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Kitten with suspected Chlamydia or cat flu plus ear mites and worms!

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Well, I got a new kitten for my birthday, Ive waiting 3 months for her and we collected her on Sunday. She is a pedigree to we paid out a fair sum too. In the car on the way home she was a bit sneezy but I was not worried and thought it could be from travelling in the car with air blowing through the car . We got her home and noticed her dragging her bum along the floor as the do when they have worms. Her ears looked full of dark wax and dirty inside. I took her to the vets for a check up two days later as the sneezing continued and she had a discharge from one eye. The vet gave her treatment for worms and earmites. He noticed her eye was slightly inflammed and suggested gently cleansing the discharge regularly and watching tosee if it improved or got worse. In the meantime I emailed the breeder to say she had ear mites, I did not mention her eye or sneezing as I did not have any diagnosis. Two days later ( today) we took her back to the vets as both eyes were discharging and inflamed, plus her sniffling and sneezing became much worse. The vet now strongly suspects Chlamydia, he has taken swabs to be sent for culture and sensitivity. If not chlamydia he says it is most likely a strain of cat flu. I need to apply eye drops three times daily and monitor her closely aswell, as make sure she does not come into contact or use the same litter tray or bowls or sleeping area of my other cat, to prevent spreading whatever it is. Luckily my other cat took a huff and won't come near the new kitten, she has slept in my daughters room and used her own food bowl since she arrived. So my daughter is looking after the older cat and not touching the kitten, whilst I look after the kitten and do not touch the older cat.
I have emailed the breeder this afternoon to inform her of the kittens ilnesses, partly as I am unhappy about ending up with a kitten that has worms, ear mites and possibly infectious disease that could also infect my other cat and partly so she can check all her other cats and kittens for the various diseases and symptoms.

So I find myself here, in my first post asking for help, advice and guidance.
I will speak to my regular vet tomorrow as we speak almot daily anyway ( we have connections through work - with reptiles in our shop and as I keep and breed reptiles, so I am not new to pets and animal welfare issues)
As I have very high standards in our shop we expect other breeders to be the same, but know that not everyone is like this. I do feel let down, especially buying a pedigree cat, ou expect the breeders to notice things like sneezing, eye discharge, ear mites and worms, my artner paid a lot of money - only to have to pay out a lot more for treatment and tests. The kiten came with Petplan insurance, but it does not cover illnesses where symptoms existed prior to buying, which myself and my vet believe she was displaying. neither does it cover the first £55 of treatment fo each condition. So now after two visits to the vets and treatments for 3 different conditions and now tests for chlamydia, the vet bill is growing well in excess of £150 already. This just does not seem right.

I have no idea of our rights with regards to vets bills, does anyone on here have any ideas? I plan to speak to someone in the local council for advice too this week.

What if my other cat becomes ill as a result. In my eyes the breeder has caused all of this and should be liable for causing the spread of infection. I am extremely worried that more kittens will be sold to other unsuspecting buyers spreading disease further.

What about the other cats at the breeders, I dread to think of their condition, if the breeder cannot even noticeall these problems n a kittemn which was supposed to be looked after in the home!

And none of this has even taken into account so far, the distress caused to the kitten by inadequate care resulting in illness, then to the distress caused in our household on seeing and trying to treat/care for an ill cat whilst trying to look after our other cats interests aswell

Any thoughts, advice etc will be appreciated
thanks in advance
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I'm really sorry your kitty is sick

I don't know too much about the advice you need, but I hope someone else will be along soon to help you out.

Many vibes to the little one

Good luck!
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