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I'm Adopting A Kitten! (yes... another one)

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Is this perfect timing or what? I just joined TCS I think yesterday, and soon I am adopting a new kitten!

I have a crew of 3 furbabes: a Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog, and 2 cats, a black and an orange tabby, both adopted from shelters. Well I brought Toby & Mattie in to the vet's office this morning (my kind boss let me off work for over an hour so I may do so) for their yearly check-ups. (Everybody's healthy! ) While I was waiting for Dr. Kerry to see my two, a woman walked in with this beautiful little calico kitten. I asked about her, and apparantly the poor babe was found wandering along the road the other night. She's a shelter kitty, and this woman worked for the shelter and was taking the kitten in for her vaccinations. She said the kitten had a collar on her with a piece of cardboard, and in Sharpie ont he cardboard it said "whoever wants her can have her". What kind of flippin' idiot would do that to a 3 month old kitten?! I swear.... JERK.
Anywho. Have you ever seen a critter and just known you just had to have her? Like some kind of weird spark flew up and suddenly she was your heart's every desire? It was like true love people!!! I called the shelter on my cell just a few minutes ago and asked if they could "reserve" the little fuzzy calico female kitten for me, and they said they would, temporarily. I don't know what has come over me... I haven't even thought about this... But I don't care about the extra cost of food and litter, I need this kitten, and somehow, I know she needs me. I'll probably pick her up tomorrow evening... if not tonight! She was so irresistable, ya'll...
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Awe, Congratulations that is wonderful
We will want pictures you know
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Aww!! Cant wait to see some pics of her!!!
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Congratulations! Pictures please!!
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What kind of person would do that?! There's plenty of places they could have brought her to instead! I just don't understand it.

Anyway, congratulations - she sounds like a doll! Post pictures soon!
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How awful that someone would do that to the wee kitten, but I think it was fate that you were there at just that time

Congrats on the new baby, can't wait to see pictures of her!
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Obviously your paths were meant to cross - it was a csomic connection!
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Right time, right place. Post pictures of your crew when you can
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Cocoalily: I know, it makes me sick. I am totally ashamed to belong to my species right now...

adymarie: That is so true! Totally fate!

This evening I picked up some more IAMS kitten food along with some more Meow Mix, Fancy Feast, and Natural Life (all canned). I also got another ceramic food bowl and stainless steel water bowl. Toby & Mattie will just have to share their toys...
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Aww, love at first sight... How sweet. Congrats, and thanks for adopting!

As for the person who abandoned the kitten, that is just sad. The only kind of person who would do that to an innocent, helpless baby is a heartless one.
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I could rant on about it for hours. All I will say here is that I hope I can give her a good home for the rest of her life.
I am at work now, and I get off of my second job at 4:30, so I'll run and pick her up afterwards. Tomorrow I'm on paid leave (I don't know why, my boss is weird ) so I can spend all day with her, getting her settled in, which will be good. And then the weekend is approaching so I can work on slowly introducing the her to Mattie & Toby, and Elliott too.
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Congrats on the new addition! I love calicos..I probably would have melted too.

Actually, that's how we got our 3rd dog, Brooke. I went by the vets to pick up medicine for one of my cats, and there she was, looking for a home. And, I was the same way...I was on the phone with my husband as I was driving out of the parking lot and it was a done deal in an hour. I truely believe some things are fate.

Can't wait to see pictures of her and the rest of the crew!
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That's so teriffic! Totally fate... I am so happy for you, how exciting! God works in mysterious ways... Need pics... SOON!
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