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the Daily Thread OGIM 7-9

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Morning all. The workweek is back, ARGH!

Hot Hot Hot here, maybe some rain later. That would be nice.

I do like the holiday though.

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Morning friends

Nothing much goin on here today..worky worky...

I hope ya'll have a good one!
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Yay! Monday... and early day and busy week for me topped by all the joys of Friday's colonoscopy. However, I am looking foreard to to the TCS get together on Saturday! Yay! Just gotta get through this week....
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Nice holiday
Just made 10lbs of Cherry jam, now I have do some boring housework
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Originally Posted by Anakat View Post
Nice holiday
Just made 10lbs of Cherry jam, now I have do some boring housework
10lbs!?! Are you going to share?
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good morning

nothing exciting today. Just work, lots of rain and not much else.
Yesterday I spent the whole day with a friend... hanging around a coffee shop, shopping, walking around the gay district, etc. He even bought a gift for the kitties (a laser pointer... they LOVE it. )

but today nothing special. I think it's time for me to find things to keep me busy in the evenings. I need to go out more often.
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Originally Posted by Anakat View Post
Nice holiday
Just made 10lbs of Cherry jam, now I have do some boring housework

cherry jam sounds yummy. Cherries are on sale this week, so maybe I can go get some more and make some jam too. Any recipe suggestion?
(not 10 lbs though. That would take me years to eat)
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It's hot and sunny here

Grocery shopping tonight then home to the babies
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"It has a nice beat but you can't dance to it... "

The high is supposed to be in the mid 90s and probably with humidity to match. And Mom has an appointment in the afternoon.
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Got my new phone from bt and have superfast broadband

Sun is shining, I have a new Rainforest shampoo and I'm tucking into a cream donut

Watching Moral Orel

Such a shame I have to go to work soon
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off for my next cup of coffee
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Moofi, that is hilarious

~grabs a cup of tea~

Morning, not much planned for today, it is hot and humid here again and our weird storms yesterday did nothing to cool it down

I am also looking forward to the meetup at the weekend
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Uggh! You had to say Monday! Yuck! I am sleepy and not happy to be at work this morning!

But I get to shop for a wedding gift so I guess that is ok.
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Cant believe how fast the weekend has been.. Looks like we will be getting some thunderstorms this afternoon...

Hope everyone has a nice day
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Monday already? Ugh.

We moved this weekend & it was about 100* and HUMID... so I'm worn out & very tired today Have to shampoo the carpets in the old place tonight & then we're DONE... gosh, I can't wait to be all done with that place!

Have a good one all
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Morning All!

Another hot one here today, suppose to me 95 w/high humidity again. Hopefully some rain tomorrow, will cool things off a bit.

Nothing really planned today, just the usual vacuuming and cleaning stuff for me.

Hope everyone has a great day!!
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Hey all!

Did this DT actually start at a reasonable time Neet?'s Monday. It is hot and muggy here today. I was sweating just walking to the bus stop at 7 this morning. Yuck!

My poor little boys (skin, not furry) were sick all weekend with the "trots" I spent the majority of my weekend cleaning poopie diapers. I am actually kinda glad it is Monday and I'm back at work...sad I know.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Yes Ady, just for you.
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Well that depends where you are, it was lunch time here
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Originally Posted by Anakat View Post
Well that depends where you are, it was lunch time here
Sorry Anne. Everytime I start this thing early, someone gets confuzzled. I'll get you one going at your time this week though, so look out.
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Originally Posted by neetanddave View Post
Yes Ady, just for you.
AWWWWWWW thanks!

How did you know that I need "extra" help on Mondays!
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Ugh! I so didn't want to get up today. I was up late watching tv and 3 hours later I woke up to cat fights. I guess they are settling in now.

I just can't believe I slept until noon. I feel like the day is wasted now.
Have tons of laundry to do and fur balls to vacuum.
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While the hot weather has moved on the humidity is hanging around.

So it was a good time to do paperwork which I have completed and found a $100 error (in my favor) in my business checkbook!!

Anakat-I have soooo many cherries to pick (I have 4 trees) plus I have to pick the raspberries (again). Haven't made cherry jam usually cherry pie filling.

So not much going on until the humidity drops. Didn't see Bobber at all yesterday until I called her late last night-she must have had a cool place to sleep.

Have a good rest of the day.
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Major humidity here today. We just got our power back about 7 this morning, lost it during a really nasty thunderstorm about 10 lastnight.
We had three huge in all, lot of property damage, and such around the area.
Didn't do much to cool it down however, it did bring the fire rating back down to normal...
Not up to much this morning, heading off to work in about and hour.
The kitties are good, a little shell shocked from all the thunder lastnight but now resting comfortably in the center of my bed.

Hope everyone has a good one.
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Hey, my work week started yesterday! No AC was like a blinking sauna yesterday. Today at least its slightly cooler, but not by much! Can my vacation start today not tomorrow?
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