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Cloned baby

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Just watched this on the news. Bizarre.

I thought that cloning etc was illegal in the US.
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Very interesting. I will be much more willing to believe it when they allow scientific tests to be run to determine whether or not the baby is a real clone.

Cloning people is definitely illegal in the US, but if they did the procedure either in internation space, like on an ocean vessel, or in another country without these laws it would still be legal and above any prosecution.
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The company that did this is in the Bahamas.

After seeing this on the news, I did some Web surfing. I'm not familiar with the Raelians. They sound like a bunch of nutters, to me.
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I heard about that. I think it is in bad taste to name that poor child Eve!
I dont believe in cloning humans, but I do believe in using stem cells research to (hopefully) cure diseases such as alzheimers, parkinsons, spinal cord injuries. I know this is a sensitive subject for a lot of people, so I will not elaborate any further.
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I will be waiting to learn what the results of scientific tests show before I believe that this is a human clone. About a month ago I found an article on another possible cloned baby, and this is the one who will be born in January. Here is the link to that thread.
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I don't know how I feel about cloning, I know it gives me a weird feeling, like, "aren't we overpopulated as it is?". Isn't the reason why I'm putting off children is because this world is so unstable since Sept. 11? I definetly agree with Kiwideus in that stem cells, I think, is a brilliant idea, but cloning gives me the heeby-geebies.:jarswim:
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In my opinion, I believe cloning is not a new concept. I just think this is the first time the public is being made aware of it.

Many things are going on in this world that the government doesn't want the general public to know about.

The truth is out there!

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Using preserved cells of DEAD CHILDREN!!!???? That gives me the shivers. I may not be the best informed on the subject, but it just seems wrong. Medical research is one thing, but I think it is just going too far. I read somewhere that if you are still alive in 2010, that your life expectancy is 125 years. I don't wish to die any time soon, but am not entirely sure I would want to be that old, either. There is natural cycle of life and death, and while curing illness and injury is a wonderful thing, there is going to be a serious population problem worldwide if we keep extending life expectancy, cloning, and so called medical miracles.
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I remember watching like SuperFriends or something like that when I was little and they used to clone each has escaped the cartoon world. It DOES scare me! I don't want another one of ME running around...HOW CREEPY.

And I know I wouldn't want a duplicate of Angel around because I would REALLY freak and be depressed.

Technology is going to kill us!
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I was watching CNN Headline News a few minutes ago and according to the news a group of scientists has been picked to verify that the baby is a clone.
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What do you mean by that, Lorie? Are the scientists picked by the group themselves or are they not any part of it?
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Kiwideus, here is a quote about the scientific testing of the baby from the Human Cloning Claim story on
It wouldn't let me copy and paste the full story.

"Boisselier offered no immediate proof of her claim -- or photographs of the baby. She said the baby is healthy, and that the family is "very happy."

She said that she is allowing a freelance journalist to verify her claim. To that end, freelance journalist and physicist Dr. Michael Guillen has picked a panel of independent experts to investigate.

"I have accepted on two conditions: that the invitation be given with no strings attached whatsoever and that the tests be conducted by a group of independent world-class experts," Guillen said.

The experts will begin their tests in a few days when Eve returns home, Boisselier said. Results of the tests are expected in eight to nine days."
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My major concern is the fact that many cloned animals have had major weaknesses in various body systems.

It is very irresponsible to bring a child into the world under these circumstances.
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Cloning is just plain wrong. Did I read that some of them being cloned were copies of dead children? Doesnt this mean in essence that you are bringing back that dead child? That is wrong ... We are put on this earth to live & die. Not die and come back.

Wow, life expectancy of a 125 years? That is pretty kooky. I donot think I would want to live to be that anciet. I wouldn't be surprised, though ... people are living longer and longer, or so it seems to me.
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Yes, one article said that there were several more cloned babies soon to be born, and that some of them were cloned from the preserved cells of dead children. It makes me wonder what these children died from, and might it not happen again if they had a disease or defect? That is just plain wrong! I thought cloning the cat was bad enough, but babies??? I think we are way too technologically advanced for our own good.
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It is one thing to claim it, it is another to prove it. I have a feeling that this is going to be a false claim.
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Originally posted by krazy kat2
I think we are way too technologically advanced for our own good.
Kind of like the movie, the 6th Day w/ Arnold Imagine a clone of you trying to kill you! Yikes!
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Whats even more scary is a clone of Bush!
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All of this is crazy. I am all for the stem cell research but not cloning. People are just going too far.
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