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Originally Posted by jcat View Post
I was helping to bottle-feed a baby with a deformed lip, and all of us volunteers were told to cradle Timmy as much as possible, stick him inside our shirts, etc.. It was kind of a miracle that he pulled through, and I think all the body contact played a role.
It won't take much convincing for me to get me to hold him. Even as I sit here I can hear him squeaking away in his carrier. But I gotta go shower and get dressed and don't think he'll enjoy that all that much.
Arrrggghhhh...he's pulling on my heartstrings here!!!
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Oh, how I wish I were there... I'd be so happy to help you hold him! There's just nothing in the world so sweet and peaceful as a furry little one tucked in right over your heart. It's good to hold the kitten with one hand and then hold a nice thick towel over that hand with your other hand... to help hold in the warmth your hand imparts.

This little guy really wants to make it, you can just tell... bless his heart. Many good thoughts and vibes coming to him...
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Just wanted to give everyone a quick update. Little P.K. is still with us and doing ok. I hate to say he's doing great because he's still definitely not out of the woods yet, but he is doing quite well. He's eating like a madman and has put on an ounce in the last 4 days which we are happy with. He is still half the size of his brothers and sisters though. The rescue lady babysat for me on Saturday and she got him to finally do #2. Something I still can't get down no matter what I try. So he's going back to her for a good portion of the week so she can keep an eye on him and keep his little system balanced. One of the things we've read that is suppose to be really good for balancing kittens systems is Soy Active Culture Yogurt. Just a tiny bit in one bottle once a week, but I can't find the darn stuff anywhere. The only soy I find is flavored with fruit so I'm getting frustrated.
As a side note, we've been toying with the idea of putting him back in the cage with his mother (under supervision of course), but I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not and if it is ok to do, not sure how I should go about it. Rub him on the other kittens first so he smells like them? Present him directly to mom? Put him directly on her to nurse? Or leave him off to the side a bit to see if she comes to get him? Anyone have any experience with reintroducing babies to their mothers? I'm not even sure it's a good idea, but wanted some opinions if anyone's done it.
Even if we can get him reintroduced to her, we would definitely keep a close eye on him because he is so much smaller and we would bottle feed in between still and leave a heating pad off to the side in her cage in case he gets pushed away. I'm just not sure if we should even try it or not. I would just much rather have mom tend to him than us. It's just so much better for him.
(BTW - his brothers and sisters now have their little eyes open! They are so darn cute! There's a black baby, a black and white baby with mom's markings, and the most gorgeous tabby baby - and of course my little gray dude here - P.K. - who still hasn't opened his eyes.)
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Little P.K. was looked at by a Vet Tech today at the rescue and she said he has a severe Cleft Palate. We had noticed something was very wrong with the inside of his mouth these past few days and that milk was coming out of his nose everytime he ate. We had originally attributed the milk in the nose to his feeding position and the type of nipple we were using, but it has still continued so we had her look at him.
While Cleft Palate can be surgically repaired in some cases (and the baby must be tube fed in the meantime until old enough), the Vet said that this is a severe case it would be best to Euthanize him.
I am very sad and heartbroken that this baby won't make it, but I want to do best by him. He is not gaining anymore weight because all the milk is going into his nose and lungs instead and his risk of Pneumonia is very high as well right now. He's just so little. We tried so hard to turn him around, but momma cat knows best sometimes doesn't she?
I have to take comfort in the fact that I poured my heart and soul into this little guy and held him tight numerous times to comfort him, but I want to do what's best for him and not have him suffer any further.
P.K. will be Euthanized tomorrow morning at the Vets office where he will then go to play happily over the rainbow bridge with all the other cats and kittens. He will be able to eat until his hearts content and suffer no more.
R.I.P. sweet little guy..................
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I'm so sorry to hear this. You've done everything you could for him, and he's known love. May he joyfully play across the RB. Hugs for you.
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I am so sorry! It it doubly hard as I know exactly how quickly you attack to bottle babies. You gave PK more a chance than he had otherwise.
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Oh I'm so sorry. I can't imagine how you must feel. But you gave him a chance to feel loved and cared for, something he would never have experienced without your kindness. I'm so glad he had you during his short time this side of the rainbow.
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Last couple of photos of P.K.

A very special thing happened today - P.K.'s photo was on the front page of our newspaper. A reporter came to do an extensive story on our rescue and P.K. is the featured photo on in the paper. I already made sure to buy my copy!
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I am soo sorry about your loss I have been in your shoes many times- i understand how sad it can be to loose one. BUT do know that while you had him- you gave him all the love your heart could give and he knew he was cared for- that's what matters Hopefully the newspaper will attract some attention to the shelters animals and educate the public a bit! I'm sure a lot of good will come out of sharing P.K's story!
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