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glucosamine is supposed to help cartilage repair itself. it comes from shark cartilage.
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I watched him used the box last night, he went pee and didn't seem to have any discomfort with it.

It is hot in our apartment today so none of us are moving much.

He has 2 more days of the ani-inflammitories. When I woke the first time this morning, he was lying on his bed which is about 2 feet off the floor. Next time I woke (was not going to get up at 6:30am ) he was lying beside me playing a bit with Daphne. Nothing too strenuous but still playing. He hasn't really played or been in his bed since Saturday.

He doesn't slink when he walks. Still moves more slowly than usual but his gait is normal.

Now, he is on the top of the bookcase I have made things a bit easier by repositioning a bit but if he felt as badly as he did, he would not be up there. So things are looking up I know it is due to all the TCS vibes. Thanks bunches

Here is a photo of Seb and Daphne on the bookcase, just taken. Sorry they are dark but I don't want to turn on lights.

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He and Daphe look so sweet.

I hope he is feeling much better real soon.
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I'm so glad to hear that Seb is doing better. It sounds as though the anti-infalmmatories are doing the job for him. I hope he continues to improve. Seb and Daphne look so contented on the bookcase!

Hugs and positive thoughts to all of you.
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OMG that pic is precious, seems like he is feeling better Thanks for the update.
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Awwww what sweet sweet pics those are!

Im glad to hear Seb is already doing better. Continued vibes for him.
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I use this stuff and glucosimine and chodrotin are no longer needed ...
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