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Ewww I smell cat pee!!!

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It's coming from the dining room, and the litter trays are in the lounge room which doesn't smell. There's a glass sliding door in the dining room which goes to our back patio, so maybe a cat has sprayed out there and it's wafting in?

Our girls have NEVER peed anywhere they're not supposed to, and they all seem healthy, and have all had their morning pee in the litter trays while I've been in the lounge room, so I'd be surprised if it was them...

The only other thing I can think of is something in the kitchen (which connects to the dining room) is stinky, and is causing a bad smell... Either way looks as though I'm doing a big kitchen cleanup and removing everything from the dining room to see what I can find. Yucko....
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Why do neighbours only come around when you're on your hands and knees under the dining room table sniffing for cat pee? Especially when they can see through to where your bum is poking out from under the table...

Anyway, so the dining room sniff test turned up clean, but the kitchen reeked. Turns out something had leaked in the bin and there was a stinky liquid at the bottom on the bin that I mustn't have noticed last time I took the rubbish out.

So bins and cupboard where bin is kept are disinfected, and the house is airing. Hopefully it'll pass soon...
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I knew your sweet girls weren't responsible. Glad you found the source.
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And you were blaming the kits....for shame!

Glad the problem was easy solved!
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i smell cat pee when it's raining, from toms spraying my back door.
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too funny! glad it wasn't your kitties though! btw.....can your kitties teach my jasmine that using her LITTERPAN instead of anything else is a good idea
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