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Sassy is 15years of age and Linus is about a year and a half.
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Sophia 8 1/2
Severino 4 1/2
Joey 4
Lucia 6 1/2 months
Teddy 6 or 7...not sure!
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Butch - 7 year old German Shepherd/Border Collie cross
Scratch - 5 (turning 6 this summer) year old classic tabby
Squee - I actually don't know how old she is.. under a year.. but she's a torbie
3 nameless goldfish that are about two-three years old
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Chynna - 15 plus year old white DSH
Abby - 9 year old orange/white tabby
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Mine are also all rescues - so the ages for all but Lil' Jag are estimates according to the vet.

Kuce ~ 14 years or so (calico Turkish Van)
Luvbug ~ 7 years or so (black DMH)
Lil' Jag will be 3 years old on August 6 this year. (black smoke Persian mix)
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I have:
Daisy, 13 year old Australian Cattle Dog
Yannik, 15 month old Australian Cattle Dog X
Missy, 4-5 year old cat
Kagome, 2 year old cat
Ookpik, 15 month old Mini Lop Rabbit
Rocky, year old hedgehog
Totoro, year old sable banded Syrian Hamster
Dorie, an orange fantail goldfish, approx. 3 years old
Dot, an orange oranda goldfish, probably about 1-1/2 years old
Jacob, black moor goldfish, probably 1-1/2 also
Sammi, black moor goldfish, probably under a year old
Scoot & Scat, Chinese Algae Eaters, age unknown
Tiny Tim, Betta, about 8 months old.
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Gigi - according to vet records canine / yorkie... she finally gave up her age to be 11.5 yrs to an animal translator ( duh I suppose I could have asked her)( I didnt bother to look at the "papers" she came with at the shelter and was also told she was now 9.5 ) bday is Nov year 95 or 97

Zoey - according to her vet records feline likely bengal cross ... Is chronilogically 3.5 appr bday Feb 14th 2004

Fish ( no species issues here)

Mondo, Annabel and Glitter( oppps mom thought he was she) have been with me for about 3 yrs and were baby s ( preacox rainbows)

Birtha and Clara are likely about 3 too Dhililia is about 2.5 ( white clouds)

Metal is about 3 ( parajumbo oncuculis or pitbull pleco )

Amadeaus is likely about 2 ... he is a male betta and was likely about 18 months when I got him


One male and one female preacox s to lesson my aggression... guessing six months by size and color

and POSSIBLY soon

two or one holland lop bunnies about 7 months

Kandie age at death 18 years 10 months and 3 weeks
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i have pip, a zebra finch, mitzi the cat and Bunny the rabbit (lol)

pip - 4
bun - 7
mitzi - 12 months
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Short list for me as I only have Jaffa and Mosi

Jaffa is 10
Mosi is 19 months
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Boris 6 years - DSH
Ben 5 years - Border Collie
Frank 5 years - Cockatiel
Steve 5 years - Budgie
Sylvester 4.5 years - DSH
Sebastian 4.5 years - DSH
Zac 3.5 years - Rottie X
Tadgh 1.5 years - DSH
Kennelly 1.5 years - DSH
Rory 10 months - Larbador
Jasper 9 months - DSH
Demetri 6 months - Ocicat
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Scruffy will turn 13 years this year yet
Cala is 7 years
Willow turns 6 years this Sunday
Veeshan is 2 years
Kingston is 9 months
and my dog Shalimar will turn 4 years this year
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Okay here it goes...

Gizmo - 8 years
Frostie - 5 years
Egore - 4 years
Button - 4 years
Moochie - 3 years
Uno - 3 years
Bob - 1 year
Penelope - 1 year


Cassie - 15 years
Hanna - 13 years
Queenie - 11 years

Guinea Pig

Teddy Bear - 2 years old


Pooh and Poe - I am not really sure. I thought they were about ten when I got them but I have had them now for like seven years so that would make them seventeen. But I do not know for sure.


Odie - I have no idea. I am guessing maybe 4 or 5 years old.
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Whiskey, Cat-approx 10 years old (arrived as a stray) so can not be 100% sure, the vet says approx 10

C'For, ( C For cat ) Cat-7 at the end of the year 2007

Wookie, Cat-9 months old

Shaska ( My Special one ) Cat-would be 9 months old too, RIP my Special one, a Special kiss for a Special one, till we reunite, I love you always

Meisha, Cat-almost 5 months old

Shiska, Cat-almost 4 months old

Zylah, Cat- almost 4 months old

Kelly, -Dog German Shephard 5 years old this May 2007

Gizzar, -Dog German Shephard 3 years old this May 2007
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Ansel is going to be 9 this October (he & I share a birthday)
Zan just turned 3 this month.
Bella will be 2 this September.
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Calamity 3 years old (Black+White DSH)
Skye 11 month old (Brown Tabby+White DSH)

Selena 4 month old (Black DSH)
Butch Cassidy 14 week old (White+Black DSH)
Sundance 14 week old (White+Black DSH)
Hickory 9 week old (Brown Tabby+White DMH)
Willow 9 week old (Brown Tabby+White DMH)
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Samantha - 19 year old black & white DSH cat
(Does anyone else here have a cat that old?)

T-bird - 6 year old blue & white parakeet
Munchkin - 1 year old dwarf hamster
Dasher - 1 year old betta fish
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Kitters is going to be 7!
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Roxie will be 2 in September... oh man, I feel like it was just yesterday that we got her!!
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Katie and Black were 2 years old in May and Sassy is 10 months old!!
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My Georgi Porgi is 6 months - she will be seven months in exactly 1 week!!
I dont know Tigg's actual date of birth but if he was exactly 8 weeks the day we got him he would be 10 weeks tomorrow! I think he may be a little younger though im not sure
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I was just trying to organize this in my book, so this will help.

Toby, 15, Humane Society surrender, tuxedo

Rusty, 14, Abandoned at Vet Clinic, orange tabby

Grace, 12, Feral, tuxedo

Callie, 13, Feral, tortie

Vizzy, 8-9, Clinic Surrender, black

Cubby, 8, Feral, grey

Jool, 6, Stray, Grey & Black Tabby with white

Pip, est 7+, Feral, black, FIV+

Williow, 4, Feral- clinic trap, tortie
Bubba, 4, Feral-clinic trap, black (willow's brother)

Casper, 3-4, abandonded, white (deaf)

Cliff, 2-3, Feral, buff

Taz, 2-3 months, found on road, black & grey tabby

Tux, ???, tuxedo, barn cat

Dobber, 8, golden retriever mix

Uno & Dos, 7, fish

Three of my older kitties passed away this past year. (Samson, Spot and Bullseye) And figuring out how old the larger animals are would require some digging...

StarryEyedTiGeR, I was glad to see that Norris found a home. I love happy endings.
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Hankie- DSH - 5yrs old
Angelle- DLH- 4yrs old
Belle- Rottie mix- 8 yrs old
Shadow- shihpoo- 9yrs old
Charlie- guinea pig- 1yr old
Chewie- guiena pig- 7mths old
Goldie- hamster- 1 yr old
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I only have cats:

Mutty is 16 going on 17 years old.

Sophie is 5 months old.

Lily is unknown right now, but as soon as her kittens are weened and we take her in to get a full check-up, shots, and spayed, we'll *hopefully* get an estimate from the vet. I can't imagine her being more than a year old!!!

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I run a senior citizens' home:

Pansy (torby w/tortitude!!) - just turned 15
Tuxie (tuxedo - yah, I didn't name her!) - 13
Shadow (her son, silver tabby, my only boy cat) - 12 1/2
Midnight (all black, yah, didn't name her either) - the baby at 6 1/2

And Cinnamon-pup is 7 this Christmas, but as a large breed he's entering his twilight as well.

Bella, my shelter baby, was not with us nearly long enough. I adopted her at 9+ years, and she went to the RB in May, at 12 (
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