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This is my last post...

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...from my home computer. At least for the next couple of weeks, until after I complete my move.

I'll be away from home at an MDA fundraising event tomorrow, and my phone and internet gets switched over on Monday the 16th, so I'm packing it all up today, just to get it done and taken care of.

I'll be posting from work during the week, but no more TCS at night or on weekends for at least two weeks.

I'm gonna go bonkers.

Oh well, at least I have enough to keep me busy for a while!
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We will miss you on the nights and weekends Betsy...Good luck with the move
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Hope the move goes well and you are back with us full time soon
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You still are not moving for a few weeks right?

Heres some of those new happy vibes for you and your baby's
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We'll miss you!! I hope everything goes well!!
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Awe, we certainly will miss u here! I hope the move and everything goes good I also hope the kits are all doing good !! At least u will be able to get on TCS at work !!We will miss u on nights and weekends tho

Here are some that everything goes well
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Hope everything goes ok with the move here are some good vibes
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We'll miss you Betsy! At least you can still post some from work though, else you would have serious withdrawals!

Good luck with the move. I hope it all goes well for you and the kitties
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Sure hope your move goes well!
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Good luck with everything. We'll miss you, Betsy!
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Good luck with the move, Betsy, and please refrain from murdering your roommate, even though it could be considered justified homicide! for a smooth transition!
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Good luck with the move. Tell us how your kitties go & what you did to settle them in.
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I hope the move goes smoothly, especially with the kitties. Here are some extra Stay safe and let us know as soon as you are able to make it back on. Don't forget to fill us in on those great kitty stories.
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You scared me! We'll miss you! I hope everything goes well.
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Good luck with your move Betsy! Hope everything goes smoothly for you and the kitties!
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Just think of all the extra quality time you can spend with Ginger, Ferris and Penny.

Plus - now TCS can't be your excuse for your packing delays!

Good luck with the move.
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Hi all, thank you for the good wishes.

I kept wanting to go into my office at home last night to get online - 24 hours and I'm already in withdrawals! Thank goodness I can touch base during work - and at a friend's house in the evening!

Starting the real countdown - it is now 13 days until the official move, and I can NOT wait for it to be over.

I think Penny is planning a coup so she can become the new Alpha at the new apartment. Ferris is just confused, and Ginger is keeping a close eye on me to make certain that I'm not leaving her.

I did discover that part of the reason for the escalated cat anxiety last week was due to the feliway diffusers having run dry - they seem to go faster in the warmer weather.

But I fixed that and the cats have calmed down again, much less hissing and arguing. If only I could find a diffuser that would work on my roomie...
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If only I could find a diffuser that would work on my roomie...
Try this one...
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Good luck on your move
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Good luck, I hope the move all goes well for you!!! Give the kitties "be calm" scritches for me
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