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What do you do for a living?

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I am just curious, there is another thread like this on another cat board and it is interesting to see the diversified backgrounds of people.

Most of you know I am co-owner of Meowhoo.com with Anne. I am also Marketing Director for TheCatsite.com, and the other day Anne asked me to take over as on-site editor as well. I do scrimshaw in my spare time, rescue ferals and help my husband build knives, oh and I train young horses in the Spring and Summer.

So what do you all do???
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Nothing quite as interesting as you Mary Anne! I work for the Canadian federal government under the "employment Insurance" program umbrella. I currently work for the Centralized order taking unit, which deals with posting jobs on our jobbank site, www.jobbank.gc.ca. I am the current technical advisor to the other staff in my unit, meaning that I provide knowledge and expertise in policy, produres and programmes. I am also on our quality assurance team and monitor job ads and employee calls to ensure standards are met. When needed I train new staff. You can check out my department of the Canadian government at www.hrdc-drhc.gc.ca
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Read my profile, I shall say no more
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I am also a mom of 6 children 5 boys and 1 girl, I also have 2 granddaughters. I raise Persian cats, Paint minitures figures, sew, and vollenteer at the Ren Faire we have here once a year.

My hubby AKA "Iceman" works for Intuit. They produce "Quicken", "Quick Books" and "Turbo Tax". He is the person responsable for conectivity between clients and their banks! He also helps out at the Ren Faire!
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That is a great pic Teresa! I go to our Ren Faire every year! I love it!
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I am a Research Associate in the Section of Experimental Hematology and Hematopoiesis, Taussig Cancer Center, Cleveland Clinic Foundation. I study the reconstitution of the immune system after bone marrow transplantation. I am also helping Laurie with www.savesamoa.org and www.straypetadvocacy.org. I wish I could fully dedicate myself to the websites, but I need to feed Ivo
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I teach 6th grade. This is code talk for I am a lunatic. I teach Spanish and I also teach English as a Second Language to our many immigrant children. My job is many things, but it is certainly never boring.
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I work for a publishing company.
We publish and produce children’s/educational books!

I love my job (I get to color and read Scooby Doo books!)

I coordinate with the makers in Asia and confirm our orders and schedules.

I coordinate with all the country guys and confirm that the
books and languages that we need.

I deal with legal contracts for our licenced merchandise (i.e. D*sney, W*rner Br*'s, Un*versal)

Gosh I feel like I'm writing a resume - enough about me!!
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Geez, compaired to you all my job seems boring. I am the manager Of Long John Silvers. Have been for 2 months now.
In my sparse free time, I am the mother of four cats (and one man.LOL!) I also raise fish to occassionally sell and just for enjoyment.
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Originally posted by bren.1
I teach 6th grade. This is code talk for I am a lunatic.

My educational background is in Environmental Management but the economic climate here is not very helpfull in keeping me in a full time job. I was sick of doing short term contracts so I started looking at another field that can use my environmental experience but keep me working.

So I turned to the manufacturing sector, and am currently in the process of obtaining my Logistics & Supply Chain Management degree. For those of you who are not familiar with logistics, its basically looking at all the processes that are involved in making a certain manufactured product. Therefore, I would look after the inventory, searching for raw materials, warehousing the product and shipping it to you the customer. You may notice that industries post that they are ISO 9000 or ISO 14000 registered. These are the international standards that guide the manufacturing industry worldwide. I hope to get into the ISO industry and be an auditor for environmental management within the manufacturing sector.

Currently, I have spent the last 2 months focussing on renovating my house and co-ordinating all the contractors. That's why I have had time to post on here! Once the New Year hits, I'll be pounding the pavement looking for my next job.
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Wow! This is outstanding all of you! Keep contributing members let's see what we all do. I wish I was out in the work force full-time, but in this small town, my skills are not much in demand.
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I own/operate a home daycare out of my house. That goes hand in hand w/ being a homemaker as well. I have 4 children enrolled, plus my own 2. I love my job, it allows me to be home w/ my children and do all the wife/mommy stuff, but I am still earning a great income.

My actual "training" though is in banking and finance. I spent many years working in a credit union and also in retail in the accounting dept. Someday when my youngest child goes off to kgarten, I'll return to that hopefully.
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I'm taking a well-deserved rest, right now. My last job was as a cashier at Walgreen's (lousy job but it paid the bills and had good benefits).

For a year-and-a-half before that, I worked in a casino in Laughlin NV. My last position, there was in soft count. We counted all of the "soft" money, from the machines and the pit.

Prior to that, I spent 9 years performing with a historical gunfight reenactment group, in Tombstone. I, also, had a dressmaking and costuming business, "Madam Cindy's Cathouse".
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I work for Metlife (insurance company) on their Sales Support Helpdesk. I am a second level analyst. That basically means when the sales reps have problems with their software/hardware and the first level can't get them fixed, the calls go to me, or rather my group. So, I spend my days on the phone with people who typically are very unhappy with me because their computer isn't working (which is of course my fault). And before this turns into a major rant about my job . I will leave it at that.

Great thread Hissy .
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I am a clinical psychologist and Chair or the Department of Psychology at an excellent regional university. (We were named as one of only 6 "hidden treasures" by Kaplans and consistently rank in the top 25 nation-wide for our size public universities.) I teach graduate and undergraduate psychology students and conduct what research I can with my other responsibilities. I also own a small private practice, where I employ 3 master's level psychological associates, and a case manager.

I am taking a break right now from writing a book chapter on bullying which is due to the editor tomorrow! Eeeek! I'd better get back to it!
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I have done a lot of different things. Ranging from photographer to bio tech company supervisor. My latest adventure was in the U.S. Navy. I am now trained in electronics. But I am now taking a break and am going to college full time to get my degree both in electronics technology and computer buisiness management. I have four children, two dogs, and I raise persians. Right now I have 8. So you can see I ma getting a "rest" now. LOL.
Denise Russell
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I got my first job at 15; I worked as a dishwasher at Hungry Pelican. I didn't have my work permit, so my employment there wasn't entirely legal. For that reason, I wasn't allowed near the friers, lest I burn myself and a law suit rear its head. I was however allowed to handle sharp knives. Hmm . . .
Anyway, after working there for a year, I quit to go work at McDonald's. I've worked at every McDonald's in New Albany, IN. I was with the company for 5 years. Finally, when I realized that I wasn't getting the respect I deserved (promised a promotion 3 times), I quit and joined the ranks of the unemployed. I've held other jobs since quitting Mickey D's: I worked as a cook and a phone operator at Papa John's, and as an "exacto boy' at a professional laminating shop. An exacto boy meant I sat in a chair and cut laminated ads and other such miscellany as they came out of a laminating machine. Yee ha. I didn't even last two weeks. The boss told me one day that he needed someone with more experience.
I also worked as a CAP at HQ. CAP means Customer Assistance Personnel. I basically helped people try and fit massive appliances and slabs of privacy fence/drywall into their absurdly tiny clown cars. I tell you, that's a good place to learn the truth about mankind as a consumer. Anyway, the reason that job didn't work out was because I couldn't be in two places at once.
One morning, we at HQ had a meeting. It was laid down as a ground rule that CAPs were supposed to be wherever they were called to be, period. I raised my hand and asked, "What if you're helping a customer and then you're called to the other side of the store?"
I was seriously told, "Then you're fired."
Well, sure enough, that situation occurred. I was helping a giant fat guy load privacy fence into his totally inadequate pickup tuck when I was called all the way down to the other end of the store (probably about 150 yards). I called the front desk and said, "I'm trying to help a customer, I'll be there in a minute." Since they only hired one CAP (me) for some reason, I got fired for not dropping everything and running out to BFE to help some 90 year old guy load 100 80lb bags of cement into his truck (which I did many a time working at HQ. No one buys one bag of cement; it's always a million at once).
Well, now all that's behind me and I'm doing what I love! I'm a musician writing and recording songs and playing out.
It sure beats 9-5ing!
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Right now I am a health care worker in a nursing home/hospital. I have done some office work in the past and I also worked as a cashier at Shopko.
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I went to college and got my degree in Language Arts, you know - all the areas of English, literature, writing, journalism, drama, etc. So what can you do with an Language Arts degree? Teach! So I tried my hand at teaching, high school no less, for a year and a half. At that point it was mutually decided that I was not cut out to be a teacher. I was miserable and had no control over the classroom (how could I? I was only 5 years older than most of my students, and I was taught virtually no classroom management in college), but mostly it was a very serious difference of ideals and opinions on how the students should be treated and taught. But I won't get into that....

So what can you do with a Language Arts degree if you can't teach? Not a whole heck of a lot that actually utilizes the degree to it's full potential. I am an Administrative Assistant, basically a secretary. Right now I'm working at a Mechanical Engineering firm, we design HVAC, plumbing and fire protections systems for a variety of projects but our specialties are hospitals/medical facilities and schools (elementary through university). Previously, I worked for a general contractor who specialized in water treatment and waste water treatment facilities, and real estate appraisers where we did both commercial and residential appraisals. The best thing about my job is that I get to learn about all of these industries kind of through osmosis. The bad part is that I'm really not challenged at all. It pays the bills and I like the company I'm with now, and that's about all I can ask for.
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I work for an IT company as a Systems Engineer. What does a system engineer do? Beats me! :tounge2:

Seriously, we each have applications that we support for our respective accounts. I support the DuPont account and I handle the CA Unicenter suite of applications, which for the DuPont account includes Asset Management, Software Delivery and Remote Control applications.

I provide run and maintain support of the infrastructure (48 servers)and agent deployment to DuPont customers across the US.

We are currently in the process of upgrading the infrastructure and will soon be deploying the new Asset Management and Software Delivery agents to approximately 26,000 users.

I also package (script) applications for installation via Software Delivery, which is a remote installation tool. Very cool!

I also perform project management as needed, write technical documentation for our projects and serve as backup Work Flow Manager as necessary.

I have been with CSC for 5 1/2 years now. I worked for DuPont for 10 years but they outsourced their IT business unit to CSC is 1997. I am looking to get into the firewall team in the next year or so, but I have some training to do in the security area.

Overall I enjoy my job very much. I have a great supervisor and, for the most part, I work with a wonderful group of people. I am looking forward to next year as I will FINALLY earn my 4th week of vacation! Woohoo!!!
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Right now I am a homemaker as I do not have a work permit for here in the US. But I did do some voluntary work at Goodwill Industries. Back home in New Zealand, I was a full time student, majoring in anthropology and political science, and when I go back home, (hopefully VERY soon), I plan to finish my degree and study law. I would like to be a human rights lawyer or a disability rights advocate. New Zealand is in dire need of a code for people with disabilities. The USA is way ahead of us! Being here has been a learning experience and I believe I can take that knowledge back home to New Zealand and use it.
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Gee, Kiwi, You volunteer at my favorite shopping place, Goodwill!

I have said in my profile that I am a social worker. I work with people with disabilities to help them in job searches and training.
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Before I volunteered at Goodwill I had never shopped there, I didnt think the quality of the clothes would be that great, but when I did, I realised that they were picky, even if there was a tiny little stain, it had to be sent off for salvage (made into rags) so I was impressed with them. Unfortunately, when you volunteer there, you cannot buy from them, so I had to go out of town to get clothes from there.

Where do you work as a social worker?
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Well, I am a self employed Graphic Designer . I have been designing professionally for over 18 years....however, I have been an illustrator all of my life....since I could hold a crayon in my hand. Now—I am a Die Hard Mac Head!

I design for companies throughout Florida and, for the past 7 years, all over the world. I design logos, brochures, CD covers, web sites, magazines, catalogs, billboards, etc... I also build concepts and designs for trade shows... that sort of thing...pretty much anything that requires marketing—I'm the chick in the background actually creating it - LOL!

This for the past 8 years, I have spent most of my time designing for various companies in the Broadcast industry—like Fox35 (Orlando) , the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum —Other companies like Mackie, Shure, Telos, Omnia, Alesis, Armstrong, Comrex, to name a few, I design full color Magazine and tabloid advertisements...they run in publications like Radio World, MStreet Journal, etc...

We also have another company called Garage Storage Cabinets...basically, it is what it says—LOL! Here's a link if you want to see. Garage Storage Cabinets

So, that's what I do....hope that wasn't too long—winded.
<Grin> Me!? Long-Winded?!? Not So!

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I'm an Administrative Assistant.( basically a psuedo wife for a man who is a boob and needs a woman to figure it out! ) I keep track of our Independent Distributors profit and purchase and security, answer phones, recruit people, clean the office, put the boss in a good mood when he is in a snit, watch his cat, do all the jobs no one else will do. Help him install, put together, find, or figure out things he can't or won't comprehend! I also handle all the bad checks, and make sure they get taken out of security. I take care of a lot of personal things for my boss. Mail out bills,call and schedule appointments, find out what something costs or if they have it ect.. I enjoy my work. My boss is really fun to work for!!
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Originally posted by Nenners
I'm an Administrative Assistant.( basically a psuedo wife for a man who is a boob and needs a woman to figure it out! )
I LOVE that definition!

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Originally posted by Nenners
I'm an Administrative Assistant.( basically a psuedo wife
for a man who is a boob and needs a woman to figure it out! )


Ditto - That description is hilarious. Not to worry, though... IT WILL REMAIN OUR secret!

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I have a degree in education from Longwood College in Virginia and taught for 2 years at the Math and Science Center. I too decided that I was not cut out for teaching and had no class management skills. I loved coming up with new lesson plans and hands-on teaching methods but didn't like actually teaching them!

So...now I have my own business on eBay! I sell Kitty Oats primarily and sometimes clothes. Kitty Oats are my own brand of cat grass seeds Its doing pretty good and I am in the process of trying to get my product into pet shops. http://www.KittyOats.Com if anyone is interested .....plug!

I also am an admin for my boyfriends email marketing company part-time.

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I'm a computer technician, but the job market has been plotting against me for the past few years, and I've got more experience in customer service, which I hate. I'm currently working on getting my A+ certification, which will hopefully help get me into a position I want.
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Originally posted by bren.1
I teach 6th grade. This is code talk for I am a lunatic.
Ain't that ever the truth wrapped up in one sentence! I am the Lead Teacher in a Title I (low oncome, federally funded) elementary school. My job has no description, per se. I am a liason between the teachers and the administration. I work with kids on an ad hoc basis. I also perform administrative tasks that need very much to be done, yet the 2 official administrators don't particularly care to do them. I hope to be wearing an official administrator's hat next school year.
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