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Bum wipes?

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Can anyone suggest a good bum wipe for kitty? Sometimes Mitties get some poo on her bum fur, other times it smells like pee . I hate to give her a full bath for something that could be taken care of with a simple wipe. I've used human baby wipes in the past.... just wondering if this was safe or if they contain chemicals bad for cats. I probably don't have to worry to much about her licking it off since she's too fat to reach her bum and that's why we have this problem in the first place!
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Roxy is the same way. I just buy the feminine wipes, & use them on her, & she's fine.
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I use Nature's Miracle wipes. They are a bit pricey, but work well. And they'll clean just about anything! I've been known to use them to clean the bathroom when I run out of cleaner.
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i use the normal baby wipes, ones made specifically for infants
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