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Daily Thread: Sunday May 6

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I hope that nobody started a thread this morning and I missed it by rushing.

My garage sale was a roaring success yesterday! I sold everything, except for some mattresses, which I'll throw out. I made over $400, which helps offset many other costs. We began painting, and will continue today. This place might just become a home yet! I am still tired, but at least it's a good kind of tired, with feelings of a job well done.

The garage sale itself was a riot, with the highlights being one guy who kept asking me if I had any guns for sale, and some other idiot who was yelling at some lady in her car. He kept saying "My wife's gonna come over here and kick your a$$. " Then, to the wife, "Honey, come on over here and kick her a$$." People, they kill me!

Have a good day everyone!
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that is great news Deb 25! I'm so happy to hear that it was a success for you. You've been working so hard & deserved for it to be the smash that it was.

I would have liked to have been at your garage sale just to people watch! I have never understood the concept of 'kicking someones ass'. Maybe I would if someone tried to hurt someone in my family, but that is the only case. Guess I'm just not an asskicker.

I get so excited hearing about how your house is coming along! It makes me want to freshen things up around here. There are a bunch of rooms that need a fresh coat of paint. It must be so exciting to put your own touch on things. I live in a town house & I didn't want to change anything drastic because you always have to think of 'resale value'. I would love to get creative here but since I know that it's not permanent, I really can't.

Saw Sting last night. He was amazing, as he always is. going to make my boyfriend pancakes for breakfast. he appreciates it so much & doesn't really grasp that all I do mix water & mix, because he thinks I have done something really special! I usually get special treatment on the days I make him breakfast. We're thinking about seeing the Mummy Returns again. I have never seen a movie twice in the theatre. that's how good this movie is.

oh ya, Deb25, do you have any guns for sale (if any law enforcement officers are reading this-it was a joke, see previous post)
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Well, I guess that money sweetened all the days of hard work! You certainly deserve every cent ! We don't have garrage sales in Israel. I can't imagine someone coming to ask about guns :eye&mouth Don't people need some sort of licence for that?

I watched a film on TV today (it was only a short one and during my lunch break - honest!). It was one of those typical American TV dramas, based on a real case etc. etc. They're very nice to watch and I always learn new things about the "American way of life". I'm telling you all of this, because I was pretty shocked where in the middle of the movie, this decent guy (the good father character) wanted to drive some birds out of his garden, so he simply pulled a gun out of nowhere and went to shoot at them!

I can't imagine anyone doing that over here! Is it really that common for people to have guns in their homes and use them just like that in the middle of the day? Seems way too dangerous to me.

Also, the family cat there was not spayed and when she had kittens the lady there (who was portrayed as a very decent family person) decided they were deformed and went to kill them in the backyard?!?!? Duh! A vet? Euthanasia? Is this legal in the States?

Well, I guess I'm just rambling - I just woke up from a nice afternoon nap and I need some coffee before I continue...
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I don't know what movie it was you were watching, but I don't know anyone who would do any of those things. Again I am commenting on a tv movie that I don't even know the title of, but perhaps thier actions were pivotal to developing the characters. I honestly can't imagine any other reason to betray such actions.
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Happy Sunday all. It is 1230 and I am still in my pajamas! However I have been getting the house picked up, laundry done and everything set for another week. Now I am going to work on some new cage curtains for the next show. I wanted a lighter color so I am making my 4th set now.
Deb25 I am so happy you made that much from the stuff in the house. I bet it even pays more since it wasnt yours and you lost no money!! You are going to have to take pics when you get moved in and settled so we can all see. Of course we will be in FL in Sept!
As for the movie. I will tell you something. There are cat and dog breeders that I have been told with the runts or not so perfect ones they have drown them,put them in baggies, put them in freezers, hit them in the head and injected them with draino to kill them. Some people arent worth the air we breath!!
AP pancakes no matter what the involvment is work. If you have to get up stand over them and do the dishes..it should be very appreciated
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Deb25; Didn't I tell you that a garage sale would be the way to go? Congratulations on the success.

Anne; the movie you described sounds almost like "Steel Magnolias" with Julia Roberts where Tom Scarret's character, the father of the bride takes a shot gun to the birds in the Magnolia trees in the backyard so they won't be a nuisance during the outdoor wedding reception. It takes place in the South and gun toting/using is commonplace. . . . . .

It is now Sunday afternoon and the rest of the family is due over here for dinner; so I better get my rear in gear and get off the site for now. It has darkened up outside and I didn't even know it was supposed to storm. I have to go make the "kids" come in from the back porch. They love a good storm, but I worry about them being out there when it starts to rain and lightning!
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Oh, it wasn't Steel Magnolias (I have seen that one as well). Sandie, this is incredible that people can kill puppies and kittens in such cruel ways - just to save on the cost of putting them to sleep

I'm posting again mainly to thank Blue again for the lovely smilies that she found and had me add to the smilies list! Thanks Blue
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no, i should be thanking you Anne, you did most of the work

so, a BIG thank you!!
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Eeeeee! The new smilies are great! I love that little white kitty. I just had to put him in my signature line! Thanks, Blue. You're the best.

Just got home from painting all day. Wow! I am having fun, but neglecting other things, like my lesson plans, for example. Got all the rooms except the kitchen done with first coat of paint. I decided to throw caution to the wind and go for some color! I chose a different color for every room. All are from a Southwestern-type motif. So, the main living area is "Painted Desert", a neutral color, one bedroom is "Mountain Purple", my room is "Desert Sunrise",a pinkish hue, and the bathroom is something called "Open Hearth", like an orange found in a sunset. I really like the way they all turned out. But I may have to hang a rack of sunglasses at the bathroom door!

I told me friend as we were painting today, "Man! I should have taken some 'before' pictures!" I will definitely do some 'after' shots when I'm done.

In and around it all, I am dealing with my mother on the phone, long distance. She is the bane of my psychological existence. Apparently she fell off her bike while riding yesterday. Nothing even remotely serious, just a couple of scrapes, but she's still crying about it today. (I mean literally crying.)
Just picture Sally Field on the recent installments of ER, and you've about got it.

Sorry for the long post, but I guess I had to vent a little. Talk to everyone tomorrow!

[Edited by Deb25 on 05-06-2001 at 08:17 PM]
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Deb it sounds like you had a great garage sale. It is something I am in desperate need of doing now that I have broken up with my boyfriend but I live in an apartment and I have no idea of how to go ahead with it....any ideas?
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