of that? It REALLY confuses me that these terrorists really believe that they are doing good for their religion by killing people. Now THAT is messed up!
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My heart goes out to Anne and the people of Israel, and to the cats. It has got to be so hard being there
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My heart goes out to Anne as well. We have family living in Israel and hear of the sadness all the time. Once I am over the XMAS cash shortage I will be definately donating what I can.
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Deb, I am with you in the minority here. I like George Bush, and am proud to say I voted for him and will again if he runs. I think Al Gore would be hiding in a bunker somewhere crying like a baby. I am realy glad Clinton is out of office for all this. I would love to see both of the Clintons completely out of public office. I can't stand the sight of either one of them.
The people that are really on the losing end of this are the people like Ann and her family, just trying to live their lives in the midst of all the chaos. I pray for all of them and hope this can be resolved peacefully.
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I too pray for Anne, and feel so horrible that she has to be so close to this!!! It must be terrifying to live with the fear of an attack so close! I pray she and her family will be safe.
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OK does anyone remember what happened a little over a year ago in the US??? Innocent citizens were attacked while they were at work! We are simply defending the US from further attack. If we just sit back and do nothing about it then the world will see that it is ok to do this sort of thing again in the future.
As for Clinton being such a great president...He was good at human relations and keeping everything looking great and peaceful on the surface but he actually reduced the size of the military and overlooked alot of the problems that were brewing in the Middle East and elsewhere which led up to the situation that we have today. Bush was only in office a few months before the attack on the US. If Clinton and his advisors were as smart and diplomatic as some say then it should have been prevented and worked out long before the Bush administration took office.
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Well put, Coco Maui!!
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The Clinton administration is, partially, to blame for the events of 9/11. On THREE separate occasions, they were offered Osama bin Laden, on a silver platter. These offers came from West African nations, after the embassy bombings. That administration turned them down.

Clinton's National Security Advisor, Sandy Berger, was anti-military and helped to gut our defense and intelligence resources. Now, the current adiministration is having to play catch-up.

Getting us involved in every internal conflict, in Eastern Europe, spread our forces, way too thin and, severely, compromised our national security.

I am, usually, for letting other countries handle their own affairs but, Saddam Hussein and North Korea pose a major threat, to a large part of the world and must be, at the least, contained.

The job should have been finished, in 1991. However, since we were dealing with a gutless NATO coalition, our military experts were overruled, leading to the current situation.

Saddam Hussein has no respect, for human life. He has murdered, tortured and killed his own people. He has been permitted to sell a stipulated amount of oil, to purchase food and medicine, for the populace. Instead, he spends that money to build and decorate lavish palaces, for himself and to finance his biological and nuclear weapons programs. He has to go.

The same situation exists in North Korea. There is mass starvation, while the ruling elite live lavishly and money is spent on weapons technology.
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Coco Maui and Cindy...I agree! Very well said!
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Cindy, I don't disagree with you. But I just want to add that a PART of what is happening in N. Korea is the fault of the US, stemming from BOTH the Clinton and the Bush administration.

Both N. Korea and the US have broken treaties and agreements, and N. Korea does, in fact, need this plant for electricity. Unfortunately, part of the "economic pressure" the US placed on N. Korea was stopping fuel shipments. Had we provided the light water reactor we were supposed to, N. Korea wouldn't be producing plutonium (a by-product of a heavy-water nuclear plant).
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I was watching footage of goose-stepping North Korean soldiers today--very creepy!

As far as the Middle East, I remember terrorists attacking US Marine barracks in the early 80s, and we didn't do much about it then, either. I don't think we can blame just one president when there have been instances of terrorism for over 20 years.

It was inconceivable that the US itself and civilians could be victims until it happened. I still find it hard to believe, but it did happen, and now we need to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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Yeah, I saw the same thing with those soldiers and it was freaky!

But, you know...we can sit here and go back and forth about who is "right" and what needs to be done to make everything "ok", but you know what? I don't think ANYONE knows those answers for sure (except God). For instance, Saddam could react in a totally different way than what is expected...you just don't know, really.

I really think it is the same with North Korea. You could be damned if you do and damned if you don't. You just don't know.

I DO know that it ALL scares the crap out of me. I like to LIVE, thank you very much! I am not into having to be afraid to go to work or afraid to bring kids into this world or afraid to get into my car because a car bomb my go off or afraid to go to the mall because a sucide bomber could be there.........it really is starting to become reality here and I don't like it!
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