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I thought this would be fun!
TCS Cats At The Moment!
What are your cat(s) doing right now? Tell us what they're up to and provide a picture if possible!

I can't believe my eyes right now! Frisco is actually lying happily in his carrier and he HATES it in there! It's such a hassle to get him in there and he cries about it the whole time, and now he's sleeping in it! Unfortunatly my camera batteries are dead.

So what are your kitties up to?
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Mooch is asleep on the desk here behind my bookstand (I'm doing some studying). Noodles is asleep in the chair at DH's desk just behind me. This is their quiet time.
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Both of them are screaming at me to feed them and go to bed. I can't take action photos of my kitties, cause Paris is such a camera whore that she runs in front of the lense when she hears the camera come on, and it's impossible to get her doing anything but flirting with the camera.
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Siam is curled up on the kitty couch...sleeping. Spud is laying on the floor in front of my recliner...sleeping. My camera batteries are dead also.
But, I like the idea of this thread. I'll recharge and participate tomorrow if possible.
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The Cat Brats are laying in front of the door sleeping
Tiger is sleeping atop the cat condo...... as usual
And Tonka is sleeping on my bed.

Oh and Jake (the dog) is asleep in the living room chair

I just realized, Im the only one awake
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Twig is on the cat tower by the computer desk, Isis was in the litter box and is now sitting in the other room waiting for another cat to pounce on. Rocket is now trying to get some of my food I just brought in, Neffie is wandering in the dinningroom and I think Luna is in the bedroom under the bed.
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I see no cats at the moment...not a one! I know at least 2 are outside, but the other two- no idea! My dh would like to know where at least one of them is now- he is calling her for her pill... and there she is, running from the back door to the kitchen, and now Smoochie is cutting though, and there goes Butterbean.... Treat time!
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Racing around the house like maniacs.
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sitting on my chest flashing his butt near my face!!! i can't see the keyboaaard!!!

please don't fart, please don't fart, please don't fart!!!
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Originally Posted by ChrissyR View Post
Racing around the house like maniacs.
I'm at work and they're at home, probably racing around and jumping on DH (who's still in bed)...serves him right for sleeping in.
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Teufel is digging in his litterbox and Kaylee is eating
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I just gave the tiniest kittens a bit of canned food, so all of the older kittens, Lady & Tabitha are surrounding their pen and staring at them, LOL. The rest of them have perfectly good food but I guess it's always better when it belongs to someone else. Spike and Spooky Bear are sleeping on the stairs, and Leo is out asleep on the porch.
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Buddy is sitting on my printer, looking out of the window, Rowdy is in the kitchen eating breakfast and Opie is still in bed.
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Well, I'm at work so I can't say for sure, but I would guess that Riley is either chewing on the patio door blinds, or shredding a glitter ball on my bed
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At this moment Linus is sleeping in the cloths basket.
Sassy is sitting in the window watching the kids next door play on their swing.
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Well, its an hour later and Buddy is sound asleep, on my desk. Opie has moved onto the laundry pile and Rowdy is trashing the bathroom.
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I'm at work right now... but when I left for work this morning PHX was following me around the house meowing.. when i walked out the door he was laying on the back of the chair..

Right now he is probably sleeping with my boyfriend or roommate because they are still sleeping probably!
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Max is on the window ceil sleeping and Ashley is curled up sleeping in her cubby at the computer desk , tired kitties
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Mine are at home in the bedroom because maintenance is supposed to fix something in the apartment. They better actually fix it today, I don't want to have lock them up for a 3rd day in a row. Especially with Stimpy and Raven not getting along too great lately. They were supposed to fix it yesterday.

Hopefully my cats are sleeping and peaceful, and no one is fighting.
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Harry is chewing my sandals while looking out the back patio door into the sunshine.............
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Oh, what a relief to read past the title of this thread! I thought the cats were getting a pin number for their new TCS ATM card.
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Mine are jumping onto everything and chasing each other around the house like maniacs as fast as missiles!
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Nikita is currently asleep on her greyhound sized pet pillow on the floor next to my feet
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St. John is asleep in the square patch of sun that comes down through the skylight, and the light is just shimmering on his beautiful long red fur. As the sunpatch moves across the living room floor, he rouses himself just enough to scoot over and keep up with it.
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Villy is looking out the window and Roxy is playing
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Maggie is laying on my lap.....kneading, purring and drooling to her little heart's content! Cleo is laying in the window seat next to me. Lola is circling my feet, bumping her head against me and trying to get my attention.
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Tigger is hiding out somewhere in the house...hmmm.
I cant say what the other 3 are doing but I'll take an educated guess and predict that:
Chassis is in her corner under the wicker chair
Caliper & Tailpipe are snuggled up under the bed.

Since every time I see them, that seems to be what they are doing!
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Edit: ok pics added!

Stumpy is lying on the ground going between cleaning herself and rolling on her catnip pillow.

Smudge is hanging out on the cat tree in her favourite position - with her little paws hanging over the edge.

Lily is in the next level down of the cat tree watching the world go by.

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