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I don't know. Really weird.

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So today this cat was found at my work (a library), it had somehow wandered in. I volunteered to take it home and post things on craigslist and such about a found calico cat. I get it home and it is really scared and Charlotte does not really like her. So we leave her alone with some food and water. She is constantly meowing and making noise then all of a sudden she is quiet. We go out into the kitchen to check on her and she is GONE! Nowhere to be found. There is no way she could have gotten out. There are no windows open and all the doors were LOCKED. I dont even know what to do.
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Is it a small cat or a kitten? And are there any opening in your closet that you don't know about?

I remember when I was a kid we had two kittens and I couldn't find where one of them went. I happened to lay down on the floor in the kitchen and all of the suddent I saw 4 paws under where the dishwasher was!

The kitty had found the hollow decorative wood piece that went between the refridgerator and the dishwasher, and he somehow got underneath the dishwaser unit.

He found his way out, but I never knew that wood panneling had an area that was hollow...

I guess my point is, maybe double check the closet area, walls where furniture is, etc. and maybe there is a little opening you never knew was there... If so, I'm sure some food and treats will bring the little one back out
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Check inside your cabinets also. Our eldest will open the cabinets and slip in.
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I have checked cabinets, everything. There is no way she could have gotten out of this house. She is not even a small cat. Im really upset and in disbelief.
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I just want the cat to come back. I was hoping she could be mine.

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They are amazing at slipping into small areas. I would say keep looking in between, behind appliances. Look for small spaces where they can squeeze through. I had one apartment that had a corner cabinet. It was above the sink and had a small opening. One day, I opened the cabinet and found my cat sitting on my dishes.

Keep the food out and check to see if the litter has been used. Also, maybe try sitting in there being really still and quiet to see if you can hear anything.

Sending vibes to you that you will find her.
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She must be hiding somewhere, and hiding very well. Cats can even collapse their ribs to help them fit in tight spaces.

Can you enlist your other cat to help sniff her out?
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Thats the thing, if Emily (what Ive named the calico) is in the house I am sure Charlotte would smell her and be hissing and stuff but she isnt... I just really dont know what to do. There is no way she could have gotten out of my house. No way. Im really sad. I guess I should probably take the ads down until I find her... I just dont know.
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it's possible she's hiding. I have a stray cat in my bathroom (he's waiting to get fixed) and the other cats don't have a problem unless they are in my room (he had gotten out in my room and I suspect sprayed somewhere).

If the door to my bedroom is closed they don't care about him at all.

She has to be somewhere! You've got to go over that place inch by inch.
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I have searched every inch of my apartment at least a hundred times. We even crawled up into the crawl space between the floors of my apartment and my upstairs neighbor. She is nowhere to be found. I dont understand how she could have gotten out. This is the strangest thing. Its like she vanished into thin air.
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well, if there is no possible way she could have gotten out then she must be hiding somewhere. you would be amazed at how good they are at hiding.
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have you looked with a flashlight? in the corners in the cupboards, under every piece of furniture? Did you look behind the refrigerator?

Could she have gotten into a AC duct?
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She is such a pretty little gal!

I hope you find her soon! I agree with the other's here... If all the doors have been shut and locked there is no way she could have gotten out and may just be laying really low.

Is it possible for you to put wet food out for her without your other cat trying to eat it? I hope you find her soon!
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Well we figured out where she is! But we can not get to her. And I am not sure if she can get down... She is in the ceiling! In the crawl space between my apartment and the apartment above ours. I don't think my landlady is going to be too happy when she finds this out..... Im in quite the pickle. I have been talking to this lady about taking one of her INDOOR cats which is amazingly beautiful, spayed, up to date on shots, well behaved, etc. And I still have this scared seemingly OUTDOOR cat in my ceiling that I have no idea if it is healthy or not and could possibly get my Charlotte sick. I don't know what to do.
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I'm glad you found her!!!!!!!!!! Now how did she get in there?????

Can you call animal control or the fire department to try to get her out?

And too bad for your landlady. It's not your fault. You should say you have no idea how the poor cat got up there, but you'll take care of it until you find its owners (which may end up being you, if you really can't find them).
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Can you try to tempt her out with some smelly food, like tuna?
I bet she's really hungry if she's been stuck in there for a while now.
Have you found out how she got up there?
Good luck in getting her to come out, I bet she's pretty scared.
She sure is a pretty little thing, I hope she comes out of hiding soon.
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I'm adding my vote to trying to tempt her out w/ food, treats or even cat nip?! I hope you can get her out with out any harm to her or your ceiling. I remember one member here had a cat in their walls and the cat was coming and going as it pleased but never when the person was present. They knew because food and litter we're being used.

Anyway, I hope you get her out soon. She is a very pretty calico.
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Shes beautiful!! And I am so glad you found her~but have you gotten her out yet??
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We have been leaving food out for her but she wont come down if we are near there but she has come down, she even left some muddy paw prints all over our bathtub and sink. So we rented a havahart trap and are setting that up and hopefully we will catch her in that. Wish us luck.
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That's good to know that she can get out of there by herself when she wants to.
Good luck with catching her.
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When I read that she was in the ceilling my first thought was "I will suggest trying to trap her" LOL. Put the trap in the room that she comes in and out of the ceilling in, and put tuna and catnip in it.... she'll come.

Good luck and keep us updated!
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how did she even get in the ceiling??? how is she going in and out?
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There is an access panel in the ceiling that still doesnt have a cover yet. Our maintenance guy made it a while ago because we were having some bad plumbing problems and that is where the pipes are. I didnt even think she would be able to get up there and left the door open so she could use the litter box if she wanted and then she was gone...
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She is still up there! She wont come down. Im spending $7 a day renting this trap and she is laughing at me.
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don't give up!!! she's a stubborn girl!

have you tried tuna?
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any updates?
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She still wont come down. I left the food in the trap and waited but then 2 days went by and she hadnt eaten and I was worried so I put food up in the ceiling and she licked the plate clean. I dont know what to do. She doesnt seem like she is planning on coming down anytime soon. Meanwhile we have had this trap for $7 a day, for 5 days and counting.... Please help. Oh ya we called animal control before we got the trap and they told us they couldnt help us, they dont deal with cats only dogs. How is that animal control?
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I know it's hard to think that this poor girl is going hungry but you'll NEVER trap her if you feed her in the ceiling. I bet if you can wait long enough (perhaps 3-4 days) she'll get hungry enough to come into the trap for food... unless she's finding something to snack on up there but based on how she cleaned the plate you gave her I doubt it.

Good Luck
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