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Cat squinting eyes...alot!

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I know this might be a dumb question, but I was wondering if my Tiki has sight problems. She is constantly squinting her eyes when she looks at something. At first I thought it was too bright inside the house and that was why she was squinting, but this happens no matter how bright or dark it is. I also have noticed her laying in front of the TV watching it...could that be hurting her eyes? None of my other cats do this..unless if they are getting petted or if I turn on a light in the middle of the night. Should I be concerned about this? I've also noticed that she has more eye junk than normal, but it's either clear or a light brown color (that's normal,right?). Could that be a reason too?
Any suggestions would be great! I guess I'm just a paranoid Mother!
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Ashley rarely has anything coming from her eyes so I really don't know if that is normal or not! Now, I know when she had upper resp. a year ago, she had one eye that was droopy (not squinty) and the discharge from her eye was clear, but it wasn't crusty-like. Is it crusty or like a liquid?? But, again....with Ashley it was one eye and not both. Maybe your cat is light sensitive?
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Tiki is a Himmie and they are prone to watery eyes...but I've never had one before her so I don't know how to compare normal watery eyes to unnormal watery eyes. The gunk that I see in her eyes lately have been a brownish color and then it will ooze out around her eyes & will stain & crust up the fur around that area. I always try to clean her eyes a couple times a week, but boy does she get mad! I'm still not quite sure if the gunk in her eyes are related to her squinting. She's always squinting her little eyes like she's trying to focus on something or like the light is hurting her eyes.

I plan on taking her to my new Vet on Tuesday for a grooming session and I'll have her look at her eyes. I really hope she isn't going blind or something...
I'll keep ya posted on what I find out. Thanks for replying...I was beginning to wonder if people didn't want to talk to me! LOL!
p.s...here is a pic of Tiki. She's such a cute little thing!
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She IS cute!

I thought I posted a picture of Ashley when she was sick to show her eye, but maybe I didn't! Maybe it got taken off!! Maybe a moderator yanked it!!!!!!!!
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They all have the eye gunk and the eyes seem irritated. I think it is an allergy. I have been given an ointment for the eyes and it clears up for awhile. It is something that is common in Persians and Himmies.
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Oops...I posted the picture on another thread....DUH! Hi, I am an IDIOT!
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