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Kitty that LOVES hair

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Our youngest kitten, Shadow, we think was taken a little earlier than usual from her mommy (we got her from a friend when she was only 4 weeks old or so). She used to try and find nipples in our other cats to suckle on, but stopped after a while. Now she's doing something similar, but different...to me! At night when I'm sleeping, she comes in and kneads in my hair and purrs her heart out, and sometimes nestles her face in it. It doesn't bother me, it's just interesting. Also, I have observed that she doesn't purr much except when she's in my hair. And the whole night she will sleep on my head. Anyone have any clues why she does this? I'm really just curious.
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My first cat, Baliero used to do that (he's at last grown out of it at 5.5 years old . . .). It is that they are simulating being with their mother, and at being removed from her mother at 4 weeks old, it's completely understandable for Shadow to be doing this.

Balie came to us at the proper 12 weeks, but he was the runt, very nervous and delicate, and he formed a massive bond with me. I had long curly hair at the time and he used to knead, purr (like yours, this was the only time he would purr), and rub his face (+ dribble) in my hair.

I really miss having him do that, you're so lucky to have your little one doing it to you - long may it last!
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Our little Ophelia did this when she was a kitten. Made for a difficult time brushing hair in the morning, but she was just a wee little kitten so we didn't mind. I agree with Yola that Shadow is simulating being with mama cat. 4 weeks is so young to be taken from mama!

Ophelia did grow out of kneading in our hair (hubby has long hair, too, and she always liked his hair more than mine) by the time she was 1. She was also taken from mama too young. She was trapped in the walls of our apartment building so we busted a hole in the wall to get her. We think she was about 5-6 weeks old when she came in to our lives, but she may have been older as she had no iterest in KMR and only wanted hard food.
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My kitties would climb it. (ouch) I recently donated my hair to "Locks of Love" My hair was almost to my knees. It is now just past my shoulders!
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My cat, Kit, is the same way, and she hasn't seemed to outgrow it yet. She'll be 4 years old in a few months, and she still loves playing with my hair, sitting on my hair, etc. Her favorite is when I sometimes wash my hair in the evening (rather than the morning before work).. Then I can't get rid of her... She'll follow me around and whenever she can get the hair, she does. I don't let it bother me, I actually appreciate her devoted attention!
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My kitty is a 'in your face' type of kitty which I hope he doesn't grow out of cause it's so sweet! He likes to come up and put his nose to my nose and then will snuffle in my ear and in my hair. He especially in the morning when I'm sleeping will come up around my face and head and will curl up right under my chin. The whole time he does these things he's purring up a storm. Quite a little sweetie!
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Wow I guess a lot of kitties do that! I really do like it when she does it, it's very comforting. She has definitely bonded with me more so than anyone else in the house, maybe becaue I'm around more and I just can't help but give them (we have 3 cats) all my attention! Thanks you guys for all of your replies!
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