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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
The evil rabbit in my closet, who was about 6' tall and had glowing red eyes.
What did you think of the rabbit in Donnie Darko? Did you have flashbacks to when you were a kid and thought an evil rabbit was in your closet?
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Oh wow!! I was afraid of springs, like on a telephone cord, (before cordless ones obviously!!) My brother used to chase me with them, the jumpit jumpit, which was in the shape of a pink sign that was on a store you could see from my house. It was a harmless sign it just gave me goofy nightmares like it would jump of the sign and chase me. (Hence the name Jumpit Jumpit!!) and spiders which I am still afraid of!!
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Nope, that bunny is fine. This one was a transforming bunny. He would look cute and cuddly in the light (if you could see him), but once the light turned out he got all evil and glowing eyes and stuff. Mom didn't believe me either. She just shut the closet door, but that seemed to stop him.
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When I was small, we lived in an upper duplex, with a very long interior stairway down to the street door. On top of the (inside) doorframe on the door to that stairway, lived a BOOOOOOOOOOgeyMan. He wanted nothing more than to eat little girls that passed by. The difficulty was that this door was in the middle of a long hallway, and you pretty much had to pass it, no matter where you were going in the house. Made for some very hurried movement in that area on the part of this little girl. It was OK if there was an adult with me, because the boogeyman would not give himself away to an adult, so I was safe.

I remember years later -- like 40 years! -- I had occasion to mention that to Mum, and she was horrified that I had been that frightened and she never knew about it.
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Let's see. I always hated clowns thanks to the Stephen King "IT" movie. I hated that clown! I was, also, afraid of my grandmother's basement. Even though there was no outside entrance to it, I was always scared that someone would get into the house and be waiting down there! UGH! Creepy!! Oh, the dolls that were mentioned before were creepy to me too. I never liked those collector type dolls with the eyes that seemed to follow you no matter where you went.
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I used to think that mirrors were a portal to another world and I was scared that people would be able to enter my bedroom through the mirror, I still don't have a mirror in my bedroom, I hate them!
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Now I'm remembering more.

actually I get creeped out by the dark. I can sit in it, but if I start thinking about ghosts or other metaphysical things I'll freak and run to turn the lights on.

I still have issues with basements too. My Grandfather had one of those dirt cellars that you could only go into from the outside. I always envisioned monsters lurking behind the closed old doors. I did finally face it after he passed away and went in there (with other people of course) and no Grandpa didn't have a half built Frankenstein in there.
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My parents were ridiculous enough to show me this claymation version of the Nutcracker called The Nutcracker which this man called "The Rat Man" would come at night to make sure children were sleeping and if they were awake past bedtime, he would turn them into rats and take them to his rat kingdom to be his servants.

Yes this movie was made for children.

I was about 4 or 5 and subsequently had nightmares until I was in my teen years about the rat man.

I actually found one of the rare copies of this at a "going out of business sale" at a video store and purchased the VHS about 7 or 8 years ago.

I still haven't watched it.

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1. Every summer and some Christmases, we used to visit my mom's parents in Ohio, in their 70-year-old two-story shingle-style house, a worn-out but wonderful place that I loved... except for one thing: there was only one bath, and it was downstairs.

So every night, I would wake up in the big upstairs front bedroom and have to clamber down from the very tall old spool bed without waking my mom, then tiptoe across the cool linoleum to the top of the stairs. There was a ripple-glass window at the bottom of the stairs, and moonlight would glow upward from below in the creeeeeepiest way... and the walls of the stairwell had been papered so many times that in the humidity of summer, they bulged outward as if Something were lurking behind the wallpaper, narrowing the passage, getting ready to grab you as you passed.

Worst of all, there was a spot halfway down the stairs where the long wooden support rail was missing one of its three-screw brass fasteners. The fastener had pulled out of the plaster, ripping the wallpaper away and leaving a bone-white skull face with two black holes for eyes and one for the mouth. It always stared directly at me as I skulked past with my back to the opposite wall. Some nights I would spend an hour gathering my courage to go back up those stairs!

2. I went to a Catholic school for part of fifth grade, and we always went to mass in the morning on Wednesdays, trooping over from school in the wake of our teacher, Sister George Marie, to the old stone church. On Ash Wednesday, of course, mass included having the priest make a cross on your forehead with smudges of ash -- and for some reason, I absolutely refused to go along with that. I wasn't entirely clear on why, but it had something to do with the idea of being marked in some fundamental way, claimed by something I wasn't sure I wanted to accept. I was really deeply afraid of it!

3. Girl Scout Day Camp, four of the longest days of my life circa 1964: our daily hike involved crossing a good-sized stream twice... once on two logs laid side-by-side over it, and once on just one log.

Now, this stream looms in my memory as a raging torrent at least forty feet across, its surface about sixty feet below the logs we crossed on. I'm guessing it was actually more like twenty across and thirty deep, but still... that's scary to a kid!

Anyway, I was absolutely knee-shakingly scared of those crossings, but of course I couldn't let on in front of the other girls. I just steeled myself and did it, every blessed day, holding my breath in terror.

By the final day, the two-log crossing had gotten easier for me -- but that single-log crossing only got worse every time, and I remember actually wondering if parents deliberately sent their daughters to this camp in the hope that there would be an "unfortunate accident" and they'd be rid of 'em once and for all...
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I was always freaked out about the Mona Lisa the way her eyes always follow you!
I went and saw it when I was six, I screamed and ran away!

I've also never liked clowns, their painted smiles and big shoes.
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Originally Posted by Mirinae View Post
As a little girl, I was absolutely terrified of things that implied danger or emergency.
I can relate to that! I remember once a transformer box by my house was hit by lighting in the middle of the night. We lived in an apartment complex and I could see the glowing of it and the flashing emergency lights over the next building. I still get emotional when I see emergency vehicles and things. Now I just say a prayer for the people involved.

My biggest fear has always been PLANTS!!! I don't like em! Espeically the green leafy icky kinds that don't even make flowers! Eewwweeehhhh! *shivers running down back* It's all my cousin's fault. She used to do some awful mean things! When I do any gardening now, like with outside plants!, I wear long sleeves and gloves and don't get my face too close! Sometimes when we hike, DH has to hold back plants and stuff! I will litteerally get sweaty and feel faint! I can still remember having 'dreams' that plants were growing up all around my bed and stuff. I had to sleep with my Mom for the longest time! Good thing she was single! I also thought that if I fell in the grass, clover would grow out of my knees! And if I pulled on the clover it would just keep comming and I'd keep pulling and it would keep coming!
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