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referral help?

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I recently referred a friend to TCS...but said friend is having problems! She registered,but never recieved her confirmation email...she can sign in with her name and password,but has no access (permission) to the user CP or any other features. She has a Yahoo email addy...would that make a difference? Should she re-register?
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No, she shouldn't re-register. That might trip the "duplicate accounts" flag and whatever the trouble is with this registration may very well persist in another anyway. What she should do is email the site owner, Anne (anne at thecatsite.com) and describe the problem. Good luck
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I'm not expert on this, but did she check her "Bulk" or "Junk" box?
The e-mail very well maybe in there.
Just a thought.
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Thanks all. Yes,I actually thought to ask her that,but it wasn't in there either. She tried PM ing a mod,but she had no permission to do that either. I tried looking for her on the members list...but she isn't listed. Guess I'll see what I can do. Thanks again!
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I don't think her having an yahoo account makes any difference.

Has your friend emailed Anne (the site owner) yet? She would be able to help!
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Well...she's kinda new to the "puter world",but I told her to try the contact us link at the bottom of the front page. Maybe she can. I went ahead and PM'ed Anne too. Probably should have done that to start with,right? LOL
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