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My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to the bahamas! Has anyone ever been? I am soooo excited! I have no idea how much anything costs, though. We want to go scuba diving, but neither of us is certified.. think that would be cheaper here, in the states, rather than in Freeport?

If anyone has been, I'd love to hear about your experiences!
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Never been but if you have room in your suitcase can you try to fit me in...please?
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Sure, as long as you don't mind being jabbed with a snorkel. =D I'm so excited!

Do you think we'd make it past customs? ;-D
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Originally Posted by adymarie View Post
Never been but if you have room in your suitcase can you try to fit me in...please?
I'll come too! The Bahamas is on my list of places to go in my lifetime.

I've never been scuba diving either, but I've been snorkeling and it's so neat!
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They have a bunch of different things you can do--there's this shipwreck you can explore, you can swim with sharks(I am terrified of them but I love them too), and they have one of the largest systems of underwater caves for scubadivers to explore.. Scary thought, but how cool would that be!?

You can also swim with dolphins in the ocean. It's like two hundred per person.. think it's worth it?
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Swimming with dolphins is something I want to do and plan on doing once the kids are a bit older but I would spend the money to do it, how often can you say you swam with the dolphins You guys are going to have a blast.We want lots of pictures when you come back
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My cousin is in Jamaica this week on a cruise and they were told to get scuba certified before leaving for the trip.
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I've been to Freeport. It's a lovely place, but expensive from what i remember, but their jewellry was cheap

I've been scuba diving as well but that was on the Greek Islands. We had an hours training before we went out so i'd imagine they would do the same in the Bahamas?.
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Haha I love taking pictures, but unfortunately my boyfriend hates being the subject of them. Oh well, he can deal with it if I'm providing the lodging(my mom has a timeshare she's not using this year--WAHOO)!

Would it be less expensive? I do live, after all, in Colorado.. can't be much demand for that here!

Cheap jewelry is always a plus! But.. my cats are going to hate me after this. x.x;; Ditching them for two weeks? They'll never forgive me!
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Wish I could say I have been! I would like to go one day!
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I don't want to disappear in the Bermuda Triangle - but we did have our honeymoon in Hawaii (Maui)

Best advice is to bring AND use plenty of sunscreen. If your not conditioned to a lot of sun/water you will get sunburned. Have fun and hope you come back
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We went to Freeport for our honeymoon a couple of years ago. We didn't go scuba diving, but we did snorkle. That was great. We also got to go parasailing! You should try it, it is great. I didn't know about any shipwrecks or dolphins that sounds like fun. We were only there for a few days though. One thing we learned at the end of our trip was that gratuity is included in most meals. Yeah. We tipped 20% on top of that. No wonder they were so friendly!! Have fun! I definately want to go back sometime!
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Oh yeah, we didn't have to have passports at the time. Do you have yours? You might have to have them now.... We just used our birth certificates.
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If you can afford it, I would pay to swim with the dolphins. Because how many times will you get the chance to do that?
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Originally Posted by Fiery View Post
Sure, as long as you don't mind being jabbed with a snorkel. =D I'm so excited!

Do you think we'd make it past customs? ;-D
Hey to get to the Bahamas I would deal with the snorkle, but I don't think you'd like to have to pay for the extra weight!
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Psh, if you're riding along in my suitcase, it'll still be a lot cheaper than a plane ticket! I say you pay!

Haha yeah, there is a 15% gratuity. I was looking at the resort where we were staying, and almost all the negative complaints about the "hotel" were about policies that were island-wide. Hah!

What kind of sharks are out there, anyway? I love the ocean, but.. man.. sharks scare me. I used to have dreams all the time about them.
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How wonderful! That is exciting! Have a wonderful time
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