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Kittens take pain meds?

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Can kittens ( 8 weeks ) have pain meds?

My lil monster here i *think* jumped off the bed after sleeping, and didnt quite have his footing. He's meowing being touched, but walks ok. I picked him up, and felt around. Nothing seems broken or ot of place, but hes SORE. He keeps arching his back when i pick him up, so tryin to keep him quite and settled. will only stay that with if on my lap on next to me, the bugger,lol.

I just need to know should i jsut keep him quiet, or is there anything i can give him? i forgot to ask the vet when i called, and they said dont need to bring him in unless he gets worse or wont walk.
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i dont think there is anything you can give him unless a vet gives it to them. but hope his ok.
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i called back about meds, but they said again, jsut watch him, and if hes not better in 2 days, come in.

i poked him a bit, and it seems to be his front paw, poor lil guy. imma keep my eye on him, and see how it goes. jsut wish i could make him more comfy somehow.
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Don't give them anything that isn't supplied by the vet, cat's livers work in a different way than ours and can't deal with many human (or even dog) medications.

When Sonic got his foot shut under the door he was prescribed an anti-inflammatory tablet, but he was 4 months old at the time and even then it involved the vet working out a safe dose and us having to break the tablet into 1/8ths so I'm not sure about what they would prescribe for a kitten as young as yours!

If he's walking ok right now and not curled up in a ball crying I wouldn't worry about it too much - kittens heal extremely quickly (there's a great article on the main site about the healing effects of purring and how it promotes fast bone and tissue healing as well as helping to dull pain), so I would wait and see how he is tomorrow and if it is any worse give the vet another call.

ETA: I only ended up giving Sonic one dose of the anti-inflammatory pill as he was as right as rain the next day, despite not wanting to put weight on it the previous night
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