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what's for dinner tonight??

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So what are all you lovely people having for dinner tonight??? I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO craving a cheeseburger and waffle fries I know.....sooooo bad for me....but it sounds sooooooooooo good right now I think i might splurge tonight as i ate healthy most of week. I figure i'll pick up some Back Yard Burgers for Colin and I and we can watch a movie together maybe What's everyone having for dinner?? (someone else please get a cheeseburger so i don't feel bad)
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A cheeseburger actually sounds wonderful ..... but I ate an hour ago. I was planning to BBQ chicken drumsticks but then hubby called and said he wasn't going to be home until 10:00 pm or so and that he would eat at the cottage so I just had some canned beef stew with bread and butter. How exciting huh?

Turns out hubby didn't have to work late after all and will be home in a half hour .... but it's a good thing he ate out there 'cause I didn't make supper after talking to him LAST time.
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I'm supposed to be making salmon patties, but since DH has decided to play exterminator (we have 2 or 3 wasp nests in the vent behind the stove) my cooking area is currently closed. Little does he know I was also going to make some brownies!

So far instead I've had some sourdough pretzle bites dipped in mustard and a chewy peanut granola bar. Oh and a peach! I have a feeling we will be having a late dinner and I didn't have breakfast today, so I needed a big snack!
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Having company over - pork chops on the grill, fresh green beans from our garden and rice mix.
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I had beef stew and a dinner roll
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Not a cheeseburger, but close--1/2 a cheesesteak sandwich, left over from last night, with melted cheddar, fried onions, mushrooms, and sweet peppers. Also had corn on the cob, and a big, fat sliced tomato, with basil, from my garden. Hubby had chili (leftovers), and made us quesadillas (excellent--he used to be a cook in a Mexican [authentic, not Tex-Mex] restaurant!

We enjoyed the lovely weather here, and ate on the deck, with the sound of my post-nasal drip lion water fountain serenading us... (the lion is a tacky resin wall-mounted Rennaissance repro, with the water part exiting supposedly from his mouth, but at a certain angle, it looks like it's from his nose!)
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I'm having chedder and brocclli pasta with a glass of iced tea.
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I am treating myself tonight... Chicken Farfell with spinach in an alfredo sauce, 2 fresh still-warm dinner rolls with lots of butter... And for dessert, an double-chocolate-chip-fudge-pudding cake with thick and creamy frosting.

The kitties look jealous.
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I had a meatball hoagy and a salad.
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Freezer pizza
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We went out to Longhorn Steakhouse with a couple friends. I got a "Renegade" steak with mashed potatoes and a house salad. Then we splurged and got a brownie sundae. It was quite yummy
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My husband and I were supposed to go out for a really nice dinner tonight because Thursday was our anniversary...but one of his employees at the restaurant (he owns a restaurant) didn't show up for his shift (apparently he's been having some attendance issues) so my husband had to go into work because no one else was available to come in

I detest irresponsable people!

Soooo....I'm eating a grilled cheese sandwich.
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I'm just miserable tonight (ragweed pollen allergies ) so I didn't feel like cooking and DH was running all over town doing errands... so we just picked up some boston market - chicken, green beans and spinach
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I had arby's It was so good and I got a sandwich to heat up later on tonite
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I had planned on coming home early and doing the bbq thing but ended up getting stuck at work late so picked up some Chinese on the way home. It was good, and certainly an easier clean up.
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We had McDonalds... which is RARE for us!!!
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