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i love the mornings. kuan yin is the most lovable toward me then and showers me with kisses and purrs happily while playing...she is growing like a weed. i think her head has gotten bigger! LOL...i can see glimpses of what she'll be as an adult cat already...certain faces she makes, mannerisms, the way her body is filling out. my bf says he has seen the suspected mother and father at his work and while the mother is of average size the father is quite impressively big. i've always wanted a big, happy cat but at the same time my heart aches a little to see her growing so quickly. this must be what it feels like to be a mother to regular children. at the same time, i feel a sense of pride with how much she's come along and of course a normal sense of worry in the back of my head that she is always okay..i've started checking her eyes, nose, mouth, and ears everyday. i feel her skin for abnormalities and touch her tummy and ribs to make sure she is putting on weight in a healthy way. i am completely in love. yesterday i took a nap laying on the floor and she crawled onto my back and slept. the warmth of her little body was somewhat comforting and i smiled to myself as i fell asleep. today's thought: home is where the meow is
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I wish I could see your picture. I just get a red X.

How did you choose your kittie's name? Kuan Yin is the Buddhist Goddess of Compassion. The Chinese often depict her as being rather like the Madonna.
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What a beautiful expression of love for your little kuan yin. Our babies do grow so quickly don't they? She is truly a beautiful little girl.
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