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our daily thread for Saturday

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Hi everyone!

hope that you are are having a wonderful weekend. I'm just sitting here watching tv & getting ready to finish reading 'speaking tongues' by jeffrey deaver. I've got about 30 pages left.

my formerly shy kitty cracker is rubbing my ankles and gently biting my toes to get my attention. it's the best feeling in the world.

have a great day! :pinky:
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AP Congrats on becoming an Alpha Cat !!!

Oh is so great to have a weekend again.

I bought a cat climbing and scratcing post, but in an ugly red so I spent the morning covering it in a cow print fabric that I had lying around.

Now I thingk its time for an afternoon nap.

Weekends are so great hope you all enjoy yours. :wavey

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This has been a great weekend here! We did practically nothing! Just read the papers in the graden and watched TV and had a good rest.

My diet is still going well - nothing but salads today !

AP - congrats (I'll post in the official thread too ). Have you noticed that there are also more than 800 memebers now? I remember the beginning... Debby and Sandie may remember those ancient times too when we were less than a 100 and I was really anxious about not having enough people here...:flash:

I hope you have a great weekend tomorow too (ours ends today )

Well, now I'll be off to check on the other forums...
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Hi all, it's a great day! I want to announce that my family has grown again. My 2nd adult female had a litter of 4 today. The mother is Blackie (she is all black with a white spot on her belly), but we will have to get more creative with names now, because 3 of her babies are all black along with one blue kitty with a white face!
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I think it's still Saturday in the US so I can add a warm Congratulations fireshoes!
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