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Random Bathroom Clutter

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I was taking a shower this morning and couldn't help but notice how my stuff vastly outnumbers J's stuff. In the shower, I have two different kinds of shampoo, conditioner, facial scrub, body wash, foot scrub, two pumice stones, a loofah and my razor. J has ... a single bottle of body wash (which, according to the bottle, also doubles as shampoo). That's it. One bottle, compared to my ten different items. Oh, and I guess technically the drain trap "belongs" to me, too, because I have long hair that clogs the drain and J's head is shaved ... Okay, so I have eleven different things in the shower, and this is only because I've decluttered.

How many different things do you have, and if you live with your SO (or know what s/he keeps in the bathroom), who has more?
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When I HAD an s/o, he kept a bottle of shampoo and a bar of soap in the shower.

I keep shampoo, conditioner, body wash, razor, bath gloves and a loofah on a stick (for my back).
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I definitely have more stuff on my shelf than my husband does, but that's only because he just cleaned his out! We try to keep things pretty sparse and uncluttered.
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I most certainly have more....much, MUCH MORE!!!!
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Yeah, I definitely have more. We have seperate bathrooms. Howver, he doesn't use conditioner and takes mine. I literally have 5 bottles of conditioner and 1 shampoo right now. I also have my bath poof, two kinds of body wash, and my razor,
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Much more stuff!!
Several years ago when we remodeled our bathroom we lost some space as we went from a small clost that could fit a nice sized clothes basket on the floor to a cupboard that has a tilting bin for dirty laundry. So the amount of stuff got reduced but has been building back up!!
I try not to buy any lotions as I have enough for many years, same with bars of soap!!
We women just need more stuff!!
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I used to be bad for bathroom clutter. I would buy things that I already had and have 2 or 3 things open at the same time.

In the last few years I've decided to not buy anything more until I use up ALL that I already have.

Currently in my shower I have 1 bottle of Oil of Olay Body Wash, 1 bottle of shampoo, a jar of Noxema that I'm trying to use up, 1 facial buff puff, 1 tooth brush, 1 tube of tooth paste, 1 loofah, 1 synthetic scrubby for washing with and that's it. I don't use conditioner anymore because my hair is short and my scalp is oily. So I recently gave away 4 unopened bottles of Herbal Essence conditioner.

My bathroom cupboard is another matter. I have a ton of cosmetics and hair stuff that I rarely use. A few types of hair spray, mouse, gel, curl spritz, shine stuff, spray in conditioner. I also have a variety of skin care items that I rarely use: moisturizers, masks, under eye cream, night cream, astringent, scrubs.

Not sure what to do about the hair stuff because it seems a shame to throw it all out now that I have short hair and just do the wash, comb and go thing. The skin stuff however I should start doing something with, at least just to use it up.
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Well being a licensed barber/cosmetologist is just doom... Just in the shower (this is after the bf made me take a bunch of stuff out of there) I have one of my razors, a body pouf, shampoo, conditioner, antibacterial soap, a foot block (not pumice but better), my benzoyl peroxide face wash, Neutrogena body scrub, Neutrogena body wash, and my shaving cream... I had to take some of my shampoos and soaps out. Now we share the same body wash (Dial Spring Water, it is pretty unisex).

I do however have the whole linen closet filled with hair products, skin care products, etc... also all of the underneath sink area is my makeup and feminine/hair products (the medicine cabinet holds all of my deoderants, perfumes, and toothcare stuff)... Then in the closet in my bedroom I have a huge organizer box with over 100 OPI/Essie/and Creative Nail polishes (with all my manicure tools)... Another huge box with headbands, hair clips, ponytail holders, blow dryers, flat irons, and 3-4 curling irons... also another box of my makeup stuff! Then In my super sized box I have my capes, combs, developer, hair colors, shears, bleach, perm rods, and on and on.... Yep I think I have a problem! That is what happens when you can get professional products at wholesale cost!
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Hubby is a man's man-bar of green soap and a big bottle of shampoo.
I have a bath puff, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, razor, shaving cream, hot oil treatments, once a week special conditioner.
Our medicine cabinets are another story, he actually puts medicine in his (sheesh-how weird is that?) and first aid kind of things. Mine has wax, waxing sheets, wax applicators, daily moisturizer, and a pair of scissors.
i think. maybe some facial wash too.
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If you look in our bathroom, you can hardly tell a man lives here too! The only give aways are his electric razor plugged in the corner but it's usually hidden behind mosturizers and body lotions, his body wash in the shower and his dirty underware laying on the floor! Everything else is mine, but the funny thing is I hardly ever use most of it. One whole side of the sink is taken up with makeup, and I usually just wear eye-liner unless it is a special occassion. Think I really need to do some reorganizing!
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