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HELP, think my cat is ill

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I have a 3ish year old cat who doesn't seem to be herself.
I let her out on sunday morning and we didn't see hr again until monday night, when she came in didn't even touch her food and went straight back out again. She was moving very slowly.

I tried to tempt her back in but nothing worked, and she dissapeared again until this evening. She is now in, but has not touched any food or water, and would have tuna or chicken either. She doesn't seem to be in obvious pain as she can jump up to wondow sill and will let you handle her, but she seems very out of sorts, slow, dopey and looks quite scruffy.
The only thing that loked a bit odd, was that when I put her on the floor standing up, her back legs seemed quite far apart.

The problem is that at the mo I am not regeistered at a vets at all. I recently seperated with my partner and although I am entitled to PDSA treatment I cannot get to a centre.
There is a vets down the road from me but I am pretty sure I won't be able to afford a check up there.

What shall I do ? does she sound ill to you ??
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Yes, she does sound ill, and in need of a vet. Perhaps you could call the vet down the road, and ask about a payment plan?
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Oh yes hadn't thought of that. She is insured, but i'd still have to pay for the check up and injections and stuff wouldn't I ?? She is overdue her booster, because I am just not organised at all at the mo.
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Some insurance plans cover check-ups, etc.. It depends on the plan. I wouldn't wait, but try to get her seen by a vet ASAP. If she doesn't eat or drink for even a few days, she can develop very serious liver problems.
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Thank you for your help.

Just rang local vets but they are shut, have tried other number they gave but it is permanently engaged.
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Hi, just to update, I got her seen by a vet today, and he wasn't really sure what it could be, but has prescribed antibiotics.

I have to try her with warm baby food, and syringe feed her water. She has just had a syringe full which I am very pleased about, and will try her with some food in a bit.

Thanks for the advice.
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I'm relieved you got her to a vet.

Make sure you get baby food with no onions, as onions can cause red blood cells in cats to burst, and lead to anemia.

I hope she feels much better soon.
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