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Disgruntled Kitty Tactics.

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How do your kitties show disapproval or annoyance towards you?

I was thinking about this this morning when I was trying to sleep with two kitties hogging the bed on me.

and guess who ended up getting scolded Me

Sassy likes to sleep on my pillow beside me head, now he will move when I move but then will sit beside me and give me a evil eyed stare for disturbing him.

Linus however has a totally different technique he was stretched full-length beside me this morning. Occasionally kicking me when the mood struck him. I went to roll over and this is what I got.

He raised his head off the bed, gave a very whinny meow as if to say, "Can't you be still" and put his head back down. The funny part was he never even opened his eyes, I can't even be sure he actually woke up.

Of coarse everyone can predict what happened, I stayed put and let him sleep.

If I said it once I will say it again, Just who has who trained
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Jasmine tries to sufficate us when we are asleep by laying on our heads....

Isabella will run right in front of me, trying to trip and kill me while making a very quiet "meep" noise

Velvet sticks her paw out ....stretches it as far as she cans and then smacks me with it when i walk past her nice

Kojak just screams like a little hellian and causes a ruckus until he gets what he wants. he's a brat
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Spike is very vocal when he's displeased. (Actually, he's just very vocal. I can't decide if he's partially hearing impaired and can't really hear himself meowing, or if he just likes the sound of his own voice. With Spike, it could really go either way. ) He doesn't get displeased often, but if we're late feeding him, or we're not paying enough attention to him, or if he thinks we're about to step on his tail (because we're walking within five feet of where he's lying), he'll let out an anguished-sounding mrrrrowl that is sure to make his displeasure known. He also knocks things off my dresser, but I'm not sure if that's because he's annoyed with me, or because he sometimes forgets that his tail is attached (his knocking things off my dresser does seem to coincide with him wanting attention, though).

I'm trying to think of what Oz does when he's disgruntled, and you know, I honestly can't think of a thing. He just doesn't get annoyed. He's a very laidback kitty. (Which is why he's able to handle being Spike's sole companion during the day. Any other cat would probably have tried to kill Spike by now.) He'll occasionally whack Spike upside the head when Spike's being overly exhuberant, but even that doesn't seem to stem from annoyance -- it's more like a warning shot, like "If you keep doing this, I will have to hurt you." Spike stops doing whatever he was doing, and Oz doesn't have to follow through on his threat.
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Raven is very loud. He always lets us know if he's unhappy.

Nabu snorts. It's very funny.

Stimpy will glare. It's like a death ray when he glares. He gets vocal. And will walk on us with his claws out (which hurts cause he's 17 lbs).
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Kitty has a special stressy meow for these occasions. He also gives death stares and stomps around. He has lots of teenage tantrums lately

Maisie is too much of a sweetie for things like that and the only time she tells me off is if she`s fed up of being stroked ( Doesn`t happen often! ), shes very gentle and just hooks her paw over my hand. If I don`t stop then she hooks my hand and ever so gently puts it in her mouth
I think the fact she has no tail makes her a bit hard to read at times.
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my cat lashes her tail, glares and moves and starts cleaning herself to show me she is so disgruntled she has to clean my cooties off of herself. George digs his claws and semi attacks my hand, he's a kitten otherwise i would not allow that.
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I can't believe I forgot about Stimpy's tail flicks. I am pretty sure they are the equivalent of being given "the finger".
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When Mom is laying facing the outside of the bed, Topaz will meow and pull her side to make Mom roll over to face her. Usually works, but sometimes Topaz will lay on the edge of the bed if Mom won't roll over.
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Originally Posted by ILoveMyKitty View Post
my cat lashes her tail, glares and moves and starts cleaning herself to show me she is so disgruntled she has to clean my cooties off of herself.

Thats so funny!
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I know when PHX is disturbed!

If I am making kissing noises to him (he doesn't like that sound) he will bite my lips! If I still don't stop (I don't stop because it's so funny) he will then attempt to bite my arm!
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Isadora gets annoyed VERY easily! She sleeps on our bed every night, and generally, anytime one of us moves she growls (as if to say "excuse me, please lay still, you're disturbing my beauty sleep). If she's annoyed at any other time, she will either attack (claws, teeth and all), growl or hiss.

Spot swishes her tail and will ocasionally growl when she's irritated.
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RB kitty Tom Tinker (back in the 1960s) would purposely disconnect you as you were on the phone by stepping on the phone cradle. That was his way of saying shut up and pay attention to me!
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Noodles does the tail stomp and puts this extremly annoyed look on her face. Mooch will just get up and walk away from you!
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Noel will beat up the other cats (i.e., swat them or in some cases even chase them upstairs.. but they get a good berating).

Pogue will pounce me, usually this occurs when I'm not fixing his food fast enough and has taken to dive bombing my foot, securing it with his claws, and then planting a bite on my instep as he rolls across and takes off for another pass.

Joyeux complains about it, loudly. For everything. You're not playing with me, that bug is too high for me to get to it, I'm hungry, I have to potty, you annoy me, I want better water than this.....

Bagheera is the quiet one, and the only thing she ever really shows displeasure at is being picked up and/or trying to put her in a carrier, and the last time I tried that I was bitten, the little beast. I didn't speak to her for a week, even though she was apologizing (sort of). Note that this routine was followed by trying to get her to eat her wormer medication.. so I was a bit less than pleased with her.
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