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run in with the neighbor...

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well, i just had it out with our neighbor who was drunk AGAIN as usual!!! My bf and I were carrying in groceries from our errands this evening and he came up our driveway stumbling shouting that he was going to shoot our dogs in the head if he ever sees them because he thinks they are responsible for cat deaths in the neighborhood. Mind you, our dogs are strictly indoors and are never let out unless we are putting them in the car to go for a run at the river. I was already in a bad mood and livid he made a threat to murder my dogs and kussed him out. My bf can hold his temper better than I can and called me into the house before it could escalate further. A minute later we heard loud banging on our door. My bf yelled through the door that if it was him to go away and he said he wouldn't. My bf then said you have three seconds to leave before I call the police. It fell silent behind the door. Now I am so angry and fearful for my dogs lives...he is so drunk all the time what if he goes up to our fence and shoots them in our backyard?? I don't trust him at all. I also know he uses cocaine because he offered it to me before (I refused). What do I do???
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I think you should report it to the police! If he is like this alot then why should you put up with it?!? I don't blame you for reacting because i would if any said that about my kitty or any animal for that matter ... Although your dogs are indoors most of the time you can never be certain that they won't get out at some point so what you really need to ask yourself is can you take that risk??? Is he like this all the time? People like this neighbour make me so
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(you may want to ask a mod to move this to the Lounge so more people will see it)

With neighbors like this, the only thing you can really do is report them to the police. If anything does happen to your dogs then you will have a paper trail.

The best you can do is to keep a sharp eye out. When the dogs go into the yard, be there with them. Neighbors like this are awful, they keep you from feeling safe in your own home.
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You need to report this to the police and make note of the report number, date and police name. You need to do this every single time he says ONE inappropriate word to you regarding the dogs or otheerwise, and everytime he is making a spectacle of himself with other neighbors, any time you witness anything indicating he is drunk and out of order. After several reports, you take this information to your local court/complaint systen, and you lodge a harrasment complaint against him. If that is succesful he will be fined, and told to stop. He does it again he goes to jail, you should also ask for a restraining order.
Most likely it won't go that far. a few calls to the police should nip it in the bud. You to play hardball wiht people like this. don't warn him to leave or you will call the police, Just call them. He will think twice before coming back.
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Moving this to the lounge for you.
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I would put a complaint in with the police just in case something happens, you have your concerns docmented.
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I agree with everyone else, Report him to the police. He is uttering threats against your household and at the very least the police charge him with mischief. If his drinking and drug problems are as bad as they seem to be the police will be very interested in his activities.
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I'd deffinately be calling the police and starting that paper trail as suggested! I hate this, but it seems like crimes against animals are not taken seriously enough, but he is also endangering you and the rest of the people in the neighborhood with his drunken/drugged behavior. What if he should try to do something and he's so drunk/high that he mistakes a child for an animal? Either way he's making VIOLENT threats and I believe drunken behavior in public is illegal in my area anyway, so it may be in yours. Please, for your own safety, file a complaint with the police or at least call for advice!
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I would file a report with the police ASAP
This way if something does happen you have it on record what was said and such and continue to do so as long as this should go on.Sorry you are having to deal with a situation such as this.
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i agree, call the cops!! that way its documented. In case ( heaven forbid) anything DOES happen, they can and will arrest him.

ANd i would also log all the times, dates of his drunken tirades, and also if you can get video or pics, it all helps, believe me!
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All the above! You should definitely get the police involved. He seems to be drunk and unpredictable. Actually I would've called the police WHILE he was reciting all that stuff to you.
In addition to his threats about killing your dogs, he is also threatening you. Your dogs are your property and therefore if he's willing to kill your dogs, whose to say he's not willing to do something to you? Sorry, I just don't trust people that don't trust me.
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I would call the police. You don't need a paper trail. He made a threat of violence towards you and your dogs and has indicated that he has a gun. He also didn't let the situation die down in the drive way and instead tried to continue it by coming to your front door.d

Call the police before you end up as statistics because he went off on a shooting rampage. When people are drunk they have no self control and if he has rage that will be only compounded by his drinking.

Call the police! Do it now! Today!
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File a report with the police immediately. He threatened to kill your dogs and you should be able to get some kind of restraining order, etc. on him. Oh and mentioned about the drugs too - police might just pay him a visit!
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I agree to get the police involved. Report that he has offered you cocaine and is often out of his mind. Ask what they suggest you do! This is an awful situation - coke heads are very irrational and can get violent. I wish you and your dogs well!
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I would definetly call the police! If you don't turn it in... he will not stop this! It's up to YOU to put an end to it! Please, I'm begging you!
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okay..i just called the police department and an officer is going to call me back to take a report..thanks you guys, i probably wouldn't have had the guts to do it myself without your advice.
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Let us know the outcome; especially when you mention the drugs to the officer
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Sheesh! I hope they find he has a criminal record that will allow them to seize his weapons... nobody with a drug habit should be armed. Good luck!
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I'm glad to hear you called! Please keep up updated!
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I just got off the phone..they say they are going to have "a talk" with him and let him know about firearm laws and what he said was inappropriate and seen as a threat and is documented...i'm quite nervous but i guess if he comes over angry i can just call the cops again!!!!
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Wow! I'm sorry you have to go through this! I can't imagine having neighbors like that. I have always said when I win the lottery, I am moving my neighbors with us!
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one day my bf and i are going to buy private property with no neighbors for miles...LOL.
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In the meantime, have your cell phone on you at all times in case you need to dial 911. And I would not let the dogs out unsupervised. I would be out there with them no matter what - for potty or walking.

And keep an eye out for him to come out of the house. He may be really PO'd after the police visit. Hopefully they might catch him with the drugs at the time and then just arrest him.

What did the cops say regarding the drugs?
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you know what irked me? they said they couldn't do anything if he does shoot the dogs, they can just tell him his threats were inappropriate. well, at least if i have to go to court one day (god forbid) i will have some documentation. they didn't say anything about the drugs, i don't know his last name so i don't know if they can look that up..but i did tell them another neighbor has a restraining order against him for some altercations as well and that he is on probation. the cops just called me and asked me to step out in the driveway so i could point out the house (even though i gave them the address??)...maybe after they talk to him they will ask his last name and look him up for his record???
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well the police is a good start, but as you found out. they wont do anything.
You can do the same as the other neighbor and get a restraining order .
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i know this thread is old but here are pics from this weekend of the "vicious dog" my neighbor threatened to kill...

poor thing was abused when we got her

now she is one of our family and we love her so much...

not so vicious...

moral of the story..don't do drugs or you might think a lovely animal is vicous and cruel.
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Police is the way, but then I would be thinking of moving! He may really
get pissed after the police get involved! I had a friend who lived by a man
who would get smashed everyday, then wonder through the neighbhorhood.
My friend lived beside an older woman, whom had a dog, in the fenced in yard.
One day dude was tanked up and shot the woman's dog, killed it, then took it and put it in the woods just a little bit from her house! I forgot exactly why, just because he was a drunk is good enough for me! Yuk!
Anyway the woman came home and started calling for her dog, no dog!
She went to my friends house and asked her if she had seen her dog.
They both started looking and found the dog shot to death!
I thought the bullet needed to go between someone's eyes! I can't stand
a Drunk! And I have been around all kinds of people, drinkers, dopers, and I
can honestly say I have never been around anyone on drugs that acted in this way, I'm sure there are plenty, But it sounds just like alcohol talking and walking to me! There is no telling what people will do nowdays! I would be scared too!
I would even check out when he is drunk, and if he starts to get in his
car and drive somewhere, then I would call them and report someone driving drunk! Get himself a big fat DWI, and maybe he'll pipe down a bit!
What a jerk!
Oh and your baby is just precious!!!
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What a lovely little dog! Or it might be a medium-size dog and a really big bf! I lived with an alcoholic when I was young and ignorant, and learned some lessons then the hard way. Ever since, "drunk" is a hot button with me. My neighbor is a drunk in denial. I said to him, "If you're not sober, I'm not home." Your neighbor sounds 'way far gone. Lots of good ideas have been mentioned - I like carwashcats' idea about reporting him if you see him drunk and getting into his car. Have his license plate number written down so it is handy. This might sound like we're being hard, but you're doing the guy a favor by showing him the consequences of his actions; and you might be saving someone's life if you keep him off the road.
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thank you.
he actually does not drive as his license is revoked due to too many DUIs and he is on probation for something else i'm not sure. when i called the cops, they said that if he did shoot my dog, it would "not be a legal issue" and out of their hands which appalled me. yet, they did say they would stop by his house and talk to him about how inappropriate his threat was and if he has an issue he should call animal control. i also told the cop that he has offered me cocaine before (to which i said NO) and that i'm not sure if he should even have a gun as i believe he was convicted of a felony recently. i hate to admit it, but i used to have a dangerous addiction with drugs and i know how it could spin stories in your head due to paranoia. we don't even let our dogs out besides the front yard. i'm on disability and home with them about 95% of the time and when i'm not home they are locked up. yet he has it in his head our dogs have been running loose and "killing all the animals in the neighborhood". i haven't heard of any animals being killed but there are also about five other dogs i could name offhand on my street that run loose all day, even getting in the way of cars driving down the street, INCLUDING HIS. he has complained to several neighbors about how i "overreacted and called the cops on him". i don't care. at least it's on record now...and maybe with the info i gave them, they will be monitoring him. his threat to me is as serious as a threat to a member of my family. i live in a small town and i'm not sure if our laws are different or the small police force is misinformed because twenty minutes away there was a lady who shot a dog in the next town over and they convicted her of a felony. i'm not sure if the cops in my town were of help or not..in the meantime, i'm keeping my eye on him.
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or near a resident home. fineable and jailable. Aslo criminal threatening is JAILABLE! you have a witness your boyfriend. aslo again. if he has a recorded. I can just about promise he does. just him alone owning a gun is bad.

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